Caesar Multi-genre Project

January 20, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Drama
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The Tragedy of Julius Caesar 10th Grade

Project Matrix ACT I Newspaper Article Costume Design Shakespeare Letter

Comic Strip Movie Poster Rewrite Ending Online Conversation Write an Obituary Poems

Write a Theme Song Create a Soundtrack


pick 5 ACT III



Extra, Extra, Read all about it! You are a reporter and have been assigned to write an article about an event in the play. 

What happened?

Who was involved?

Where did it happen?

What were reactions to the event?

Why did it happen?

Include an interview with a character

Wardrobe!!!! You have been asked to design costumes for a scene in the play. The catch is, you pick the fashion decade. Paper doll outfits Cut out clothes from magazines Draw the outfits You must write a few sentences to explain each outfit.

Dear William Shakespeare: What would you ask the author if you had the chance?

Include these: •

What did you like?

What did you dislike?

Questions? Personal and Literary.

The Funnies Shakespeare meant to have his plays to be seen, not just read. Turn an act, or a few scenes into a comic strip. Include Pictures Dialogue Context Clues Can be hand drawn or done on a computer.

Coming to a Theater Near You… Julius Caesar has been made into a movie before, but it is your turn to cast the film. In your poster make sure you include: Who will be in the film Images that show key elements of the plot Can be hand drawn or done on a computer

Rewind… Maybe you didn’t like the ending of a particular act. Well this is your chance to do something about it. Rewrite the end of the act in your own way. Do your best to emulate Shakespeare’s language.

Tweets, Texts, and IM’s Oh My! Take a conversation that characters in the play are having and rewrite it in the form of a 21st century conversation. Make sure you format the conversation after the technology you are using.

Ex: luvsromeo93: I can’t believe my dad wont’ let me see him

Rest in Peace Not all of our characters will die in the play but eventually they will. Go into the future and create a life for them past the play. Make sure you write what the legacy of that character will be.

Write a Theme Song For every work of literature there are themes that are threaded throughout the work. These themes are often transformed into songs when the work of literature is performed on film or on stage. This is your chance to write a theme song for Julius Caesar. Consider the themes of Jealousy Private vs. Public Self Fate vs. Free Will Power of Speech

Soundtrack to your life… Well this isn’t a soundtrack to your life, but a soundtrack to the act that you have chosen. Make sure you choose an appropriate number of songs (ask if you are curious). Also provide the lyrics to the songs as well as 2-3 sentences of where this would play and why you chose that particular song.

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