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Caring for Young Carers; improving identification and support

A young carer is . . .

“a child or young person who is carrying out significant emotional or physical caring tasks for a family member who is ill or disabled and assuming a level of responsibility usually taken on by an adult”

As young as 5, up to 18.

3 million UK children have a disabled family member – not all are young carers.

Most children help out sometimes – but young carers have responsibilities more usual for adults. There is often no one else to take over if they want to stop.

National perspective • 50,000 children and young people in the UK look after someone with a mental health problem. • 920,000 UK children live with an alcohol dependent parent • 28% of young carers have serious problems in secondary school. • Carers save the UK economy £119 billion per year

• Nearly half of young carers questioned said there was not a single teacher at their school who knew they were a young carer

North Tyneside perspective • 2001 census identified 770 young carers • Carers UK estimate that this figure is more likely to be nearer 5,000 • 400 young carers aged 5-18 are known to North Tyneside Carers’ Centre • 54% care for a parent

• 29% care for someone with a mental health problem

A young carer does . . .

Intimate caring 18% Emotional support 82%

Help with bathing & dressing Staying in, feeling responsible, listening

Additional child care 11% On top of other caring roles

General caring 48% Medication, mobility

Domestic chores 68% Other 7%

Cooking, shopping, cleaning

Most young carers figures quoted in this presentation are from Young Carers in the UK: the 2004 report (Dearden and Becker) www.lboro.ac.uk; www.bham.ac.uk

Who they care for ….. Most young carers look after their Mum. About 15% look after their Dad. Some care for both.

Just under a third care for a brother or sister, although many who care for parents also take on child care.

A small number of young carers look after a grandparent or someone else.

12% of young carers look after more than one person.

Who they care for ….. Half young carers look after someone with a physical disability or illness

Often, there is more than one condition e.g depression and alcohol misuse.

Almost a third look after someone with a mental illness or substance misuse problem. 250 000 UK children live with parental substance misuse.

920 000 have alcoholic parents.

Identifying the needs of young carers

Jamie’s story

Children’s Voices

Ian’s story Consider… What are the key points in Ian’s story?

When could services have offered support?


How do we safeguard young people who are providing high levels or inappropriate care when they tell us they want to continue in their caring role?

North Tyneside Carers’ Centre Young carers’ project Young Carers’ Activities Worker Group breaks & clubs Holiday events & activities Targeted small group work Family Support Worker (substance misuse/mental health) • One to one support • Family support; ensuring services are in place • Training • Group work

North Tyneside Carers’ Centre Young carers’ project Young carers Exceptional Stories (YES) project

New five year project delivered in partnership with YMCA North Tyneside ….to bring about long lasting change for young carers so they can have the same opportunities as other children and young people

Contact details Debbie Smart; Young Carers Project Manager North Tyneside Carers’ Centre 3rd floor YMCA building Church Way North Shields

01916432298 [email protected] www.northtynesidecarers.org.uk

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