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Cancer Research: The 90 Billion Dollar Metaphor (The “War on Cancer” after 40 Years)

Updated: April 12, 2012

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Next four slides are from American Cancer Society Data: 2010

Cancer Statistics, 2010 American Cancer Society

Cancer deaths in the US have increased about 67% since 1971. Population has grown a bit more than that.

39% Drop

17% Drop

34% Drop

Improvement in cancer deaths among men is largely due to lung cancer and stomach cancer. Both of these are results of prevention more than treatment. Colo-rectal cancer has improved since 1985. Early diagnosis is crucial in colo-rectal cancer.

Improvements are largely due to stomach cancer , colo-rectal cancer, and uterine cancer. Prevention is crucial in these improvements. Less so treatment. Note infectious etiology (causation) by helicobacter pylori in stomach cancer, and HPV human papilloma virus in uterine cancer. Some improvement in breast cancer is present since 1990.

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