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What is Yagya/Yagnya?

Meaning Word yagya / yagna is from main element YAJ from sanskrut Element YAJ has 3 part : Dev Pujan (Praising Good qualities) Sangatikaran (Collectiveness) Dan (Donation)

Divine Discipline

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Example of Yagya Blood Donation Camps Eye Donation Camps Donation of Knowledge Sewa Yagya Life Saving Yagya Agnihotra (1 kundi, 5 kundi, 24 kundi, 108 , 1008 Ashwamedh , Narmedh) Deep Yagya Bali Vaishva

Serving without any expectation is yagya

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Yagya in Nature Clouds River Sea Clouds

Food Hand Mouth Body Energy Food

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Science Behind Yagya & Agnihotra Fumigation of medicines Purification of Air. Increasing conductivity of water. Removes tension depression ego. Used as medical treatment.

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Phiosophy Of Agnihotra Maryadit (bounded by morals) Grow upward Give Light & Heat Absorbs and make it like own. Serves every one without any partiality

Nothing for own, only ashes left.

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How Life can be YAGYIYA Yagya is divine Discipline , train yourself for that Develop some qualities in yourself by which others can be benefited. Have feeling of IDAM NA MAM(This is not mine) Go like clouds where it is needed, don’t be like thirsty will come for you.

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Simple Steps For Yagya Deep Yagya Bali Vaishv 1. Shatkarm 2. Dev Awahan 3. Ahuti (put ghee in water flowed from fire) 4. Shama 5. Prayer for welfare: Lokah Samast Sukhino bhvantu 6. Shantipath 7. Yagyi Prasad Ash and Ghee

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