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Do you want to come and work with the biggest Addiction Service in Europe, whilst continuing your CPD with protected time, and with the opportunity to enhance your teaching and research CV? NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde addiction services are responsible for the delivery of addiction treatment and care services for currently over 12,000 clients. The services range from local Community Addiction Teams through to specialist day and inpatient care, together with liaison provision for both general psychiatry and acute hospital services. Our multidisciplinary structure includes professionals from the fields of medicine, nursing, social care, psychology, occupational therapy, dietetics and pharmacy; Glasgow Addiction Services is also a major commissioner of the voluntary and independent sector. We are seeking an enthusiastic and committed specialty grade psychiatrist to work both our hospital and community facilities. 5 pas would be spent in the Kershaw unit, Gartnavel Royal Hospital working alongside another full time speciality doctor providing medical input to the addictions inpatients and day patients there. 3pas would be spent in the homeless addiction service and 2pas other community addiction team(s) Job share applicants will be considered. Full registration with the GMC and a licence to practice is essential, including adequate experiences in psychiatry; addiction experience is helpful, but not necessary. The posts combine the satisfaction of participating in an innovative and developing clinical service to a client group with high levels of morbidity for alcohol, drugs and mental health problems, together with the opportunity to become involved in a number of research projects and teaching initiatives. Entry Criteria: • Full GMC Registration • 4 Years F/T Post Graduate Training • At least 2 years training in a Specialty Training programme or equivalent experience and competencies

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde


Speciality Doctor Grade in Addictions Based initially in Kershaw Unit, Gartnavel Royal Hospital 10 programmed activities

REF: 26886D




This information package has been compiled to provide prospective candidates with details of the post and background information about NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde.


The contents of this package are as follows:a. b.

Job Description Terms and Conditions of Service

Also included separately is the Partnership’s Equal Opportunities monitoring form. This form is required for monitoring purposes only and will not be made available to the interview panel prior to shortlisting. 3.

Informal enquiries will be welcomed by Dr John Mitchell, Associate Medical Director and consultant psychiatrist, NHSGG&C Addiction Services, Templeton Business Centre, 62 Templeton Street, Glasgow G40 1DA . Contact number 0141 277 7660 [email protected]


Please send your curriculum vitae with the names of 2 referees to:-


The closing date for applications is 9 November 2012


Shortlisting will take place shortly thereafter.


Interviews will be held shortly thereafter.


Any offer of appointment is subject to the receipt of two satisfactory references and report from the Occupational Health Service.

NHS GREATER GLASGOW & CLYDE Job Description Speciality Doctor in Addiction Psychiatry Current Addiction Psychiatric Services Addiction services in Greater Glasgow and Clyde cover 10 community health partnership areas and a general population of over 1.1 million. Greater Glasgow and Clyde has high levels of drug and alcohol misuse prevalent in its populations and as consequence there is major investment in the service. Community provision is based around 8 community addiction teams (CATs) in Glasgow city, plus a Homeless Addiction team and 3 other community venues in South Clyde and West and East Dunbartonshire. These CATs contain multidisciplinary teams consisting of social care workers, nurses, OTs, psychologists, dieticians and medical officers relating to local addiction psychiatrists. Substitute prescribing is delivered either by medical officers in CATs or by GPs supported by “shared care” under the terms of an enhanced service contract. Day services in Greater Glasgow are available in 2 partial hospitalisation units: Eriskay House at Stobhill Hospital – serves the north and east of the city and Kirkintilloch. Kershaw unit at Gartnavel Royal Hospital – serves the west and south of the city, Bearsden and Milngavie and West Dunbartonshire. An Alcohol problem clinic day hospital at Dykebar hospital serves South Clyde as do day services in Greenock. Inpatient provision is as follows: Eriskay house at Stobhill – 14 beds serving north and east Glasgow, Kirkintilloch and homeless populations. Kershaw Unit at Gartnavel Royal Hospital – 22 beds serving west and south Glasgow, Bearsden and Milngavie, West Dunbartonshire, and South Clyde. Medical Staffing – addictions psychiatry Consultants Dr Scott Wylie North Glasgow and East Dunbartonshire Dr Maire Cooney East Glasgow Dr Iain Mackay Homeless Addiction Team Dr Iain Smith West Glasgow Prof Fraser Shaw West Dunbartonshire Dr Anupham Agnihotri South East Glasgow Dr Beate Beck Schwahn South West Glasgow Dr Charles Mcmahon South Clyde and Lead Clinician Dr Audrey Hillman South Clyde Dr Roger Sykes South Clyde Dr John Mitchell Associate Medical Director

