Writing a Paragraph: Travelling is Fun

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Math
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Writing a Paragraph: Travelling is Fun 1. Structure Opening sentence Supporting sentences (5-6) Closing sentence

2. Vocabulary: wide world, whole world, new places, new cultures, other countries, presents, experience unusual, wonderful, surprising, exciting, special, unforgettable

visit, meet, buy, explore, experience,

3. Grammar Mainly the students will need the Present Simple:

Travelling shows, it gives, it helps, it brings Modals: You can visit; You can meet

4. Connectors

first of all, first and foremost, and; also; in addition; moreover; furthermore; besides, on the one hand,… on the other hand; I’d like to add that, I’d like to sum up by saying …, I’d like to conclude by saying, In conclusion

5. Opening sentence • 1. Travelling to new places is always fun. • 2. A lot of people like to travel.

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