American Income Life and Serving Credit Union Members Nationwide

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American Income Life

Serving Credit Union Members Nationwide


Altig International

American Income Life • Chartered in 1924 • Purchased by Bernard Rapoport in 1951 • Working with Credit Unions for more than 30 years • Over 7 million dollars in assets

American Income Life • Rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best • Over $10 Billion of supplemental life insurance in force! • International Company - Licensed in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands

2,000,000 Members

Credit Unions, Unions and Affiliated Groups

Credit Union Lines •AIL Publishes nationally the Credit Union Lines monthly at no cost •Provides general information of current Credit Union topics

Blue Paper of the Month MONTHLY TOPICS


•10 Realities about New Bankruptcy Law •Privacy Act

•Executive Compensation

CREDIT UNION SERVICES •Surveys •Membership recruitment •Loan applications •Credit Union Product and Service Cross Selling •Value Added Benefits •Membership Education

MEMBERSHIP RECRUITMENT •Family Membership Sponsorship •SEG Groups •Member Match

How the Member Benefit Program works…


Our Way of Saying

Thank You For Being A

CREDIT UNION MEMBER Covers: Member  Spouse  Children

Health Services Discount Plan Vision / Eye Care Hearing Prescription Drugs Chiropractic Optional Dental Plan

Vitamins & Supplements 24 Hour Nurse Line Travel Assist Quest Travel Plan

How We Implement the Benefit Program…

1. We send a letter on your letterhead to each member, informing them of their new benefits 2. The letter lets them know the benefits are coming in cooperation with AIL and their local Credit Union 3. Letters are created at our cost

4. AIL covers the cost of postage

Postage Paid Enrollment Card is enclosed with each Letter



Please Print In Ink

_________________________________________________________________________________ LAST FIRST MIDDLE DATE OF BIRTH _________________________________________________________________________________ HOME ADDRESS _________________________________________________________________________________ CITY STATE ZIP CODE

(_________)______________________________________________________________________ HOME TELEPHONE EMAIL ADDRESS _________________________________________________________________________________ BENEFICIARY DATE OF BIRTH RELATIONSHIP P2736

 All Members are covered by the AD&D Master Policy which the Credit Union holds


 Members who return their Enrollment Card will be contacted by our Representatives

When a Mailing is done through your Credit Union… • The

Program is at NO COST to the Credit Union or the Member • AIL respects the Confidentiality of Membership mailing lists and does not require a copy of them • Typically, 20 – 50% of your Members will return the Enrollment card and one out of three will purchase additional benefits

When one of our Representatives contacts a Member, we will…

 Deliver their Individual Certificate of Coverage and have them designate their Beneficiary  Present the Health Services Discount Plan  Member Education  Credit Union Products and Services Clearly explain the affordable supplemental programs and answer all questions

“Freedom of Choice” Certificate • Final Expense Plan • Assignment of Benefit • Lump Sum Payment • Balance Paid to Family

LAY-OFF Waiver of Premium* …and the Member NEVER has to Pay It Back!

STRIKE Waiver of Premium* …and the Member NEVER has to Pay It Back!

FAMILY INFORMATION GUIDE Eliminates Confusion over: • Funeral Arrangements • Insurance Papers • Estate Information • Taxes

American Income Life

FOOD BANK How Do We Do It? One Can Of Food at a Time!

Last Year We Distributed over 275,000 lbs. Of Food To Members Who Needed It !

The Next Step…

1. Complete the Group Coverage Form (provides immediate 24 hour coverage) 2. Provide copies of your Letterhead 3. Process the mailing as soon as it arrives, to notify members of the benefits that you have made available for them 4. Stay in contact with your AIL Representative to answer any questions that may arise

* This 2 year program automatically renews as long as a working relationship exists

Helping Secure the Future of Working Families

American Income Life and

Zeidner - Cowan With… Affordable  Permanent  Portable

Supplemental Benefits

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