Specialty & SAS doctors Dr G Reynolds Dr A Rizov This post Dr F Skelton Dr A Ghori Dr M McCallum Dr J Luthra Dr C Govender Dr R Ashraf Dr J Haigh Dr C Spiers Senior medical officers Dr Saket Priyadarshi clinician Dr Grace Campbell Justice Dr Catriona Ritchie Dr Ali Mahmoud

North Glasgow East Glasgow Homeless Addiction Team West Glasgow Kershaw Unit Kershaw Unit and this post South Glasgow South Clyde South Clyde South Clyde South Clyde

North East Sector, East Dunbartonshire and Lead South Clyde, West Dunbartonshire and Criminal North West Sector and HAT South Sector and Purchased Services

There are 32 medical officers (~21 wte), plus rotating junior and senior psychiatric trainees.

Overview The post is a full time 10 session (40hrs/week) post in Addiction Psychiatry. The post holder will be based in the Kershaw Unit under the supervision of an identified consultant. 5 sessions will be spent providing routine and emergency day time medical cover for addiction patients in Gartnavel Royal Hospital Kershaw ward and Kershaw partial hospitalisation services in cooperation with another full time specialty grade doctor. 3 sessions will be spent working in the Homeless addiction service under the direction of the consultant Dr Mackay. This will include 1 session of inpatient cover of the 1-2 inpatients that the service has at any time. Currently these patients are in eriskay house but may move to Kershaw unit. There will be a 1 session outpatient clinic and 1 session for multidisciplinary meeting attendance. 1 sessions will be spent providing a community medical clinics for community addiction teams as a contribution to the medical officer network of city provision. This work consists mainly in substitute prescribing or opiates. 1 session will be spent in supporting professional activities such as appraisal, job planning, audit and other clinical governance activities, teaching and training.

As part of a pool of specialty doctor and associate specialists you will be required to cross cover the leave of inpatient specialty doctors in NHSGG&C addictions. This work should ordinarily be infrequent with notification in advance so that other community duties can be rescheduled with minimal disruption to service. In line with all other speciality doctor and associate specialist doctors in NHSGG&C mental health services, there may be a future requirement for cross working into other mental health services. Although principally supervised by a named consultant, the post holder will work in a generic way to all addiction patients in Gartnavel Royal Hospital regardless of their address or which team they belong to. Homeless addiction work will be supervised by the local HAT consultant Dr MacKay and community addiction team work will be supervised by the local senior medical officer. Supporting Staff Administrative and secretarial support, together with office accommodation is available in the Kershaw unit. The post-holder will work alongside another middle grade doctor and any rotating trainees. Duties of the Post Hospital work The post holder will have responsibility for providing a comprehensive range of services in conjunction with the multi-disciplinary team to in- and daypatients with addiction problems. Clinical duties will include medical and psychiatric assessment, prescription of medication, and diagnosis and treatment of co-morbid disorders, clerk in of patients, physical examination and organisation of appropriate investigations, creation of care plans, completion of risk assessments and dictation of discharge letters. The postholder will be required to attend ward rounds and appropriate multidisciplinary meetings. They would be involved in assessing patients including emergency work. They would also be responsible for initiating investigations and following up patients. They would provide medical cover for inpatients and partial hospitalisation patients, assisting Consultants’ ward rounds and in the facilitation of planned admissions and discharges. Staff training is considered an important function of the Speciality Doctor and the successful applicant would be expected to actively participate in the supervision and training of other disciplines. A considerable degree of liaison with these other disciplines including any trainees and members of the CATs would be expected to ensure an integrated and comprehensive package of care for the patient, including liaison with the voluntary sector and liaison with colleagues in mental health. The post holder will be expected to work well as part of a multidisciplinary team in a variety of settings.

