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Unit 5 People “Do you know who that is?”

Lead-in Activity  Warm-up  Listening Task  Real World Listening  Interaction Link  Useful Expressions  Additional Listening  Homework Conversation 

Lead-in Activity Can you describe one of your classmates in terms of appearance and personality? chubby, thin, friendly, long, blond, curly, bald, funny, shy, outgoing, straight, tall, short, goodlooking, brown, pretty, introverted, extroverted

Part I Warm-up

Language Points chubby adj. 丰满的 curly adj. 卷曲的 bald adj. 秃顶的 blond adj. 金发的 outgoing adj. 外向的 He’s never been an outgoing type. 他可不是那种好交际的人。

Warm Up

Now listen and check

Script Body: He is kind of chubby. She’s so thin. He’s really tall. Hair: She has long curly hair. He’s almost bald. She has straight blond hair. He has short, brown hair. Face: She’s pretty. He’s good-looking. Personality: She’s shy. He’s funny. He’s outgoing. She’s friendly.

Pairwork Can you describe your ideal girl friend or boy friend? tall / thin /sweet / considerate / independent / loyal / attractive / sensitive / clever / lovely / openminded / relaxed / possessive/ thoughtful / humorous / honest / funny / wealthy / generous…

Part II Listening Task

Language Points wavy adj. 波浪型的 intelligent adj. 聪明的 Can you say that dolphins are much more intelligent than other animals? 你能说海豚比其它动物聪明得多吗? patient adj. 耐心的 a little on the heavy side 体重稍重 hit it off 合得来 How do the couple hit it off? 他们两口子相处得怎样? mysterious adj. 神秘的 thoughtful adj. 考虑周全的,体贴的

First Listening Who are the people talking about? Write the names under the pictures.

1. Denise

3. Kate


4. Grant

Second Listening What are the people like? Write at least two things about each person.


Denise: fun to be with, very friendly, happy


Tim: sweet, warm (friendly), intelligent, patient


Kate: interesting, quiet, thoughtful, very intelligent, a little mysterious


Grant: cool, artistic, an art major

Script 1. A: Tell me about your girlfriend. B: Denise? Well, she’s pretty tall, and she has wavy blond hair. A: Is she pretty? B: Mm, I think so! And she’s fun to be with, a very friendly person. A: Oh, really? B: Yeah, and she has a nice big bright smile all the time.

Script 2. A: Cheryl, tell me about your boyfriend. B: Tim? A: Yeah, what’s Tim like? B: I think he’s really sweet, very warm person, and he’s also intelligent. A: Uh huh. B: And very patient, too. A: That’s good. So what does he look like? B: Tim? Well, he’s not too tall, and a little on the heavy side, I guess, and he’s got short black hair and wears glasses. He’s very cute.

Script 3. A: I met this really interesting woman last night. B: Oh, yeah? Tell me about her. A: Well, we kind of hit it off. Her name’s Kate. She’s quiet, a little mysterious maybe, but very thoughtful, very intelligent, very quiet. B: You already said that. A: Oh. B: What does she look like? A: She’s tall and thin, really thin, long wavy black hair. B: And interesting, you say? A: Yeah, I really like her.

Script 4. A: I met this really cool guy last weekend. B: Oh, yeah? Who? A: His name is Grant. He’s a student at UCLA. An art major. B: Where did you meet him? A: At the Getty Museum. B: And what’s he like? A: Well, he’s really tall and has this wavy brown hair and glasses—very cute. B: That’s what you like about him? His looks? A: No, no, no. He was just really cool, very artistic guy. You know.

Pair Work 

Ask your partner about a family member or a friend. Name the person after one gives a brief description of him or her.

Part III Real World Listening

Language Points bingo n. 一种猜谜赌博游戏 host n.主持人,主人 clue n. 提示,暗示 The police found a clue which will help them catch the robber. 警察发现了能帮助他们抓住强盗的线索。 jeans n. 牛仔裤 baggy jeans 宽松牛仔裤 sleeve n. 袖子,袖口 Hawaiian adj. 夏威夷式的,夏威夷的 sweater n. 羊毛衫,厚运动衫

Culture note: bingo 

bingo Bingo 是一种填写格子的游戏,在游戏中第一个成功者以喊 “Bingo”表示取胜而得名。现在不止是在游戏中,表示答对 了,猜中了,或者是做到了某件事情. “Bingo”这个单词还有一层意思,是指“因出乎意料的成功 而兴奋的叫声”。所以,若和下面两种情况类似,你也可以 大声地说“Bingo”。 ①Bob 在针线盒里找一颗与自己衬衫相配的扣子,费了九 牛二虎之力,他总算找到了。于是他高兴极了,说: “Bingo! Here it is!”(太棒了!就是这一颗了。) ②Bill的隐形眼镜不慎掉了,Mary 帮他找到了,Bill兴奋地 说:“I’ve found it! Bingo!”(我找到了,好棒!)

本文中People Bingo就是猜人游戏。

Prepare Describe one of the

People below. (Think about hair, face, body, clothes.)

Get the main ideas Play People Bingo, listen. Who are the people? Check the pictures. If you get three in a row, Bingo! (You win.)






Script Hello, everyone, and welcome to People Bingo. I’m your host, Cliff Parker. Here’s how the game works. I give the clues, you guess the person. Make an X on the square, and if you get three in a row, that’s Bingo! And you win the game. Are you ready? Well, ready or not, it’s time to start People Bingo! Let’s begin. First, this person is tall and thin, and is wearing jeans and a T-shirt. The T-shirt is white with blue sleeves. And she has very long hair. Next, this person has short dark hair and is wearing a pair of white shorts, and he has on a blue Hawaiian shirt with flowers on it.

