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January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Psychology, Psychotherapy
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The BBC first broadcast a charity appeal for children in 1927, in the form of a five- minute radio broadcast on Christmas Day. ... Since 1980 BBC Children in Need has raised over £400 million for disadvantaged children and young people in the UK.

A lot of money is raised from this event and a lot is used locally. Below are some examples of charities who have benefitted already. With your help this can continue. Safeguarding Children Services . Wallasey .£9,086 This project is for children and young people who have experienced severe abuse or neglect. Through a residential course the project will support the recovery of the children and young people. Bebington High Co-operative Community Trust. Wirral . £29,913 The project will improve the communication skills of disabled children and young people, by providing a range of different sporting and sensory activities. Amy & Friends. Wirral . £57,000 . This project will reduce the isolation and increase the emotional wellbeing of children with Cockayne syndrome and their siblings, by providing a Family Support Worker to offer practical help and emotional support Birkenhead Children's Holiday Association. Birkenhead. £6,000 This project is for children & young people facing multiple disadvantages, many of whom have never had a holiday. By providing an activity-filled residential break they will improve confidence, self-esteem & encourage building positive friendships.

Sundowns . Birkenhead . £17,495 The project will offer new experiences and develop life skills for children and young people with Downs Syndrome by providing activities and day trips. Viking Centre & Youth Club Limited. Birkenhead. £18,964 The project will provide a youth club to local children and young people in a deprived area, improving their confidence and social skills.

Stick n Step. Wallasey. £46,713 This project will enable disabled children to achieve greater independence and enjoyment in daily life, by providing conductive and physical therapy sessions. Claire House Children's Hospice . Wirral. £111,782 This project will provide specialist care and support at home, for children and young people with complex life threatening and life limiting conditions. Womens Enterprising Breakthrough. Birkenhead . £75,756 This project operates a drop-in centre for girls and young women who have experience of violent relationships, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, and/or neglect.

Children in Need raises an amazing amount of money every year and as we can see from the examples a lot is used on the Wirral. With your help we can continue to be a caring school and help young people locally overcome their difficulties. By being a caring student and participating in this event you could fulfill one of the 10 pledges, which is of benefit to you. If you have any ideas, need help in organising an event or wish to help others then see Mr Lewtas or one of the Wilson House Executive as soon as possible.

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