Community work The postholder would do outpatient clinics and provide medical support for community staff in the homeless addiction service 3 sessions per week and another community addiction team 2 sessions per week. This would involve outpatient medical assessment, opiate substitute prescribing, assessment and treatment of mental health and addiction issues. They would participate in team clinical review meetings about patients. General It is expected that the successful applicant will be a s22 Approved Medical Practitioner or will be seeking AMP training and will actively participate in the assessment process and application of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act2003. They will be expected to cover for colleagues during absences in line with local arrangements. The post holder will agree a job plan with their supervising consultant and the Associate Medical Director. The Job Plan will have a degree of flexibility and will be discussed with the supervising Consultant Psychiatrist. The final timetable is subject to the review and agreement by the supervising Consultant depending on the needs of the service. There is no on-call commitment. Teaching The post holder may have the opportunity to become involved in undergraduate teaching of students from the University of Glasgow. There is opportunity for multidisciplinary teaching within the service from time to time and this is encouraged as a contribution to team / staff development. Continued Professional Development 1 programmed activities pro rata are allocated per week for CPD and any other supporting professional activity. The post holder will be expected to contribute to the Post-Graduate Teaching programme of journal clubs, case presentations etc. at the local Internal teaching sessions. They would also have opportunities to attend the Addictions CPD. An interest in relevant research and an audit is encouraged. Staff are encouraged to ensure that they keep their practice up to date. Local training opportunities and study leave are available to support this. Research and Audit Opportunities exist in the Kershaw unit for involvement in research and audit. A local consultant addiction psychiatrist chairs the research subcommittee of clinical governance and drives a significant research agenda. The scale of the addiction problem in Greater Glasgow and Clyde and the size of the organisation tasked with delivering appropriate services provide huge opportunities.

Management/Administrative work As would be expected of all clinicians accurate contemporaneous records must be kept in the prescribed format, this will include the accurate recording of electronic information on the clinical information system. Occasional Emergencies The post holder may be required to perform duties in occasional emergencies in unforeseen circumstances at the request of the Consultant. It has been agreed that such duties would be exceptional and that this type of arrangement would not be for a prolonged period. Date when post is vacant. 1st June 2012 9. Proposed provisional job plan Subject to further negotiation with supervising consultant / associate medical director. Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri am Community HAT HAT clinic Community Consultant clinic inpatient team Supervision work meetings./ CPD HAT work MDT pm Ward / ward / day Ward / Day Ward / Day Ward/ day day hospital Hospital Hospital hospital hospital work/ CPD Work. Work. work work

9 pas direct clinical care 1 pas CPD / SPA No on call 11. Arrangements for applicants to visit. In the first instance, it is suggested that interested parties contact: Dr John Mitchell Associate Medical Director NHSGG&C addiction services Templeton business centre 62 Templeton street, Glasgow, G40 1DA 0141 277 7660


Essential  Medical degree (MBChB or equivalent)  Fully Registered with GMC, licence to practice

Knowledge &  understanding  

Abilities & skills

   

Competant knowledge about mental disorders and substance misuse / addictions. knowledge of service organisation Up to date awareness of government policy on alcohol and drug misuse and its implications. Understanding of principles of clinical governance. Ability to apply knowledge to clinical practice and service development Ability to diagnose and treat mental illness in people with substance misuse. Ability to follow service procedures (such as Care Programme Approach) and mental health law. Ability to make good medical notes Ability to communicate effectively with other professionals. Ability to work effectively in a multidisciplinary team. Ability to teach and coach junior medical staff, medical students

Desirable  Additional relevant qualification such as MSc, MPhil, MD or PhD  Able to be approved by Health Board under s20 of the mental health act.  MRCPsych or FRCPsych (equivalent only acceptable if confirmed by RCPsych) 

Knowledge of range of service systems and their relative merits

Skills in clinical assessment and treatment of patients with substance misuse Competence in application of specialist treatment methods with people with substance misuse, such as pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy, substitute prescribing, etc. Excellence in communication Analytical approach to problems Evidence of potential to develop specialty skills Computer skills (statistics package, database, spreadsheet)

   


    

Personality & attitudes

     


 

 

Other requirements

and other disciplines Computer literacy (basic word processing, email and internet use) Commitment to addiction psychiatry Commitment to evidence-based practice Commitment to lifelong learning. Commitment to clinical governance Ability to organise own learning and time. Honesty Reliability Flexibility Ability to undertake responsibility Ability to cope calmly with stressful situations Ability to work with other staff in the service and take instruction. At least 4 years full time experience of postgraduate training. At least 2 years of specialty training or equivalent experience and competancy. Experience of working in a mental health service Experience of working in a multidisciplinary team Satisfactory fitness for employment

  

Enthusiasm Punctuality. Initiative (for example, evidence of initiative in a clinical governance project)

Experience of working in a addiction service Evidence of participation in clinical governance activities, including medical audit.

Independently mobile (car driver)

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE The conditions of service are those laid down and amended from time to time by the Hospital and Medical & Dental Whitley Council.




Specialty Doctor £ 36,807 £ 68,638 per annum (pro rata) New Entrants to the NHS will normally commence on the minimum point of the salary scale, (dependent on qualifications and experience). Salary is paid monthly by Bank Credit Transfer.


