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Community News contents in Bengali language

Authors of the Newspaper

www.noakhaliweb.com.bd Historical Background Noakhali is Most Important & Famous Region in Bangladesh. By name Bhulua a district was established in March 29, 1822. Bhulua was renamed "Noakhali" after "Noa" (new) and "khal" (canal) in 1868. Here is mention that, Mahatma Gandhi was came in riot period 1946 at Noakhali. Gandhi stayed for about four months in the riot stricken areas. He started moving around the villages and motivates the people of his peaceful co-existence and non-violence philosophy. In 1970, a devastating tornado and tidal bore took the lives of about .3 milion people of the district. Noakhali was liberated on 7 December 1971. In 1984 Noakhali Was divided to 3 District Noakhali, Feni & Lakshmipur. Now this region Called ‘Greater Noakhali’ This Regional People have a Generic Identity as a ‘Noakhailla’ who are living in All over the world. To provide latest news & information from local region & all community, Noakhali Web was established at 2005 as a e-News paper. Now its also doing Monthly printed magazine and already registered newspaper from the Government of Bangladesh.


About Us

The first greater noakhali based community newspaper ‘Noakhali web’ is a full featured web, instant update news in Bangladesh. It was established at July 01, 2005. Actually it is the preview of our internet based news and information industry of greater noakhali community. We cover all news, events, profiles of heroes in Noakhali, business directories, reviews of our inhabitances and also cover the feelings of the peoples of this community. basically it serves the purpose of the big community who are really strong and sensitive in and of their culture and traditions. So the vision of this newspaper is very strong, because it can remoderate people’s mind.



• Contents mean text, graphics, pictures, video, multimedia etc. media to reach the people. • Reusable media for learning material. -Help for reference & spread the knowledge. • Resource for local daily/weekly & monthly newspaper who can use news/article & photograph in their newspaper. • Understanding a event or topic.


Content Management

• Noakhali Web is a total Dynamic website by using eNews software made by Digital Development Foundation Ltd. Its update system is instant basis (24X365) • Here any Journalist/Contributor can submit news/articles with photo, multimedia and videos through online and we publish all news/content after edit by editorial board.

• A reader can leave comments about the news/articles that helps to enrich the news/content. readers can develop a very interactive communication with the writers which help the writers to improve his /her news/article.


Our Team

• We have about 25 Editors, 60 journalists & 100 contributors in local district, divisional city and abroad. • Few Student from Regional University & College who are working with us to rich the community media.



It has average 80,000 Regular hit from all over the world (Till 31 December 2010)


Open Source Awareness Program jointly arranged at Noakhali Science & Technology University (NSTU)

Social Activates

Student Rally for Voter Awareness

www.noakhaliweb.com.bd Funding & Sustainability Digital Development Foundation Ltd. Is mother organization of Noakhali Web. They was invest around 4.5 million BDT with in first 5years. Now Noakhali Web

is sustainable project by donation & advertisement. Our Major Advertiser/Supporter : 1) Islamic Bank Bangladesh Ltd. 2) Amanah consumer & Baverage Ltd.

3) Metro Homes Ltd. 4) Beacon Real Estate Ltd. 5) Alin Food Products Ltd. 6) Noakhali Green City

www.noakhaliweb.com.bd Mailing Address : Noakhali Web rd 84/7 Nayapaltan (3 Floor) Dhaka-1000 Bangladesh


Email : [email protected]

[email protected] [email protected]

Phone : +88 01916553366 +88 01816553366 Fax : +88 02 9347223

Khaled Saifullah Editor & Publisher Noakhali Web

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