AEMT The Shepherd Boy and The Wolf

January 9, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Anthropology, Mythology
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Anthony E. Melendez Torres Ingl 3102 – 005 Prof. Jesús López

Vocabulary Words


Line Numbers


1. Thought


5. to consider the possibility of doing something

2. Getting


3. BECOME to change from one state, feeling, etc. to another

3. Ran


1. MOVE to move very quickly, moving your legs faster than when you walk

4. Scare


1. to fill, esp. suddenly, with fear or terror; frighten; alarm

5. Left


1. to go out of or away from, as a place

6. Shouted


1. to call or cry out loudly and vigorously.

7. Laughing


1. to express mirth, pleasure, derision, or nervousness with an audible, vocal expulsion of air from the lungs that can range from a loud

Vocabulary Vocabulary Words

Line Numbers


9. Attacked


1. to set upon in a forceful, violent, hostile, or aggressive way, with or without a weapon; begin fighting with

10. Killed


1. to deprive of life in any manner; cause the death of; slay. 2. to destroy; do away with; extinguish:

11. Shepherd


1. a person who herds, tends, and guards sheep.

12. Master


2. an owner of a slave, animal, etc.

13. Wolf


1. any of several large carnivorous mammals of the genus Canis, of the dog family Canidae

14. Help


2. to save; rescue; succor

Summary  This Story is about a shepherd boy who seems to be a

slave. His job was to take care of his master’s sheep and that if a wolf appeared, that he was to scream “Wolf to the village people so they could come and assist him by scaring the wolf away. But he found this job to be very boring, so he starting screaming “wolf” although there really wasn’t a wolf making the people run to the farm for no reason until finally one day the wolf finally came and when he screamed for help, nobody came and several sheep were killed.

Moral  The Moral of the Story is that you shouldn’t joke

around or lie about needing help when you really don’t because when you really need their help, people are not going to believe you and you will find yourself alone.

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