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Dane County Tobacco Integration Project A joint venture sponsored by the Dane County Chemical Dependency Consortium and the Wisconsin Nicotine Treatment Integration Project Funded with a $10,000 WINTIP Grant

Wisconsin Nicotine Treatment Integration Project = WiNTiP  Saving lives by integrating evidence-based

nicotine dependence treatment in Wisconsin's AODA and mental health services

 Buy-in + Training + Resources = Implementation  Wisconsin's first coalition of tobacco, AODA,

mental health and the 2 government agencies responsible for them

 In 2013 funding 9 projects for tobacco

integration innovation with $60,000 in grants

Why Are We Doing This?

General Public

Cold, Hard Facts  From a third to half of smokers

and other tobacco users will die from using tobacco products as these products are intended

Cold, Hard Facts Prevalence Those admitted for AODA treatment have the highest prevalence of nicotine dependence St Clare Center study – 86% New York State addiction admissions – 92% Range – 78% to 92%

Cold, Hard Facts  Those with substance use and mental

health disorders that are also nicotine dependent are getting sick and dying at from twice to more than 4 times the rate in the general population  They lose from 10 – 25 years Of life


Death By Tobacco In Dane County  357 Tobacco Death Every Year  1,428 Innocent Family Victims Suffering grief

and lost income

 156 have AODA and Mental Health disorders  624 Innocent Family Victims

There are 12 Substance Use Disorders in the DSM-IVR Eleven are eligible for the full range of AODA services One is not eligible Nicotine Dependence – 305.1

NICOTINE DEPENDENCE 305.1 This is by far our most lethal addiction producing tobacco caused and related diseases that result in 440,000 American tobacco deaths a year

Now for some good news

Dane County AODA RESOURCES  30 + AODA treatment providers including drug

court, outpatient, residential, inpatient and other services

 More than 200 weekly community support


 4 - 12-Step program club-houses  Dane County Chemical Dependency Consortium

AODA Clinicians Can Do It  Already trained to treat substance use disorders  Know how to develop abstinence and harm

reduction treatment and recovery plans

 Understand medication management practices  Skilled in motivational interviewing and cognitive,

behavioral and other therapies

 Experienced with 12-Step and other recovery


Dane County Tobacco Integration Project Created to begin the process of integrating evidence-based nicotine dependence treatment in Dane County's 100% tobaccofree AODA treatment services

What Is a Tobacco-Free AODA Program A 100% tobacco-free AODA treatment program has two basic components

A tobacco-free facility and grounds are 100% tobacco free from all tobacco products. No possession or use of tobacco products is permitted. The tobacco-free policy applies to all staff, patients/clients, volunteers, visitors and guests and requires a sign-off agreement to accept the tobacco-free policy as a condition of participation.

A tobacco-free program assesses and treats nicotine dependence as a substance use disorder of equal importance as alcohol dependence and other substance use disorders typically treated in Dane County AODA services. Evidence-based nicotine dependence treatment is included in patient’s treatment and recovery plans. This includes, assessment, referrals, education, treatment and continuing recovery plans as recorded in progress notes and records.

"We Support Tobacco-Free Recovery"

DCTIP Ambassador Programs Committed to Become 100% Tobacco Free Programs  Connections Counseling  Open Door for Change

 OceanHawk Counseling Alternatives  ARC Community Services  (VA Hospital-Addictive Disorder Program) 

Connections Counseling Together We Recover 5005 University Avenue, Suite 100, Madison, WI 53705 Phone: (608) 233-2100 Fax: (608) 233-2101

Connections Counseling… •

Certified outpatient substance abuse and mental health clinic successfully operating since 2003

Skilled and dedicated staff provide comprehensive services for young people, families and adults, using evidence-based practices

Our belief of “together we recover” is evident throughout our philosophy, practice and staff

Dane County Tobacco Integration Project Connections Counseling is one of 4 Ambassador programs in Dane County. We are beginning the journey to tobacco-free facilities and programs. Our aim to support all of our clients in recovery from nicotine addiction

Our journey so far…. •

Held Part 1 of 2 TIP orientations for our staff, to both assess and build knowledge, skills and readiness; Part 2 scheduled midsummer

Slated a staff “readiness” discussion for early summer

Display “We Support Tobacco Free Recovery” posters

Expect to hold a skills training for staff in late summer or early fall

Plan for staff to attend Mayo Clinic’s Nicotine Dependence Center (NDC) Tobacco Treatment Specialist Certification Program this fall

Presented by Candace Peterson, PhD Director of Operations Connections Counseling 5005 University Avenue, Suite 100 Madison, WI 53705 Phone: (608) 233-2100 Fax: (608) 233-2101 [email protected]

Dane County Tobacco Treatment Integration Pilot Project OPEN DOOR Center for Change, LLC 6502 Grand Teton Plaza, Suite 206 Madison, WI 53719

A bit about us.. • Private practice, licensed under Chapter 35 but provide dual-diagnosis treatment. • Three partners (owners) and four employees. • No admin staff. One staff dually-certified in AODA/MH. The rest are MH certified only. • Most have knowledge of and minimal training in MET.

