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January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Civics
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Carlyle J. Roberts Regional Head of Government Solutions

Unique Bridgetown Capital of Barbados

Blend of Historic & Modern

Visited by George Washington

In 2011 • In June 2011: Bridgetown received the Heritage stamp: Making it known for its preservation of history • In July 2011: Bridgetown also became the first capital city & cruise port in the Caribbean with ubiquitous wireless broadband access: Making it known for its embrace of the present & future

Project Overview • The BCCI, BTI and the GOB are leading an extensive Initiative to Revitalize the City of Bridgetown. This project will include: Improved security Enhanced lighting Landscaping Improved sanitation facilities Cultural and heritage activities Wireless Internet connectivity on demand.

• A Public-Private-People Partnernship team to create a low-cost Wi-Fi zone of approx 100 public outdoor Wi-Fi access points. • Covering Bridgetown from Kensington Oval in the North to Hilton Hotel in the south

Challenge……Solution Challenge: • Continuously improve and upgrade the capital city • Spread affordable broadband access for all • Make broadband available to multiple types of devices

Solution: • Place: Bridgetown [first phase] • Technology: Wireless Broadband

Stakeholder Model

Public: Government has invested in the project

Private sector businesses have agreed to use their premises for locating access points

People have partnered by using the service

LIME invested in the technology, expertise, management & funding

ICT Development Goals & Strategy Enabling Environment • No national policy required; Wi-Fi spectrum used • Public awareness through media & announcements • Free usage for almost 6 months

Infrastructure Development • Wireless service easy to deploy • Bridgetown represent first phase in access strategy

Services & Apps • Increased usage of smart phones for information • Access for new local-aware applications (e.g. transport)

Measuring & Managing • Cloud Solution allows for easy management • Performance is being measured and reported – – – –

Type of devices usage Amount of users & bandwidth utilisation What is the killer app [most used] Which areas are heaviest users, & peak times

• Quality monitoring of service & up-time – Link monitoring with alarms from cloud controller – Implemented as a self healing mesh

Finally 1. Part of Revitalization of Bridgetown done in partnership with BCCI, BTI, GoB & LIME 2. Expanding Broadband Access for ALL in the capital & most visited area 3. Other Benefits to the City • Increase commerce in Bridgetown • Facilitate the drive to make Bridgetown a 24/7 city • Assist Bridgetown as a historic city centre

4. Helps achieve ICT development strategy initiatives 5. Adequately monitored & measured

Bridgetown is Officially Lit-Up for Browsing


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