Aspen Dental`s Healthy Mouth Movement

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Dentistry
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Healthy Mouth Movement Presented by Aspen Dental Oral Health America

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There is a dental care crisis in America. is a dental care crisis in America 47 million Americans 1 in 3 Americans doesn’t have dental insurance.


don’t have access to dental care.

60% of the

population receives

regular dental care.

There are more than 800,000 ER visits in the U.S. annually for preventable dental conditions. @ASDAnet #ASDAnet

Dentistry has become

discretionary, a “nice-to-have” rather than a “must have.”

@ASDAnet #ASDAnet

What keeps people away from the dentist? hat

keeps people awayBad past experience Embarrassment from the dentist? at Affordability keeps people away Fear Trouble fromtaking thetimedentist? away Anxiety off of work from the dentist? @ASDAnet #ASDAnet

We offer patients a solution offer patients a

solution ffer patients a solution We break down the barriers that We bring affordable, quality care to communities that need it most.

have prevented patients from getting the care that they need. We are on a mission to give America a healthy mouth.

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But we don’t stop there.t

we don’t stop there

We surveyed the 800 dentists in the Aspen Dental network and asked, “How can we better help you achieve your goals?”

The #1 answer? “Help us give back to the community.” @ASDAnet #ASDAnet

Healthy Mouth Movement

uth Movement

Nearly 100 million Americans didn’t go to the dentist last year, and millions more live in communities with little or no access to care.

We teamed up with Danica Patrick and Oral Health America to provide muchneeded dental care and education to those that need it most.

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Healthy Mouth Movement

Healthy Mouth Movement Throughout the year, team members from Aspen Dental practices across the country are participating in a day of treating those in need, free of charge. And with more than 450 practices in 30 states, imagine how many people we can help. We’re even rolling out the MouthMobile, a fully equipped dental office on wheels that goes where care isn’t available.

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@ASDAnet #ASDAnet


@ASDAnet #ASDAnet

We startedaamovement. We started We started a movement. movement. Join us ininkeeping itit Join us keeping Join us in keeping it going. going. going. @ASDAnet #ASDAnet


Jeff Winchell [email protected]

Danica Collins [email protected] @ASDAnet #ASDAnet

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