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Lonsdale District Scouts All Leaders Meeting Thursday 10th October TA Centre

DC’s Report

• Purpose of these meetings. • Vision 2018 • Scouting Safely • Safeguarding Reminders • Learning from Development • A request for some help... • New appointments. • Remembrance Sunday

Young Leaders… • Each Group to have a YL Mentor • All Young Leaders to be registered. • When they have completed Module A they will be issued with a log book, which will support them through their training and the award scheme. • 2 training weekends to be completed for a young leader to complete their training. • First one is the 22nd- 24th November at Littledale...sign them up!

The District Programme and Section Support Team Catherine Marsh ADC Beavers

Pat Armstrong ADC Cubs

Paul Sargent ADC Scouts

Tracy Seton Acting District Explorer Scout Commissioner

Nights Away. . .

Increase the Number of Permits Applications on the Lonsdale Website

Training and Support Pairing up groups for camping. Module 38 Camping Skills Support from the District Team Use the District and County Programme Free Camping at Littledale and Silverdale The Competition: • Calculated from Nights Away Notifications •Entered into a County Competition

Nights Away Passports Service Teams of Young People

• District Nights Away Competition – with a trophy!! • Will calculate the number of nights away offered for children in a group from NAN forms. • Bonus points for Beavers on Nights Away • Double points for Beavers in tents! • Bonus points for camps between sections that promote linking.

Use Experience Young Leaders

Red Rose 2014 • For Scouts and Explorers • Opportunities for all adults. • A real taste of international Scouting • An easy (ish) Summer Camp!

•£150 for participants • £75 for staff.

The Programme Survey • What events should we be considering? • What do you want the District to provide in the future? • What do young people want!

The Adult Support Team Sarah Cruickshank ADC Marketing and Communications

Pat Griffin Local Training Manager

Craig Pyne ADC Strategic Projects

David Wilkinson SASU Coordinator

Stuart Lockton ADC Activities Carolyn Blyth ADC Events &Jamboree Coordinator

What next for Lonsdale? • Safety is high on the agenda •Membership Growth •Improve our external image •Improve support for our adult volunteers and groups. • Reviewing our Programme • Vision 2018

Thanks for Volunteering!

Any Questions?

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