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Creative Execution: Art and Copy

Chapter 09


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Learning Objectives • LO1: Describe the factors involved in creating print ads. • LO2: Explain the types of copy an how great copy is created in print ads. • LO3: Outline how great copy is created in electronic ads. • LO4: Discuss the role of art in electronic ads. • LO5: Review the unique requirements in writing for the Web.


The Art of Creating Print Ads • Designing the Print Ad – Design: how the art director, graphic artists/designers choose and structure the artistic elements – Generally, clean lines and well composed photographs give the ad breathing room to draw attention – White space helps give the ad balance 9-3

The Art of Creating Print Ads • The Use of Layouts – A layout is the overall arrangement of all the format elements • headlines, subheads, logos, body copy, slogan, etc


Ad Design & Production • Advertising Design & Production – Thumbnails – Rough Layouts – Dummy – Comprehensive & Mechanical – Approval


Ad Design & Production • Principals of Design: what designs work best – Ads must be designed to attract customers fast – The Basic Rules • • • • • •

a design in balance break space into pleasing proportions a directional pattern that is evident one element should dominate ads should have less than 50 words headlines are best under the ad 9-6

Ad Design & Production • The Use of Visuals in Print Advertising – several goals for visuals • • • •

capture the reader’s attention clarify claims made by the copy identify the subject of the ad show the product actually being used • qualify readers by stopping those who are prospects 9-7

Ad Design & Production • Determining the chief focus for visuals – The package – The product alone or in use – Comparison of products – Use benefit – Product features – Humor 9-8

Producing Great Copy in Print Ads • Headlines – The words in the leading position – the words that will draw attention & be read first • Attract attention, engage the audience • Communicate the selling idea • Present product news


Producing Great Copy in Print Ads • Types of Headlines – Provocative • provoke a readers curiosity

– Question • asks a question to get the reader to read the copy

– Command • orders the reader to do something 9-10

Producing Great Copy in Print Ads • Body Copy – usually only read by about 10% of readers – explains the product – often gets read aloud • gives an idea as to how it sounds • done even for print ads


Producing Great Copy in Print Ads • Body Copy Styles – Straight Sell – Institutional – Narrative – Dialogue/Monologue – Picture-Caption – Device


Producing Great Copy in Print Ads • Formatting Body Copy – Lead-in • the bridge between the headline & sales copy

– Interior paragraphs • the part of the body copy that develops credibility & provide proofs for claims


Creating Great Copy in Electronic Media • Radio Copy – Uses a script, sound effects (SFX) & music • Rule of thumb: about 2 words per second

• Television Copy – Radio’s script format works – Left has video – Right has audio


The Role of Art in Radio & TV Ads • Storyboard Development – Storyboard Design • a process similar to how a print ad is developed • artist designs how each scene should look

– Animatic • video comp • commercial taped in rough form 9-15

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