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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Math, Statistics And Probability, Statistics
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About Us APlus50 Online Tutoring

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Why Online Tutoring?

Although most High School Grads agree College is essential to future success, studies show that less than 25% who enter are adequately prepared

The Unprepared Nation In the recent study, ONE YEAR OUT, conducted by the College Board, researchers found that, though the majority of high school grads felt college played a significant role in future success, there was a startling disconnect between student preparedness and college entrance rates.

Although many high school grads may assume graduation equals college readiness, ACT administrators would disagree. According to 2011 reports, only 25% of high school grads met college readiness standards in all 4 areas. Additionally, 28% met NO benchmarks.

Other Findings: Assessing the Need Students expressed greatest areas of need as follows:

UCLA Study Findings: Your First College Year, an annual study of college freshmen conducted by UCLA, found that: “ Many freshmen are simply unprepared to cope with the rigors of college work. The approach to learning that earned the student A and B grades in high school no longer works with college courses.” As a result “A great many college freshmen eventually find themselves in academic trouble. Faced with lower-thanusual grades plus more challenging and complicated workloads, these students are clueless about why they are not succeeding as usual.”

Unprepared = Early Dropout

SOURCE: National Center for Educational Statistics

What We Offer

A comprehensive tutoring and skills remediation service provided by Highly Qualified Experienced Professionals ready to assist in:

Review and test prep

Content specific tutoring and concept clarification

Remediation of collegereadiness skills in reading, writing and math.

APlus50 Online Tutoring

“First Draft Review” paper editing assistance.

Better grades today…only a click away!

The Value of APlus50 Online Tutoring

Value for Students  Real Time Tutoring  Immediate Response  Flexible Scheduling  Convenient  Highly Qualified and Experienced Professionals  U.S.-Based Tutors  Paired with same tutor for consistency  Freshman through Master’s Level Tutoring  Assistance in: Test Review, Core Content Instruction, Skill Remediation

…and more!

Value for Professors

 Vital Skills Remediation and Support Instruction  Optional Communication Ability  “First Draft Review” service for all student written assignments prior to submission. More Prepared Students!

Value for Administrators  Accountability — all sessions are monitored and recorded for

student safety and security and can be reviewed at any time by administrators.  Availability – privately owned and operated, we pride ourselves

on the ability to provide you with a personal account manager who is available and ready to assist you in any way necessary.  Assessment Support —quantitative and qualitative reports for

analysis and tracking, sent on a weekly basis.  Affordability— customized pricing options, including flexible

“pay as you use” system, we are willing to discuss and create a plan tailored to your schools specific needs.

Top Ten FAQ 1. How do students sign up? 2. In what subject areas can you offer tutoring? 3. Is there any software required for your program? 4. Many of my students have low computer skills. How user friendly is this? 5. What is the average length of a session & how are schools billed for your

service? 6. How long do students have access to their past session data? 7. Is all the tutoring 1-1 or can multiple students work with a single tutor

simultaneously? 8. Can administrators monitor a tutoring session? 9. What pricing options are available? 10.Can we use our tutors on your whiteboard?

Questions & Answers Contact Us: [email protected] 1-855-701-7587

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