Starting point… • Everyone on the staff except myself is a past smoker. The most recent “quitter” was three months ago. • I was the only staff to have heard WINTIP presentation or to have attended the kick off. • YIKES!!!!!

Goals • Get buy-in from the team that this was a worthwhile endeavor for OPEN DOOR.

• Implement a plan for integrating screening tools into intake and at least raising the question of smoking cessation as a goal for people. • Identify clients who were interested in quitting and refer to QuitLine. • Work toward having a certified staff member who can treat nicotine dependence inhouse at OPEN DOOR.

Progress… • All staff have agreed to the project in theory!! • Signage displayed in our clinic. • One staff member has met with Mac to discuss treatment integration and will be attending Intensive training by year end (applying for scholarship, using stipend to offset cost of training). • Three clients were identified as nicotine dependent and all three were referred to the QuitLine.

Dane County Tobacco Integration Project

OceanHawk Counseling Alternatives, LLC. is committed to the kind of quality care that respects and considers the whole person. We attend to the ways in which our clients' physical, spiritual, family and relationship concerns affect their emotional and mental well being. OceanHawk Counseling Alternatives provides a wide range of confidential services to address a variety of personal concerns. We serve individuals, couples, and families of all ages and backgrounds and is licensed by the State of Wisconsin. Serving the Stoughton and Dane County area since 2006.

Dane County Tobacco Integration Project OceanHawk’s steps in implementing the program: •Display “We Support Tobacco Free Recovery” posters •Completed a staff-readiness discussion at the end of May

•Utilizing the Fagerstrom screening tool with all new clients, as well existing clients who identify as using tobacco products

Dane County Tobacco Integration Project OceanHawk’s steps in implementing the program: •Schedule a skills training for staff in late summer •Plan for staff to attend Mayo Clinic’s Nicotine Dependence Center (NDC) Tobacco Treatment Specialist Certification Program this fall •Beginning in late fall OceanHawk will be offering smoking cessation group sessions •Potentially offering tobacco and nicotine cessation products

Dane County Tobacco Integration Project Our goal is to support our clients that have mental health & substance abuse disorders to become tobacco and nicotine free. We are working towards a tobaccofree clinic, which will include a nicotine cessation program.

OceanHawk Counseling is one of four Ambassador programs in Dane County.

Presented by

Jean Daute MS, LPC, CSAC, MAC, ICS Therapist & Clinical Director OceanHawk Counseling Alt. LLC 135 West Main Street, Suite 207 Stoughton, WI 53589 [email protected] 608-873-7838 Ext. 1 877-674-2177

ARC Community Services

ARC is a non-profit organization that operates thirteen projects serving Dane and Fond du Lac counties.

Each program serves women and their children with innovative, gender-specific, comprehensive wraparound care. All programs are nearly100% grant-funded and there is no cost to the participant.

The Problem  Our new health educator was shocked at how many of our clients were smoking-95%  Upon further study she found that they were smoking, on average, a half a pack a day. Anecdotally, many of the clients reported increased tobacco use upon entering treatment.  From February 2012-December 2012, only 3 women enrolled in either the Quitline or Fresh Breath.

The Plan Made Possible With WINTIP Grant

Paid to Quit Project (Client Level)

•Incentivize women to enroll in the Quitline or First Breath programs (gift cards)

•Create alternative break activities (crafts, Wii fit, nail polish) •Foster development tobacco cessation culture (group quit dates)

•All women will be screened/assessed for nicotine dependence

P&P changes (Staff Level)

•Pre-Treatment--Fagerstrom will be completed and discussed in pre-treatment group •Treatment—Add nicotine goals to treatment plan, continue/increase groups on nicotine education, etc

The Results Number Of Women Enrolled In Quitline/First Breath

30 26 25 20 15

10 5


0 2012


Next Steps/Thoughts • Continue to hold monthly meetings to check-in with staff who are responsible for implementing the changes. • Keep brainstorming (staff AND clients) to generate other ideas on how to further advance tobacco cessation.

How You Can Help  Sign our Tobacco Integration Support

Resolution today as an agency or as an individual

 Consider becoming a DCTIP ambassador


 If you are an AODA provider, consider

applying for a $750 scholarship for Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist training at the Mayo Nicotine Dependence Training Program

Contact Dane County Tobacco Integration Project UW-CTRI and WiNTiP David "Mac" Macmaster, CSAC, PTTS (608) 393-1556 [email protected]

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