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January 9, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Sociology
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Section A As His Name Is, So Is He!

Revision 1. Summary 2. Words & Expression

3. Translation 4. New pattern 5. Post-reading exercise checking

This writer describes ways names can make a difference. One woman didn’t like her former name because it ______ didn’t suit her appearance or ______ elegant _______ think she should be a _____. manner and made her _____ cook When she used her ______ middle name for her first, she ___ felt more comfortable with herself ______, other people started to ____ _____ confidence. take her more seriously and gave her added So some social scientists say that what you’re called can affect your life. One prominent magazine consistently _____ __________ refused to print the _______ writer’s name because his name made him more qualified to be _____ __ a baseball 下一页

would have player than ____ an art critic. Other names _____ been printed completely. ___ At a party, another

at ease because the man _____ whom she woman was ill __ wanted the writer to introduce her to was the same person she had turned down for a blind date because of his name.

Old to New 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

prominent destiny confess confidence characteristic associate approval specific award determination

a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j.

admit trust agreement give colleague deciding certain, particular famous fate quality

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

II. English to Chinese

填写申请表 认真对待某人 识别人 更适合做运动员 有助于结识新朋友

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

fill out an application form take sb. seriously identify people more qualified to be a player encourage new acquaintances

1.和过去相比,今天的年轻人 一旦不喜欢目前的工作,他们 享有更多的机会选择自己喜爱 的工作。

Different from the past, the young people today enjoy more opportunities to seek their favorite jobs once they don’t feel like their present ones.

2.由于主力队员的意外受 伤,教练只好用替补队员 来代替他。

Because of the unexpected injury of the leading player, the coach had to substitute the reserve player for him.

3. 起初,没有人把她放在 眼里,然而她完美的表演使 所有的评委大为惊叹。

At the beginning, nobody took her seriously, but at sight of her perfect performance all the judges were filled with wonder.

4. 无可否认,最终的胜利与

他们的精诚团结与合作密不 可分。

There is no denying that the ultimate victory is closely attached to their unity and cooperation in all sincerity.

5. 尽管申请屡次遭到拒

绝,但她从不放弃。这使 那位老板深为感动,最终 还是把机会给了她。

Her application had been turned down repeatedly, but she never gave up, which moved the boss so deeply as to afford her the chance at last.

6. 初次参加如此庄重而又 盛大的晚会,她感到有点 不自在。

Attending such a formal and magnificent party for the first time, she felt somewhat ill at ease.

7. 面对剧增的青少年犯罪,该

怪谁?家庭?学校?事实上,整 个社会对此都有罪责。

Who are to blame for a sharp increase in the teenage crime? Families? Schools? In fact, the whole society is guilty of this trend.

Typical patterns for providing evidence: 原句: A recent survey showed that American men thought Susan to be the most attractive female name, while women believed Richard and David were the most attractive for men. (L. 32) 最新调查表明:美国男人认为苏珊是最有吸引力的 女性名字,而女性则认为查里德和戴维是男人中最 有吸引力的名字。

句型提炼 A recent (latest ) survey (study / investigation / poll) (conducted / done / taken by…) shows (reveals / indicates / finds) that sb. thinks…, while sb. else

believes… 最新调查表明:某人认为······ ,而其他人则认

为······ (划线部分可替换)

应用:a. 最近对大学毕业生做的 一次调查表明:为数不少的人认为 高薪水非常重要,而大多数人则认 为找一个有意义的工作,做些有趣 的事更重要。 A latest survey conducted among college graduates shows that quite a few people think a high salary is of great importance, while most of them believe doing something worthwhile and enjoyable at work is more important.

应用:b. 社会学家做的一项调查 表明:多数年轻人认为他们信守传 统观念,而另有一些人认为为了家 庭和孩子牺牲个人的幸福不值得。

A poll conducted by sociologists indicates that most young people think they remain true to the traditional values, while some others regard it as of little worth to sacrifice personal happiness for the sake of the family and children.

Post-reading exercise checking

Listening 1. Funny name 2. Dictation

3. Fill in the blank

Funny Names What was the mother’s name? to the story and A.Listen It was Laughing. B. It was Smiling. do the exercise. C. It was Joking.

