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January 15, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Sociology, Discrimination
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Bio Poem Miguel A. Arce Ramos English 9th


A Bio-poem is a poem that describes a person in 10 lines. There is a specific formula to use when writing a bio poem.

Bio-Poem Format Line 1 - Your name Line 2 - Four adjectives that describe you

Line 3 - The son or daughter of... (Name of parents) Line 4 - Lover of... (three things that you love) Line 5 - Who feels ... (What, when and where)

Bio-Poem Format Line 6 - Who gives... (what things do you give?) Line 7 - Who fears... (name three things that you fear) Line 8 - Who would like to see ...(What would you like to see?) Line 9 - Who lives ... (Provides a brief description of where you live) Line 10 - Your last name

Bio-Poem Format (First name)

Son or Daughter of (your parents names)

Who feels (three different feelings and when or where they are felt) Who gives (three different things the person gives)

• • •

(Four adjectives that describe the person)

Lover of (three different things that the person loves)

• •

Who fears (three different fears the person has)

Who would like to see (three different things the person would like to see) •

Who lives (a brief description of where the person lives) •

(last name)

Bio-Poem Example •

Determined, brave, strong, loving

Wife of Raymond Parks, mother of all children

• •

Who loved equality, freedom, and the benefits of a good education

Who hated discrimination, loved to stand up for her beliefs, and loved to help others

Who feared that racism would continue, feared losing the opportunity to make a difference, and feared that young people might lose opportunities to develop

• •

strength and courage

Who changed history as she accomplished great strides for equality and •


encouraged excellence for all

Who wanted to see love triumph and see an end to all bias and discrimination in

a world in which respect is freely given to all

• •

Born in Alabama and living in Detroit Parks

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