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AYSO Region 210 April 9, 2012 Spring 2012 Coach & Referee Kick-Off Meeting

Please take a seat, the meeting will begin soon



Agenda • We will finish no later than 8:00pm • A few words from our Regional Coach Instructor – HCHS Soccer Coach Mike Wiggins • Practice and Professional Trainer schedules for your review tonight at end of meeting • Game schedules will be posted on our website by end of week • This presentation will be available on our webpage to all coaches and referees



AYSO Philosophies • Everyone Plays – Every player must play at least 50% of every game – Equalize play throughout the season

• • • • •

Balanced Teams Open Registration Positive Coaching Good Sportsmanship Player Development



Division Commissioners Assistant Regional Commissioner-DC’s: Tom Salzman • • • • • • • • •

U5 Co-Ed: Bob Surrette U6 Boys: Julie Prieto U6 Girls: Emily Zeng U7 Boys: Natasha Isenhart U7 Girls: Darren Kaiser U8 Boys: Stephanie Adams U8 Girls: Payal Patel U9 Boys: Tony Cutinelli U9 Girls: Brett Secola

• U10 Boys: Christine Justema • U10 Girls: John Roberts • U12 Boys: Kim Harte/Mark Ostrowski • U12 Girls: Rachelle Niew • U14 Co-Ed: Michelle Fischer • U19 Co-Ed: Greg Nyczak



Fields & Scheduling Assistant Regional Commissioner: Eric Johnson • Fields Coordinator: Eric Johnson • Game Schedulers: Kathleen & Shamir Bhatt • Practice Schedulers: Jeanne Mondeschean & Kathy Paskalides • Professional Trainer Coordinator & Scheduler: George Vesely



Coach and Referee Trainers/Admin • Assistant Regional Commissioner-Volunteers: Roland Wilson • Volunteer Registrar – Susan Davis • Volunteer Database Coordinator: Jeanne Kemp • Regional Coach Trainer: Mike Wiggins • Regional Coach Admin: Alan Zhang • Regional Referee Trainer: Bejan Fakouri • Regional Referee Admin: Cliff Vachlon



Other Board Members • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Child Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA) Stacey Thompson Database Manager Dave Egan Equipment Mgr & Special Projects Bill Otto Extra Program Coordinator Sue Gould Meeting Coordinator Holly Benjamin Picture Day Wendy Wight Registrars Michelle Fischer & Christie Capalety Safety Director Jennifer Pohlenz Secretary Kara Kuo Special Events Jeff Gross Treasurer Mei Zhang Uniforms Mary Kay Cox & Angie Lopez Volunteer Party Stephanie Battaglia Webmaster Peter Konstant www.aysoHinsdale.org


Coaches & Referees • Count from Fall 2011:

• • • •

– – – –

200 teams with approximately 2,300 players Over 60 different fields Approximately 400 coaches Approximately 100 referees

45 dual coaches (head coaches) 3 triple coaches 1 quadruple coach Many others who are assistant coaches and referees for multiple teams






Late, Late Player Registration • Direct parent inquiries to your Division Commissioner • Only the DC can add a new player to your team • Late registrants are placed where there is room and the most need • Children must be registered players or they are not covered by our insurance • Any problems/questions with teams, uniforms or equipment – contact your DC



Medical Authorization & Waiver • You should have signed form from Fall 2011 • Ensure you have signed form for late registering players • Hint: keep all important papers in your equipment bag, in a ziploc bag



Emergency Authorization, Disclaimer, Assumption of Risk And Waiver, and Acknowledgement and Consent AYSO REGION 210 FALL-SPRING PLAYING SEASON 2011/2012 Team Number _______

Coach Name_______________________

EMERGENCY AUTHORIZATION: I, the undersigned parent or legal guardian of the below-named player, a minor (“Player”), hereby authorize each of the coaches, team parents, and/or other officials of AYSO to act as my agents in the capacity of activity supervisors and vehicle drivers, and I authorize each of them as well as the above-identified Emergency Contact to consent to medical, surgical or dental examination and/or treatment. DISCLAIMER, ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND WAIVER AND CONSENT AGREEMENTS: Player Name

Parent Name (Print)

Parent Signature


1. 2. 3. www.aysoHinsdale.org


Play/No Play Notification • Every day a new message is posted to our local website: www.aysohinsdale.org • Please check our website daily for the field status • Text alert system, sign up link is on our website (www.aysohinsdale.org) • Cancellation can be due to current weather conditions, or poor field conditions • If weather conditions change quickly, use your judgment • When fields are closed, you cannot practice



