Allison Henry – Where to from here?

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Civics
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Where to from here? Which arguments could change asylum policy – and which one’s can’t? Address by Allison Henry Asylum policy in Australia is ever changing. To explore where the future of asylum policy is heading, the impact of Judicial decisions and how to influence positive change with Government, join us to hear eminent speaker Allison Henry on;

Wednesday 24th September at the Melaleuca Refugee Centre 6pm – 7:30pm 24 McLachlan Street Darwin. Refreshments provided.

Where to from here? is being held in conjunction with the Melaleuca Refugee Centre AGM. You are welcome to join us for the AGM from 5:30pm or arrive for Allison’s address at 6pm.

RSVP 8985 3311 or [email protected]

Allison has extensive experience working with politicians in government and opposition. She has advised at Prime Ministerial level on Immigration and Citizenship, has worked with the Australian Human Rights Commission and the Refugee Review Tribunal. She holds Masters Degrees in International Studies and International Law and is the Director of Millwood Consulting, a niche agency focused on improving the effectiveness and impact of non government (NGO) and not for profit (NFP) organisations in their engagement with Governments.

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