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January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Anthropology, Mythology
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Word of the Day Denotation • Definition – (n) the dictionary definition of a word; the literal meaning • Write a sentence using Denotation • Draw a picture to represent Denotation

Word of the Day • Connotation • Definition – (n) the cognitive meaning of a word • Write a sentence using Connotation • Draw a picture to represent Connotation

Word of the Day • Tone • Definition – (n) A literary technique that tells the reader what the author's attitude behind writing the work is • Write a sentence using Tone • Draw a picture to represent Tone

Word of the Day • Mood • Definition – (n) the feeling created in the reader by the literary work or passage • Write a sentence using Mood. • Draw a picture to represent Mood.

Word of the Day ANALOGOUS Definition – (n) a similarity between like features of two things, on which a comparison may be based Write a sentence using Analogous Draw a picture to represent Analogous

Word of the Day IRONY Definition – (n) the technique that portrays differences between appearance and reality, or expectation and result Write a sentence using Irony. Draw a picture to represent Irony.

Word of the Day Genre • Definition – (n) a category or form of literature • Write a sentence using Genre • Draw a picture to represent Genre

Word of the Day • Voice • Definition – (n) a writer’s distinctive “sound” or way of “speaking” on the page. It is related to word choice, sentence structure, and tone • Write a sentence using Voice • Draw a picture to represent Voice

Word of the Day • Theme • Definition – (n) a central message or insight into life revealed through a literary work (the story’s life lesson) • Write a sentence using Theme • Draw a picture to represent Theme

Word of the Day • Expository Essay • Definition –(n) nonfiction work that gives information, discusses ideas, or explains a process • Write a sentence using Expository Essay • Draw a picture to represent Expository Essay

Vocabulary Quiz! • • • • •

Denotation Connotation Analogous Tone Mood

• • • • •

Irony Genre Voice Theme Expository Essay

Word of the Day • Disposition • Definition – (n) natural mental and emotional outlook or mood; final settlement of a matter • Write a sentence using Disposition. • Draw a picture to represent Disposition.

Word of the Day • Characterization • Definition – (n) the act of creating and developing a character. Could be directly or indirectly stated • Write a sentence using Characterization • Draw a picture to represent Characterization

Word of the Day • Conflict • Definition – (n) a struggle between opposing forces. Characters in conflict form the basis of stories • Write a sentence using Conflict • Draw a picture to represent Conflict

Word of the Day Foreshadowing Definition – (n) the use of clues in a literary work that suggest events that have yet to occur Write a sentence using Foreshadowing Draw a picture using Foreshadowing

Word of the Day • Monologue • Definition – (n) a long speech in a play by one character addressed to other characters • Write a sentence using Monologue • Draw a picture representing Monologue

Word of the Day • Prose • Definition – (n) the ordinary form of written language. Writing that is not poetry, drama, or song • Write a sentence using Prose • Draw a picture to represent Prose

Word of the Day • Symbol • Definition – (n) a character, place, thing or event that stands for something else • Write a sentence using Symbol • Draw a picture to represent Symbol

Word of the Day • Oxymoron • Definition – (n) a combination of words that contradict each other • Write a sentence using Oxymoron • Draw a picture to represent Oxymoron

Word of the Day • Allegory • Definition – (n) a story or tale with two or more levels of meaning – a literal level and one or more symbolic levels

• Write a sentence using Allegory • Draw a picture to represent Allegory

Word of the Day • Allusion • Definition – (n) a reference to a well-known person, place, event, literary work, or work of art • Write a sentence using Allusion • Draw a picture to represent Allusion

Vocabulary Quiz!! • • • • •

Disposition Characterization Conflict Foreshadowing Monologue

• • • • •

Prose Symbol Oxymoron Allegory Allusion

Word of the Day • VERBATIM • Definition – (adj) word for word; exactly as written • Write a sentence using Verbatim • Draw a picture to represent Verbatim

Word of the Day • SOPHOMORIC • Definition – (adj) immature • Write a sentence using Sophomoric • Draw a picture to represent Sophomoric

Word of the Day • Volatile • Definition – (adj) tending or threatening to break out into open violence; explosive • Write a sentence using Volatile • Draw a picture to represent Volatile

Word of the Day • Anecdote • Definition – (n) a brief story about an interesting, amusing, or strange event told to entertain or make a point • Write a sentence using Anecdote • Draw a picture to represent Anecdote

