British Olympic Association (BOA)

January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Sports Medicine
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By Alex Milton

What is the role of BOA? BOA selects and manages Britain's Olympic teams before and during the games.  It does this for both the summer and winter games.  It has the responsibility for developing Olympic movement and spreading the Olympic message throughout the UK. 

Funding for the BOA The BOA does not rely on government funding and has no political interest.  It receives all its funding through commercial sponsorship and fundraising. 

The BOA provides a wide range of support services to selected athletes These are:  The Olympic training centre  The Olympic passport scheme  The Olympic medical institute  Planning for success workshops  The Olympic and Paralympic employment network  Performance and lifestyle  The athlete medical scheme

The Olympic training centre Provides world class training facilities for use of British high performance athletes and coaches.  Facilities are in Austria and Cyprus  They cover a wide range of sports. 

Olympic passport scheme 

Allows athletes access to national and local sports centres at reduced cost or free of charge.

The Olympic medical institute Based in London.  In partnership with EIS, provides medical and rehabilitation facilities to athletes on the world class programme or those on the Olympic passport scheme. 

Planning for success workshop Provide athletes with advice from experienced Olympians.  Helps with goal setting and time management through Olympic cycle. 

The Olympic and Paralympic network (OPEN) 

Helps elite athletes establish a career or employment opportunities outside of sport during training and performing.

Performance lifestyle 

Programme designed to help athletes balance other aspects of their life with their sport.

The athlete medical scheme Provides comprehensive medical cover to over 1500 potential Olympians.  Ensures athletes have access to the best sports specific medical advice. 

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