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May 3, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Math, Statistics And Probability, Biostatistics
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Yolonda Williams, Ph.D.

Yolonda Williams, Ph.D.

Cell: 708-261-4182 Email address: [email protected] www.linkedin.com/in/yolondaw/


Ph.D., National Louis University, Chicago, IL Major: Community Psychology Dissertation: Understanding Factors that Motivate Parents to Participate in Children’s Elementary Education. Chair: Judah Viola, Ph.D.


Thesis: Parents Still Know Best: A study of Parents’ Perceptions of Parental Involvement in Children’s Education. Chair: Judah Viola, Ph.D.

2007 2004

Masters of Public Administration, Governor State University, University Park, IL Bachelor of Arts, Criminal Justice, Governor State University, University Park, I PUBLICATIONS

Jason, L.A., Kot, B., Sunnquist, M., Brown, A., Evans, M., Jantke, R., Williams, Y., Furst, J., & Vernon, S.D. (2015). Chronic fatigue Syndrome and myalgic encephalomyelitis: Toward an empirical case definition. Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine: An Open Access Journal. Williams, Yolonda, J., Jantke, Rachel, L., and Jason, Leonard, A. (2014). Chronic fatigue syndrome: Case definitions and diagnostic assessment. NYS Psychologist, 26, 41-45. Baté-Ambrus, V. M., Castillo, A., & Williams, Y. (2013) Chicago area community health worker training and certification policy development: A qualitative analysis (Chicago: Chicago Community Health Worker Local Network; Chicago: Health & Medicine Policy Research Group) Available from Chicago Community Health Worker Local Network. Book Chapter McBride, Dominica. F., & Williams, Yolonda J, (2013). Health disparities: Creating equity through addressing trauma. In Owen T. Jackson, and Kathleen A. Evans, Health Disparities: Epidemiology, Racial/Ethnic and Socioeconomic Risk Factors and Strategies for Elimination. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers. (pp. 127-146). BLOG Williams, Yolonda. & Jantke, Rachel. (2014). Our experience transforming theory into action as early-career community psychologists. Community Psychology Practice Council

Yolonda Williams, Ph.D.


(http://communitypsychologypractice.blogspot.mx/2014/11/our-experience-transforming-theoryinto.html?m=1). PROFESSIONAL CONFERENCES AND SERVICES Thorpe, S., Nicholson, L., Ohanian, D., Reed, J., Sunnquist, M., Kidd, E., Williams, Y., Jantke, R., & Jason, L.A. (2015, May). Collaborations between community Psychologists and medical professionals: Reducing illness stigma. Roundtable presented at the Society for Research and Action’s Affiliate meeting at the Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago, IL. Reed, J., Brown, A., Jantke, R., Jason, L. A., Lara, B., Nicholson, L., O’Connor, K., Sunnquist, M., Williams, Y., Wise, S., Zdunek, M., Anderson, V., Awsumb, J., & McAlindon, K. (2014, October). Walking the line between Advocacy and research: Real world examples of the community psychologist’s dilemma. Roundtable presented at the annual meeting of the Midwest EcologicalCommunity Psychology, Lisle, IL. McManimen, S., Williams, Y., & Jason, L. A. (2014, October). The role of sample recruitment in symptom prevalence rates for chronic fatigue syndrome. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Midwest Ecological-Community Psychology, Lisle, IL. Williams, Y., Viola, J., Belyaev-Glantsman, O., Back, L., Berardi, L., Garate, T., Harvey, R., Palmer, G., & Reinhart, C. (2014, October). I have a degree in community psychology…. Now what? Innovative format presented at the annual meeting of the Midwest Ecological-Community Psychology, Lisle, IL. Jordan Reed, DePaul University; Abigail Brown, DePaul University; Rachel Jantke, DePaul University; Leonard Jason, DePaul University; Brenda Lara, DePaul University; Laura Nicholson, DePaul University; Kelly O’Connor, DePaul University; Madison Sunnquist, DePaul University; Yolonda Williams, DePaul University; Shelby Wise, DePaul University; Maria Zdunek, DePaul University; Valerie Anderson, Michigan State University; Jessica Awsumb, University of Illinois at Chicago; Katie McAlindon, Michigan State University. (October 2014). Walking the line between advocacy and research: Real world examples of the community psychologist’s dilemma. Roundtable Discussion presented at the annual Midwest Ecological Community Conference. Lisle, IL Palmer, Geraldine, Lawrence, Charles, and Williams, Yolonda. (May 2013). Implications for Community Psychology in a Charity Versus Justices Justice Framework. Roundtable Discussion presented at the annual Midwestern Psychological Association SCRA Conference. Chicago, IL. Lawrence, Charles, Palmer, Geraldine, and Williams, Yolonda. (May 2013). Supportive Services for Veterans: Differentiate Between the Concepts of Partnership/Collaboration. Roundtable Discussion presented at the annual Midwestern Psychological Association SCRA Conference. Chicago, IL. Long, T., Markuson, L., Williams, Y., Lynch, K., Paavola, E., Olson, B., Viola, J., Fromm-Reed, S., & Legler, R. (May, 2011). A Conversation around Empowerment in the Context of Educational