Key B

Dictation The passage will be spoken three times. AOne t a classroom p a r t y , astudy n o t h eshowed r w o mteachers an was uncomfortable: the man she names wanted the This writer can gave lower describes grades toways essays written writer to introduce her to was same make a difference. When one the woman by boys with certain names than to one to date usedshe her had middle name,with sheblind felt better the very samerefused essays only the because of his name. The writer thinks and her professional achievement names changed. Similarly, girls’ we often assign name improved. A magazine refused toto popularity can relate to prejudices their names. people. One of his friends her print writer’s name because it So thethe writer suggests ifdescribed your name working with some four-year-olds and suited asuit baseball player than an doesn’t you, you canmore change your exchanging art expert. two boys’ personalities name. because of their names.

Names For this reading passage, we have many proper names, which contain cultural background. The following is a brief explanation of the names that appeared in the reading passage. Fill in the blanks.

1) Debbie (f.) represents the personality characteristics generous, understanding, honest, creative of__________________________________________, and__________. It is a short name of Deborah intense originally from a Hebrew name for a woman described in the Old Testament history of the Bible.

2) Lynne (f.) or Lynn (m.) represents the personality characteristics of ________________________and sensitive, deeply artistic creative, intense, and nature-lover _______________________________and comes from Welsh meaning “lake” or is a short form of Linda (Spanish), or Belinda (Italian), both meaning “beautiful.”

3) Webster (m.) represents the personality characteristics of________________________, original, inventive, friendly positive, outspoken and procrastinator and _________________ comes from Old English, meaning “weaver.” 4) Joe (m.) represents the personality characteristics of spontaneous, __________________________ social, easy-going, warm, generous lacking in __________ _________, initiative and is a short form of Joseph, originally from a Hebrew name of a famous man in the Old Testament history of the Bible.

5) Adrian (m.) represents the personality characteristics of diplomatic, _________________, friendly lacking energy, confidence and initiative and a in______________________________, procrastinator. This name is the English form of Hadrian, the name of a Roman Emperor who built a wall across northern Britain. 6) Susan (f.) represents the personality characteristics of ___________________________ pleasant, easy-going, friendly, patient, social, cautious ______________________and is a short form of Susanna. It is from the Hebrew Shoshanna name for a woman in the Old Testament history of the Bible.

7) Harry (m.) represents the personality characteristics of________________________, individual, reserved, serious

________________________________________. stubborn, alone, loyal, and thoughtful It is the Medieval English form of Henry, the name of eight kings of England. 8) Nigel (m.) represents the personality imaginative, creative, characteristics of__________________________, _____________________gullible, talkative and is inconsistent, insecure an Italian form of Neil, or a French name meaning “hero”. It is sometimes associated with the Latin niger, meaning “black”.

9) Julian (m.) represents the personality characteristics of_______________________, patient, careful, cautious conservative, intense ___________________and comes from Julius, the name of the last Roman emperor.

10) Linda (f.) represents the personality characteristics of ________________________ hard worker, careful patient, independent, reliable, and practical ________________________________________ and comes from Spanish or Italian, meaning “beautiful.”

11) Michael (m.) represents the personality characteristics of________________________, clever, responsible, serious, self-confident and independent ______________________________and is from the Hebrew name Mikha’el meaning “who is like God”. The New Testament of the Bible identifies Michael as the archangel who leads heaven’s armies. He is the patron saint of soldiers.

Speaking 1. How to address people 2. Your name

How to address people • family name=last name=surname=姓

• first name=given name=名 • middle name • George W. Bush

• George : first name/given name 名 • W.: Middle name (一般缩写为首字母) 名 • Bush: family name / last name/ surname 姓


• last name=Zhu, • first name=Bajie

Video Watching

Explain your name to the class and tell them whether you are satisfied with your name or not. Would you like to change your name? What’s your English name? Explain the name’s meaning.

Yes VS No  I agree with the author’s opinion that …  I think it’s a good idea to …  It may help if …  I am considering to …  The reasons I decide to … are as follows: Firstly, … Secondly, … Finally, …  By changing my name, I can …

 I disagree with the author’s opinion that …  I don’t think it’s a good idea to …  It is impossible to …

 I will never …  My reasons are as follows:  The best to … is …  The most important thing is …

After-class tasks Finish fast reading .

Preview section B.

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