Script Next, this person has long dark hair, and she’s wearing a black dress and a white sweater over it. Next, this person has blond hair and is wearing jeans, and he’s also wearing a white sweater. Next, this person is wearing baggy jeans and a red T-shirt. He’s also wearing a red cap. And we have a winner. Congratulations!

Oral Practice: Role Play One student describes one of their classmates, the other one guesses who is being described.

Respond to the Ideas 

Draw a picture according to one’s description of a specific person. And then compare with each other to see whether you’ve presented the right person or not.

Part IV Interaction Link

Language Points animation n. 动画 drama n. 戏剧 Documentary n. 纪录片 Western n. 西部片,美国特色电影

Culture Note: the categories of movie IMDB(著名英文电影网站)的分类:    

Action:动作片。 Animation:动画片。 Comedy:喜剧片。 Documentary:纪录片。 Adventure:这个类型按字面很 难解释,如个人传记(传奇)类电影(如阿甘正传)就属于 这个类型,还有对某一个对探险事件的描述式电影(深渊) 也属于这种类型。 Crime:这在美国电影里可称得上是一个大的流派,而且颇 受欢迎。如教父系列,失忆(Memento),低俗小说等。

Culture Note: the categories of movie    

 

Drama:文艺片。几乎所有稍有内涵的电影都可称为文艺片。 Family:更像是一个副类。它常常跟在动画片,喜剧片之后。 适合孩子观看。 Fantasy:这个好像是我们的神话剧,但并非科幻。代表作 有指环王。 Film-Noir:黑色电影吧?我有一些希区柯克的电影是属于 这个类型的。 Horror:恐怖片。 Musical:音乐剧,如红磨坊,音乐之声等。

Culture Note: the categories of movie    

   

Mystery:如本能,非常嫌疑犯,失忆。 Romance:浪漫的爱情电影。 Sci-Fi:科幻电影。 Thriller:惊栗片。不同于恐怖片,以紧张的情节,气 氛为特色。 War:大家应该知道战争片和动作片的区别 Western:西部片。美国特色。 Adult:成人电影。 Short:电影短片。

Casting Call Work with a partner. The two of you want to make a movie. There are three steps: 

Decide what kind of movie you want to make

Decide what you want the actors to look like

Get a studio to agree to make the movie

Casting Call 1. What kind of movie are you going to make? Check your choice. Mystery


Love story





Science fiction





2. What do you want the lead actors to look like? List the features for each actor, and then make a simple drawing.

Lead Male Actor Hair: Eyes: Body type: Clothes: Accessories: Overall Look

Lead Female Actor Hair: Eyes: Body type: Clothes: Accessories: Overall Look

Expressions for reference Hair: short, long, brown, blond, curly, wavy,

straight, bald Eyes: blue, dark, green,

Body type: tall, short, thin, heavy, strong, chubby, medium-height, slim

Expressions for reference Clothes: Sweater, jeans, shirt ,blouse, socks, underwear, T-shirt, shorts, skirt, dress, tuxedo,

trousers, jacket, hat, belt, shoes, boots, sports shoes, scarf, gloves

Accessories: ring, earring, scarf, bracelet, sunglasses, jewelry

Expressions for reference 3. Now work with another pair. Pair one: ●Visit the movie studio. ● Present your actors and your movie idea. Pair two: (You work for the movie studio.) ● Decide if you like the actors. Make suggestions for changes. ● Decide if you want to make the movie.

Example A: I’d like to make a movie, a comedy. B: Yeah? Do you have any suitable actors? A: Sure. Look at this picture of Jack. He’s a famous comedy movie star. And he’s confident. And Mary, a new star, beautiful and funny. B: That’s good. But Mary is kind of slim. She should change her hairstyle and play a fat woman in the movie. A: I see. I hope we can cooperate well.

Part V Useful Expressions

Useful Expressions 跟我说说你的男朋友。

Tell me about your boy friend.


What’s your boy friend like?


What does he look like?


What do you think of him?

他人很聪明,但有点不好打交道。 He’s very smart/ clever/ bright, but not easy-going/ not easy to get along with/ difficult to get along with.

Useful Expressions 他很友善,也很幽默。 He’s friendly and very humorous as well. 他个头不高,也不太强壮,但性格很好。

He is neither very tall nor very strong, but has a very good personality. 他人不算英俊,但很风趣。

He’s not handsome, but is fun to be with.

Part VI Additional Listening

Additional Listening A: That girl looks very attractive, doesn’t she? B: Do you think so? I don’t like girls who look like that. I like girls who aren’t too slim. If you like her, go and talk to her. A: I’d like to, but there’s her boyfriend. He’s very broad-shouldered. B: He’s huge! He must go to the gym to have a well-built body like that. A: Do you prefer tall girls or short ones? B: I don’t mind, but I like girls with long hair.

Additional Listening A: We have different tastes. I like girls with short hair. I like tall girls— probably because I’m so tall myself. B: Have you ever dated a girl taller than you? A: No, never. I don’t think I’ve ever met a girl taller than me! Have you gained weight recently? B: Yes, I have. Perhaps I should go to the gym, like that girl’s boyfriend. A: I ‘m getting a bit plump myself. Perhaps I’ll go with you.

Part VII Homework Conversation

Work in Pairs Use words and expressions learned in class to talk about physical and personality characteristics of different people. 

Describe what your pen pal is like, or what kind of pen pal you are looking for.

Expressions for reference Tell me about your pen pal.  What’s your pen pal like?  What does he look like?  What do you think of him?  He’s very smart/ clever/ bright, but not easy-going/ not easy to get along with/ difficult to get along with. 

Expressions for reference He’s friendly and very humorous, as well.  He is neither very tall nor very strong, but has a very good personality.  He’s not handsome, but is fun to be with. 

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