2014 Best Practices

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2014 Best Practices

ABA Staff Point of Contact Jeni Pastier Senior Manager, Financial Education 202-663-5453 [email protected]


“Housekeeping” • Slides will advance automatically. • Today’s presentation is being recorded. • Presentation slides and recording will be posted online.

• Submit questions for Q&A segment any time.


Webinar Agenda • Brief Introduction to Get Smart About Credit Day 2014 • How to make Get Smart About Credit a Success • CRA Credits o Rich Riese, Senior Vice President, ABA Center for Regulator Compliance

• Raising Awareness Through PR and Social Media o Meghan French, Public Relations Manager, ABA

• Resources • Your Questions & Answers aba.com/GetSmart

Survey Questions??? 1. Is this your bank’s first time participating in the Get Smart About Credit campaign? A. Yes! This is our first time participating in Get Smart About Credit. B. No, we have participated in this program at least once.

2. Is your bank also participating in Lights, Camera, Save! this year? A. Yes! My bank is registering for Get Smart About Credit and Lights, Camera, Save! B. No, my bank is only registering for Get Smart About Credit. C. I am not sure.

3. Does your bank work with other organizations to bring financial education into the community? A. Yes! My bank partners with other organizations throughout the year. B. No, my bank only participates in ABA Community Engagement Foundation programs. C. I am not sure. aba.com/GetSmart

What Is Get Smart About Credit Day? • Annual, banker-driven, financial education campaign. o Another example of valuable role banks play in

communities they serve.

• 12th annual event Thursday, October 16, 2014. o Make credit-focused presentations on the day and

throughout the month or year.


Get Smart About Credit Focus Areas • Knowing Your Credit Score • Protecting Your Identity • Paying for College

ABA provides materials to support each topic. aba.com/GetSmart

Steps to Get Started 1. Register Your Bank 2. Secure School or Alternative Audience 3. Choose Your Topic/Prepare Materials 4. Engage Your Communications Staff




Secure Your Audience • Start Scheduling Presentation(s) as Soon as Possible • Clubs, Study Programs & other Student Organizations Have Vested Interest in Seeing Young People Succeed • Hook Them with Benefits of Teaching Credit Skills o

Program is Flexible


Preparing to Engage the Audience Before Your Lesson: o Prepare, Prepare, PREPARE o Have relatable “Real World” examples o Consider an icebreaker during your introduction o Communicate with teacher or group leader in advance


Engage the Audience During Your Lesson: o Connect with the ENTIRE Class o Structure Your Lesson • Learning Goals • Promote Discussion • Positive Reinforcement o Have Fun

o Leave Something Behind aba.com/GetSmart

Obtaining CRA Credit • Prior to your presentation, discuss the event with your CRA or Compliance Officer. • Look for audiences in low- to moderate-income areas. o Title I Schools o Schools receiving 51% Free and Reduced Meals (FARMS)

• Additional CRA Information Contact: o Rob Rowe, VP Chief Counsel Reglator Compliance 202-663-5029

[email protected] aba.com/GetSmart

ABA Public Relations Contact Meghan French Manager, Public Relations 202-663-5468 [email protected]


Engage The Media Five Steps to successfully gain publicity 1. Gather photo releases 2. Media advisory: Send 1 week and 1 day before the event

3. Pitch: Follow up with your local newspapers, TV and radio stations 2-3 days after media advisory

4. Press release: Send 1 day before or day of the event 5. Incorporate social media before, during, and after aba.com/GetSmart

Engage Media with Meghan French




Questions and Answers • Submit question using “CHAT” feature on toolbar. o Please include name, bank & email

• Email [email protected] after program.


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