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January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Business, Economics
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Good health – Bright future

Assessing Risks and Opportunities of importing olive products from Greece Ngoc Tu Bui-CEO HANOLI .,JSC- Hanoi- Vietnam

Some features Founded in October 2010 in Hanoi, capital city of Vietnam, products in the market in January 2011. The only company in Vietnam import directly Greek Olive oil and olive products

Mission: promoting, directing, guiding how to use the healthiest products from olives. Boosting the friendship relation, understanding and integration culture between countries. Vision: being the leading importer olive products, distributing to form the habit of using healthy food, new Vietnamese generation with good health to build Vietnam to become wealthy Values: improving the community health, enhancing consumer value and promoting for Hanoi Aims: Bringing the best olive products from Greece to Vietnamese consumers. Responsibility for community. The first choice for consumers. Trust partner for investors

Good health – Bright future

1. Facts 2. Practice 3. Achievement 4. Lessons

Good health – Bright future

Vietnam-World's most attractive markets 1. A growing young population ( 70 /90 millions) and rapid urbanization. 2. Average income is improving. 3. Lifestyle changes 4. Government policy open 5. Idea: Greek Olive oil- one of the best olive oils in the world- no image/ idea for Vietnamese




Good health – Bright future

1. Lacks of knowledge of olives ( quality levels of Olive oil )=> 2. Systems of law/ tax, customs ( Europe/ Vietnam) 3. Government policies ( tax/ bank loan policy..) 4. Currency divert fluctuated ( Euro / VND) 5. Way of management- procedure in trade 6. Home market ( accept or not?) 7. Difference in testing products ( not member of IOOC) 8. Unstable situation of the world economy

Good health – Bright future

1. Competitiveness ( Italy / Spain brand names.. in home market) 2. Limitation of Knowledge of Olive oil / Greece 3. Average income low consumers limited 4. Traditional habit ( using seed oils/ animal fatty) 5. Language 6. Economic situation / world economy 7. Vietnam Embassy in Athens opened in 2012

Good health – Bright future

1. Internet- good opportunity in searching for the products- sort out the information/ firms/ seeking experts for understanding local market 2. Lifestyle changing ( full- quality- healthy) 3. Products ( food)– needs and fast consumption 4. Effective help from experts ( Greek expert OLICO S.A), social network 5. Relation between two countries 5. Economy situation ( 2 sides) ( more choice)

Good health – Bright future

Planning • . Need

analyses: Making comparison (price/ consumption capacity / products meet the needs of home consumers) • b. Planning for the general strategy, evaluating the risks and advantages ( risks of currency exposure, rate of interest/ finance…) • Legally all procedures

Seeking help • Experts, consult, source of capital, social network • upgrading the knowledge of products ( olive oil and all related to olives/ Greek olive)

Marketing • Promotion in target/ take any opportunities to marketing • Management skills • Traditional and modern methods

Good health – Bright future

1. Products sold in Big cities in main regions in Vietnam 2. Vietnamese are getting to know about Greek olive oils and olives 3. Starting to form a new way in using healthy food for Vietnamese

Good health – Bright future

Dos • Need analyses- Focus on target. Small to big • Exploit internet, ICT ( saving money- E-trade) • Seeking the help ( experts, banks/ funds other sources) • Careful plan- management skills upgraded • Legal procedures/ legal fence • Pursuit the target • Flexibility

Don’ts • Too rush in practice • Forget to get advice from experts, consults both local country and home • Legal procedures • Spend too much on advertising, facilities • Break laws

Good health – Bright future

Good health – Bright future

Sincere thanks to Summit Global of Women, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry , Ambassador of Greece Madam Rosa Ieremea , Mr Michael Casfikis, president of OLICO.SA Ngoc Tu Bui-CEO HANOLI .,JSC- Hanoi- Vietnam

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