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BUS151 People Skills Chapter 1 What is Customer Service?

Customer Service The ability of knowledgeable, capable, and enthusiastic employees to deliver products

and services to their internal and external customers in a manner that satisfies identified and unidentified needs and ultimately results in positive word-of-mouth publicity and return business.

Impact of the Economy Quantity of Jobs Being Created • •

Interest rates and consumer demand New technical skills needed in computer hardware, software, and maintenance People being replaced by machines - thus eliminating need for staff (downsizing)

Distribution of Jobs • •

Regular access to personnel and professional networks Telecommuting eliminates need to daily travel to work

Quality of Service Jobs •

Measured differently by people: Pay – benefits – job security – growth – travel – work environment – structure of job – occupational safety

“Learning” Organizations 

One that uses knowledge as a basis for competitive advantage. This means providing ongoing training and development opportunities to employees so that they can gain and maintain cutting-edge skills and knowledge while projecting a positive can-do customer-focused attitude.

Ensures that there are systems that can adequately compensate and reward employees based on their performance.

Societal Factors Affecting Customer Service 

Shifts in the population growth Less children; 2/3 not US citizens ; more mobilization

Increased efficiency in technology Machines work 24 hours a day; Internet access available in most homes

Globalization of the economy More competition worldwide for foreign products/services

Deregulation of many industries Removal of government restrictions on industry

Societal Factors Affecting Customer Service (cont’d) 

Geopolitical changes Political unrest; conflicts/wars

Increase in the # of white-color workers Movement out of factories and farms; creation of new jobs

Socioeconomic programs Provides job seekers with a wide range of services

 

More women entering the workforce A more diverse population is entering the workforce

Societal Factors Affecting Customer Service (cont’d)

Older workers entering the workforce

Desire for better use of leisure time

Expectation of quality service

Better-educated customers

Increased number of small businesses

Growth of e-commerce

Components of a CustomerFocused Environment The customer – Key component in a customer-focused environment – All aspects of the organization resolve around the customer – Internal (coworkers, employees) and external customers (current or potential customers or clients) Organization culture – What the customer experiences Human resources – Must recruit and train qualified people

Components of a CustomerFocused Environment (cont’d) Products/Deliverables – Actual product or service provided – Two areas of customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction: quality and quantity Delivery system – Methods by which the product or service is delivered Service – Manner in which you and other employees teat customer – and each other – as your company delivers product or service.

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