Word of the Day • Epiphany • Definition – (n) a sudden flash of insight into a conflict or situation • Write a sentence using Epiphany • Draw a picture to represent Epiphany

Word of the Day • Hyperbole • Definition – (n) a deliberate exaggeration or overstatement • Write a sentence using Hyperbole • Draw a picture to represent Hyperbole

Word of the Day • Pun • Definition – (n) a play on words involving a word with two or more meanings or two words that sound alike • Write a sentence using Pun • Draw a picture to represent Pun

Word of the Day • Perceptive • Definition – (adj) having or showing insight, understanding, or intuition • Write a sentence using Perceptive • Draw a picture to represent Perceptive

Word of the Day • Impartial • Definition – (adj) not in favor of one side or the other; unbiased • Write a sentence using Impartial • Draw a picture to represent Impartial

Word of the Day • Vindicated • Definition – (v) Freed from blame • Write a sentence using Vindicated • Draw a picture to represent Vindicated

Vocabulary Quiz!! • • • • •

Verbatim Sophomoric Volatile Anecdote Epiphany

• • • • •

Hyperbole Pun Perceptive Impartial Vindicated

Word of the Day • Acrimonious • Definition – (adj) Bitter or sharp in language, tone, or behavior • Write a sentence using Acrimonious • Draw a picture to represent Acrimonious

Word of the Day • Peruse • Definition – (v) to read carefully • Write a sentence using Peruse • Draw a picture representing Peruse

Word of the Day • ILLICIT • Definition – (adj) Illegal; not permitted for ethical or moral reasons • Write a sentence using Illicit • Draw a picture representing Illicit

Word of the Day • Forthright • Definition – (adj) honest, direct, outspoken • Write a sentence using Forthright • Draw a picture representing Forthright

Word of the Day • Elusive • Definition – (adj) difficult to capture or comprehend • Write a sentence using Elusive • Draw a picture representing Elusive

Word of the Day • Deface • Definition – (v) to mar the surface or appearance of; disfigure • Write a sentence using Deface • Draw a picture representing Deface

Word of the Day • Incognito • Definition – (adj) hidden or in disguise • Write a sentence using Incognito • Draw a picture representing Incognito

Word of the Day • Kinetic • Definition – (n) pertains to motion • Write a sentence using Kinetic • Draw a picture representing Kinetic

Word of the Day • Supercilious • Definition – (adj) showing excessive pride • Write a sentence using Supercilious • Draw a picture representing Supercilious

Word of the Day • Metamorphosis • Definition – (v) a transformation • Write a sentence using Metamorphosis • Draw a picture representing Metamorphosis

Vocab Quiz!! • • • • •

Acrimonious Peruse Illicit Forthright Elusive

• • • • •

Deface Incognito Kinetic Supercilious Metamorphosis

Word of the Day AMIABLE Definition – (adj) having or showing pleasant, good-natured personal qualities Write a sentence using Amiable Draw a picture representing Amiable

Word of the Day FICKLE Definition – (adj) Likely to change; instability; not constant Write a sentence using Fickle Draw a picture representing Fickle

Word of the Day Consolidate Definition – (v) to bring together into a single or unified whole; unite; combine Write a sentence using Consolidate Draw a picture representing Consolidate

Word of the Day STOIC Definition – (adj) unmoved by joy or grief Write a sentence using Stoic Draw a picture representing Stoic

Word of the Day DOCILE Definition – (adj) easily managed; easily trained Write a sentence using Docile Draw a picture representing Docile

Word of the Day OPAQUE Definition – (adj) not transparent or translucent; does not allow light to pass through Write a sentence using Opaque Draw a picture representing Opaque

Word of the Day AUSPICIOUS Definition – (adj) promising success or opportunity; prosperous

Write a sentence using Auspicious Draw a picture representing Auspicious

Word of the Day EMACIATE Definition – (v) to make abnormally lean or thin by a gradual wasting away of flesh. Write a sentence using Emaciate Draw a picture representing Emaciate

Word of the Day HOMAGE Definition – (n) respect or reverence paid or rendered Write a sentence using Homage Draw a picture representing Homage

Word of the Day ANIMOSITY Definition – (n) a feeling of strong dislike Write a sentence using Animosity Draw a picture representing Animosity

 LAST VOCAB QUIZ!!!!!  • • • • •

Amiable Consolidate Docile Fickle Auspicious

• • • • •

Stoic Emaciate Opaque Homage Animosity

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