Brian Caswell - Advocacy and You

January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Civics
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Political Advocacy and You

Brian Caswell, R.Ph. Wolkar Drug, Baxter Springs, KS NCPA 2nd Vice President October 8, 2011 NCPA Annual Meeting Nashville, TN

Political Advocacy and You

“ All Politics is Local” - Tip O’Neill, 55th Speaker U.S. House of Representatives (1977-1987)

Political Advocacy and You

“Get Into Politics or Get Out of Pharmacy” - NCPA motto

Political Advocacy and You The Five W’s of a Grassroots Program Who? •

The Grassroots Program is YOU

What? •

Work with NCPA, State Assoc., Local Pharmacy groups

Where? •

Communicate with Members of Congress and State Legislators (Meet, phone calls, E-Mails, etc.)

When? • •

Long Term – Building Relationships Short Term – Call to Alert

Why? • •

Profession – Becoming an Advocate Business – Protect Your Investment and Ensure Patient Access

Becoming Involved It’s all about ACCESS  Access refers to the ability to get an appointment with legislators or their staffs.  You are a local constituent who represents an important healthcare sector  When federal and state legislators are in Washington and your state capital, call or e-mail them  Become a recognized subject-matter “expert” and establish a mutually beneficial relationship as a valuable information resource on complex health care issues  Develop a professional, working relationship with your legislators  Strive to become recognized when you meet – First name basis  That’s ACCESS

Becoming Involved The Art of Persuasion  Heavy handed tactics never work  Become an Educator, facilitator, coalition builder and policy advocate  You must win trust to build a relationship  Know how the formal legislative process works  Recognize that many things are accomplished behind the scenes  Understand the policies you are promoting and state them clearly while being brief and to the point  Understand the political implications of what you request  Know the players - the individual legislators and staff

Becoming Involved • Opportunities for involvement • Join NCPA • NCPA-PAC • NCPA-LDF

• Join State Pharmacy Association • Get involved with Governmental Affairs

Becoming Involved  Opportunities for involvement  Give to individual campaigns  Host a “coffee” with other pharmacists to meet the candidate  Bring forward other potential contributors  Help directly with fundraising  Attend or even sponsor fundraisers in your community

Becoming Involved  Help in the campaign office Stuff envelopes Walk neighborhoods door to door Make Phone calls  Gain recognition as a leader who “makes things happen”

Becoming Involved • Tools to enhance your advocacy • Join NCPA • Read and study NCPA correspondence • Monitor NCPA website •

• Attend NCPA Legislative Conference • May ??, 2012 – Washington, DC • Meet, Learn, Succeed

Becoming Involved • Example of Grassroots Lobbying Victories – – – –

AMP First DataBank CVS/Caremark Tricare/ Mandatory Mail Order

Homework Assignment What rate limiting factor is common between the major sporting events? (Baseball, Football, and Basketball)

Homework Assignment

Answer – A Referee

Homework Assignment


Homework Assignment

R – Register to Vote E - Engage F - Fun

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