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Trashketball Drama Unit (Animal Farm)Review DLT: I can distinguish the characteristics of dramatic literature

Rules of Trashketball 1. Stay in your seats at all times. 2. You will have 30-60 seconds to discuss the answer to a question AND 3. Write ONE response to the question on a sheet of paper. 4. All teams will hold up their answers. 5. If you are correct, your team will get the opportunity to shoot the correct response into the trashcan from a 1, 2, or 3 point line. 6. If the shot is made, the team gets extracredit. 7. Shots will be made after ALL the questions have been answered.

1 • Q.1) Describe theme

Answer The big idea or what the story is about.

2 Q. 2- How is plot described?

Answer The action or sequence of events

3 What is the point of view in a story, poem, essay, or drama?

Answer The point of view comes from the person who is telling the story, whether it is a narrator or character

4 What is the definition of fiction?

Answer Literature in which the plot and characters are imaginary.

5 When an object stands for or represents something else, what literary device is the writer using?

Answer Symbolism

6 What is the term that is used for good word choice?

Answer Diction


What is the definition of the climax of a story?

Answer The high point of interest or suspense

8 What is the denouement or falling action in fiction or drama?

Answer The resolution of the conflict after the climax in the fiction or drama and thus providing an outcome to the plot situation

9 What is dialogue?

Answer Someone talking within the play or story set off by quotation marks.

10 Rising action, considering plot and narrative, is best described as what?

Answer Events or sequence that build up to the climax

11 • When a character gives a speech, what term best describes this?

Answer • Monologue

12 What term best describes a long speech expressing the thoughts or feelings by a character on stage who is trying to make a decision that is very serious and difficult?

Answer • Soliloquy

13 • A stage performer may make comments intended to be heard only by the audience and supposedly not by the characters. What do we call this?

Answer • Aside

14 What kind of comparison is being used in the phrase “her words fell on me like a load of bricks”?

Answer • Simile

15 • Dramatic irony is a particular kind of irony that involves the character in fiction or drama. Describe this technique.

Answer • An event that directly contradicts what is expected. The readers know something the character do not.

16 • The following is an example of ______: The car huffed and puffed all the way up the hill

Answer • Personifcation

17 • A character who serves as a contrast or conflict to another character, similar to the protagonist, is a _________character.

Answer • A foil character

18 • What kind of comparison is being used in the following: “His eyes were piercing darts into my soul.”

Answer • Metaphor

19 • What is an allegory?

Answer The characters stand for virtues and vices. There is more than 1 level of meaning.

20 • What is a fabel?

Answer • A story/play that has more than one level of meaning.

21 Which animals seem to represent ordinary, decent citizens?

Answer • Jessie and Muriel

22 • What is the moral of Animal Farm?

Answer • An idealistic system can easily be corrupted.

23 Which character symbolizes positive leadership for the revolution?

Answer • Snowball

24 George Orwell wrote Animal Farm because of his…

Answer • Hatred for injustice and political lying

25 • Which character does not represent a satirical character : – Squealer – Napoleon – Mr. Jones – Boxer

Answer • Boxer

26 • What are the themes for Animal Farm

Answer • Freedom and individual dignity should be guarded. • Weakness can be dominated by strength, fear, and trickery. • Vision and hope must be kept alive • Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. • Language is a powerful tool, used improperly it can enslave us.

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