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12 Angry Men A Video Guide Introduction By Mrs. Russell

12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men 

This play was written by Reginald Rose The play was inspired by Rose’s own experiences on jury duty of a murder case in New York City

He did not want to be involved but as soon as he walked into the courtroom, he was intrigued

Moral and Ethical Emphasis 





Day One 

Murder in the first degree –pre-meditated homicide- is the most serious charge tried in our criminal justice courts. “Twelve Angry Men” is not a court-room drama, but rather a jury-room drama during which many aspects of the court proceedings are recalled. The audience is taken into a room in which the general public is never allowed to enter. The experience of this play, then is an unusual one.

Discussion 

What is a jury?

How is it chosen?

What responsibility does each individual have to accept jury duty?

How could past experience bias a jury member?

What if someone lied to get on a jury?

Act 1 Questions 1. What is reasonable doubt? 2. Describe the jury room, in detail. 3. What is the opinion of the majority of the jurors toward the boy’s guilt? 4. Why does juror 8 say, “I think maybe we owe him a few words”?

Act 1 continued 5. What are the 4 main arguments for the boy’s guilt? 6. Who is juror 10 referring to when he says “them”? 7. What type of father is Juror 3? 8. How has Juror 8 discredited the knife?

Act 2 Questions 1. Who has changed their vote? Why? 2. What is the problem with the el train? 3. Juror 3 asks why the old man would lie; and juror 9 says “attention, maybe.” Explain his answer. 4. Juror 9 says, “I think I know him better than anyone here.” Explain why he feels this way.

Act 2 Questions continued 5. Juror 3 makes a major blunder when he says, “He’s an old man. You saw him. Half the time he was confused. How could he be positive about anything?” Explain why this is a big mistake.

6. What is the new evidence brought forth about the old man and the factor of time? 7. Juror 3 makes a blunder when he yells, “Let me go! I’ll kill him!” Explain how these words were discussed previously and how they could be used to help the young boy accused of murder.

Act 3 Questions 1. How are the jurors getting along? 2. How does juror 11 feel about jury duty? 3. What happens during the revote?

Act 3 Questions continued 4. What is revealed about how a person stabs someone with a switchblade? 5. What is discovered about the lady with the eyeglasses? 6. Who is the last juror to vote not guilty?

Vocabulary 





Vocabulary 





Vocabulary 





Vocabulary 




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