Make-Up Policies • Policy posted on our website: www.aysohinsdale.org • Practices: – Not required to make up missed practices – Go to practice schedule, find an available field – Unassigned field times are available on a first-come, first serve basis

• Games – Not required to make up missed games – Go to practice schedule, find an available field – Unassigned field times are available on a first-come, first serve basis – Can also make up games before or after regular games on Saturdays • Scheduled Practices take precedent over make-up games • Make-up games take precedence over make-up practices



Practices • Practices start tomorrow April 10th • Practice schedule is mostly unchanged from the Fall season

– please check it to verify your practice day/time/location – Make changes – individual field sheets will be posted along the walls at end of meeting

• If you have signed up for more than one practice day but do not intend to use it, please release it • You can only practice during your scheduled time at your scheduled location • We will post an updated practice schedule as necessary • Reminder: Do NOT practice in the goal mouth area www.aysoHinsdale.org


Field Facts • • • • •

6 towns & villages 30 locations 67 different fields 95 games played in 3 hours period Play between hours 8:30am-noon www.aysoHinsdale.org


Spring Field Changes • April 28 & May 5 – tournaments affecting Oak Brook fields • Compete for fields with other sports – baseball, lacrosse, track, other soccer leagues • Veeck under repair & restoration – Offline through Fall 2012

• U5 Program & Professional Trainer Program relocated to Robbins Park www.aysoHinsdale.org


How are schedules put together? • Coaches of multiple teams get preferential treatment • We try to minimize travel between games for these volunteers • Only seems right that coach who serves on multiple teams gets “home field” advantage • Consider – For those volunteers who have a head coaching role with two or more teams, we do our best to minimize travel between sites – We can’t guarantee that you will have your games back to back in the same site, but we try •

If we missed a spot on the schedule, or, if you have two games at the same time, please contact Eric Johnson www.aysoHinsdale.org


Field Locations • All field locations are on our website (www.aysohinsdale.org) • No hard copies will be distributed • Please check the maps – some locations have changed • Problem at any field – contact us





Safety • #1 rule: Please do not let the kids climb on the goals • Please secure all goals! – Stakes or anchors are provided for ALL goals – If tethered, leave them tethered

• Please notify us of any unsafe field conditions • Inspect the fields before practices and games – Resources on our website • Field Inspection & Hazards Checklist • Quick Reference Guide



Movable Soccer Goal Safety Act • • • • •

Requires movable goals to be anchored Injury & Death avoidable Zack’s Law signed by Illinois Governor Quinn August 2011 Zack Tran died in 2003 as result of unsecured goal at age 6 anchoredforsafety.org lists 36 deaths and 56 injuries related to moveable soccer goals in the U.S. between 1979 and 2011 – Zack Tran’s death was one of four incidents in Illinois, including a 1998 accident that left a 9-year-old Deerfield boy with serious facial injuries



Can I play if goal is unsecured? Your two choices • Cancel game & reschedule • Play with cones marking goal area • Safety of our players come first



New Concussion Policy • CDC Heads Up Program – Raise awareness and increase safety – http://www.cdc.gov/concussion/HeadsUp/online_training.ht ml

• National Board Recommendations – Provide Info Sheet of signs & symptoms to all players – Encourage all volunteers to take free online training • 30 minutes

– Print & keep copy of Certificate of Completion www.aysoHinsdale.org


If Concussion Suspected • Player must be removed from play for the remainder of day • Parents urged to seek professional medical treatment • Parents must return signed Participant Release Form with concussion waiver with approval for clearance for player to return • Region must keep record of signed forms • Info & forms will be posted on our website www.aysoHinsdale.org




Other Safety Reminders • Players cannot wear any jewelry (watches, earrings, etc.) – must be removed and not taped over • No casts or splints • Glasses are OK • No dogs allowed at any fields • No slide tackling for U12 and younger • Lightning detection system in Hinsdale • Must have 2 adults present at all times, one of whom must be a registered/trained/certified coach • You should never be alone with a child • You should have an adult present of the same gender as your team www.aysoHinsdale.org


Other Items • Each player must have a uniform • During cooler weather warm clothes may be worn underneath the uniform • Snacks • Please make sure the fields are clean before you leave – assign a parent to be responsible each week • Games must start and end on time • Coach bags now contain first aid supplies, referee cards and flags, a stopwatch, extra game cards, etc.