Yolonda Williams, Ph.D. Institutions. Roundtable presented at the Annual Meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association. Chicago, IL. Peer Reviewer

September 2014

2014 Midwest Ecological-Community Psychology (ECO) Conference 

Member on the proposal submission reviewer committee for the Midwest EcologicalCommunity Psychology Conference

The American Evaluation Association 

April 2013

Reviewed proposals for the American Evaluation Association Annual Community Psychology TIG Conference RESEARCH EXPERIENCE


Researcher • Conducted research on elementary school education for both a qualitative and a mixed-method study about parents involvement in their children’s elementary education • Recruited participants • Collected and compiled researched data • Entered and analyzed quantitative data through SPSS • Analyzed qualitative data from interviews • Presented findings to thesis and dissertation committee TEACHING EXPERIENCE

2002 - 2005


Teacher Illinois Montessori School, Park Forest, IL • Provided classroom guidance and instructions to children aged 3-5 in both groups and one-on-one. • Developed and implemented monthly curricula that addressed various aspects of children’s developmental processes, such as motor skills, social, emotional, and language development in accordance with the established policies and procedure PROJECT CONSULTANT Program Evaluation Consultant BECOME, Inc. • Conduct research for program evaluation plans • Develop testing instruments for evaluation projects • Collect data • Analyze and interpret quantitative and qualitative data • Write, review, and edit evaluation reports • Facilitate focus groups


Yolonda Williams, Ph.D.



• Collaborate in writing manuscripts for publication • Present research findings Qualitative Coder Consultant Health & Medicine Policy Research Group • Analyzed quantitative data • Analyzed qualitative data from interviews and focus groups • Drafted interim and final reports • Presented findings to Board of Directors Organizational Development Consultant Louis Rawls Foundation • Constructed a strategic plan for organization restructuring/development • Grant Writing • Provided program development consultation • Conducted program evaluation • Developed community profiles • Assisted with board development APPLIED EXPERIENCE

2013-Present Project Director DePaul University  Manage the day-to-day project operations and grant budget for a NIH longitudinal prospective health study  Prepare appropriate documentations for IRB submissions  Supervise undergraduate, graduate, and student employees’ independent research projects.  Perform quantitative and qualitative data analysis and report results at weekly research and senior staff meetings 


Analyze and utilize outcome data as a basis for continuous project improvements; facilitate weekly research meetings.

Participate in conference presentations, report writing, and manuscript formulation. Project Manager Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County • Conducted document research; performed extensive data entry; provided customer service. • Managed various office projects assigned by executives and the Chief Deputy Clerk. • Worked with management and the Chief Deputy Clerk to research and analyze existing or potential threats to the division’s operations; recommended tangible, cost-efficient and time sensitive solutions. • Created daily reports • Participated in organizational development initiatives

Yolonda Williams, Ph.D. •

Assisted with training employees.

• • •

Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA) Master of Public Administration Club, Governor State University Chicago-land Evaluation Association



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