Full Time 40.00


You have the option to join the NHS Superannuation Scheme, to participate in the State Earnings Related Pension Scheme or to take out a Personal Pension. Employee’s contributions to the NHS Scheme are Tiered based on your earnings and the employers contribution equates to 13.5 % of salary. Employees in the NHS Scheme are “Contracted-out” of the State Earnings Related Pension Scheme and pay a lower rate of National Insurance contributions. Employees who choose to participate in the State Earnings Related Pension Scheme pay the higher rate of National Insurance contribution. A Stakeholder Pension is also available. A Personal Pension is a private arrangement agreed with the pension provider that will be an organisation such as a Bank, Building Society or Insurance Company.


Assistance with removal and associated expenses may be given and would be discussed and agreed prior to appointment.


Candidates who are requested to attend an interview will be given assistance with appropriate travelling expenses. Reimbursement shall not normally be made to employees who withdraw their application or refuse an offer of appointment.


NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde operate a No Smoking Policy in all premises and grounds. This post is considered to be in the category of “Regulated Work”


and therefore requires a Disclosure Scotland Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme (PVG) Membership which currently costs £59.00. The cost of the PVG Membership will be initially paid by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and will required to be repaid through a payroll deduction mandate from the successful candidate’s first salary.


NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) has a legal obligation to ensure that it’s employees, both EEA and non EEA nationals, are legally entitled to work in the United Kingdom. Before any person can commence employment within NHS GGC they will need to provide documentation to prove that they are eligible to work in the UK. Non EEA nationals will be required to show evidence that either Entry Clearance or Leave to Remain in the UK has been granted for the work which they are applying to do. Where an individual is subject to immigration control under not circumstances will they be allowed to commence until the right to work in the UK has been verified. ALL applicants regardless of nationality must complete and return the Confirmation of Eligibility to Work in the UK Statement with their completed application form. You will be required provide appropriate documentation prior to any appointment being made.


The rehabilitation of Offenders act 1974 allows people who have been convicted of certain criminal offences to regard their convictions as “spent” after the lapse of a period of years. However, due to the nature of work for which you are applying this post is exempt from the provisions of Section 4 of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 by virtue of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions Orders 1975 and 1986). Therefore, applicants are required to disclose information about convictions which for other purposes are “spent” under the provision of the act in the event of employment, failure to disclose such convictions could result in dismissal or disciplinary action by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. Any information given will be completely confidential.


A disability or health problems does not preclude full consideration for the job and applications from people with disabilities are welcome. All information will be treated as confidential. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde guarantees to interview all applicants with disabilities who meet the minimum criteria for the post. You will note on our application form that we ask for relevant information with regard to your disability. This is simply to ensure that we can assist you, if you are called for interview, to have every opportunity to present your application in full. We may call you to discuss your needs in more detail if you are selected for interview.


NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde operates flexible staffing arrangements whereby all appointments are to a grade within a department. The duties of an officer may be varied from an initial set of duties to any other set, which are commensurate with the grade of the officer. The enhanced experience resulting from this is considered to be in the best interest of both NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and the individual.


The postholder will undertake their duties in strict accordance with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s Equal Opportunities Policy.


The employment is subject to three months’ notice on either side, subject to appeal against dismissal.


In terms of NHS Circular 1989 (PCS) 32 dealing with Medical Negligence the Health Board does not require you to subscribe to a Medical Defence Organisation. Health Board indemnity will cover only Health Board responsibilities. It may, however, be in your interest to subscribe to a defence organisation in order to ensure you are covered for any work, which does not fall within the scope of the indemnity scheme.

FURTHER INFORMATION For further information on NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, please visit our website on View all our vacancies at Subscribe to our Medical Jobs Vacancy Bulletin Click Here Register for Text Alerts for medical vacancies – email your mobile number and the grade and specialty you are interested in to [email protected] Applicants wishing further information about the post are invited to contact Dr John Mitchell, Associate medical director, 0141 277 7660, [email protected], with whom visiting arrangements can also be made. HOW TO APPLY To apply for these posts please include your CV and names and addresses of 3 Referees, along with the following documents; (click on the hyperlinks to open) Medical and Dental Application and Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form Declaration Form Regarding Fitness to Practice Immigration Questionnaire Alternatively please visit and click on the “How to Apply” tab to access application for and CV submission information.

RETURN OF APPLICATIONS Please return your application by email to [email protected] or to the recruitment address below; Medical and Dental Recruitment Team NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Recruitment Services, 1st Floor Modular Building, Gartnavel Royal Hospital 1055 Great Western Road GLASGOW G12 0XH CLOSING DATE The closing Date will be 9 November 2012

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