Procedures for Injuries and Incidents • There is an AYSO Incident Report Form on our website on the Coaches page • Fill it out in the event of: – Personal injury – Damaged property

• Contact Birdie Chow at commission[email protected] www.aysoHinsdale.org


Referees • Each team should have a trained referee • A parent cannot “jump in” to help • Coaches: we ask for your help in recruiting – Ask the parents on your team – Ask the older siblings of your team members (age 10+) – Tell the parents: if the coach is also the referee, then there can be no coach during the game

• • • •

Referees responsible to control the games Be respectful Referees have the final say If you disagree with a call, handle it in an appropriate manner after the game – do not interrupt the game unless there is an imminent safety concern www.aysoHinsdale.org


Referee Training • • • • • •

Bejan Fakouri - Regional Referee Instructor Saturday, April 14th, noon-4pm Hinsdale Community House Field House U8 & U10 Offsides RSVP to Cliff Vachlon, [email protected]



Professional Trainers • Trainers – Chelsey Dummett – Will Clarke

• Questions or changes to schedule? – Contact George Vesely at [email protected]



Professional Trainers (cont.) • Opportunity for teams to have at least two practice sessions co-led by a trainer • Coaches MUST attend weekday practice sessions with their team • One session has already been scheduled for you during your normal practice day and time – check now!!! • All weekday practice sessions will take place at Robbins – Along 7th Street, south of fields B & C

• Teams 2708, 2716, 1907,1603, 2804, 1607, 2614, 1618, 2605, 2613, 2812, 2819, 2718, 2904, 2709, 1210, 2206 confirm/cancel sessions this week Wed thru Fri ASAP www.aysoHinsdale.org


Professional Trainers (cont.) • Re-schedule, cancellation and make-up policies – refer to “Instructions” tab of trainer schedule • After tonight’s meeting the entire schedule will be posted online – you can sign up for one more session via email • The schedule will be updated and posted on our website



Professional Trainers (cont.) • Any open time slots are available to any team – 7pm slot most under-utilized

• First come, first served • Limit is two teams per practice slot, except U12 and U14 where the limit is one team • If you want to join a team already on the schedule, make sure the age is within one or two years of your division • You can mix girls and boys teams, also following the age guidelines www.aysoHinsdale.org


EXTRA Program • Program Coordinator - Sue Gould • Pilot Program – U9 Girls – 1 team – U10 Boys – 3 teams

• EXTRA teams play in travel leagues – girls in IWSL – boys in NISL

• Fall 2012 – Spring 2013 Tryouts – Details will be posted on our website – See new menu tab for EXTRA program



“Parent Management” • Remember: the primary objective of AYSO is for the kids to have fun in a safe environment • Recommend holding a Parent and player meeting • Kids Zone pledge form – you don’t need to return them to us • Be aware that the kids are always watching – set an example • No yelling, no inappropriate language • We take all complaints seriously and follow up on all of them



Communication with Parents • We have the ability to send email blasts directly to the parents • However, we have MANY invalid email addresses in eAYSO • Please log into www.eayso.org and verify that your email address is correct • Encourage the parents on your team to do the same



Open Positions Fall 2012-Spring 2013 • Division Commissioners – various divisions – Inquiries to Tom Salzman, [email protected]

• Youth Referee Coordinator • Communications Coordinator • Many other positions www.aysoHinsdale.org


Registration for Fall 2012/Spring 2013 Player & Volunteer Registration Hinsdale Community House • Thursday, May 3, 6 PM to 9 PM • Saturday, May 5, 11 AM to 3 PM • Annual requirement - all coaches and referees must register in person • Fill out volunteer application at www.eayso.org, sign form, bring photo ID • Need your Volunteer Preferences – practice day, time, name of assistant coach

• As a reminder, only dual coaches get preferential scheduling (practices back-to-back, games don’t conflict)



Summer Camp • Info will be emailed and posted on our website • Session 1 - JUNE 18 - 22 (1pm – 4pm) Robbins Park • Girls Soccer Camp - JULY 23 - 27 (9am - 12pm) Robbins Park • Session 2- JULY 30 - AUG 3 (9am – 12pm) Robbins Park • Questions? Coach Michael Wiggins, [email protected]



A Word from Mike Wiggins Regional Coach Instructor






Have a Great Spring Season!



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