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Careers in Law Enforcement Externship for SOCCCD Sandra Davis ROP Career Specialist for Coastline ROP Mission Viejo High School March 30, 2011


My goal is to increase and update my knowledge about careers in law enforcement and to share the same with students, my peers and parents.

City of Costa Mesa Police Department


Patrol Officer



Career Pathways  

 

 

New recruit Patrol Officer Special Enforcement Detail – includes undercover, K-9, SWAT – lateral move Sergeant Lieutenant Chief of Police

Job Requirements and Compensation 

New Recruit – –

– – – – – – –

Must pass a multiple choice, general knowledge test (will take approximately 3 hours) Must be physically fit and able to pass five physical agility tests: Obstacle Course(1:50 time limit), Body Drag (must drag a 165 pound dummy for 32 feet in 11 seconds;Trigger Pull (pull handgun trigger six times in each hand) Baton Strike, Long Pursuit (run 500 yards in 1:55 minutes) Oral Board Interview Polygraph Examination Background Investigation Psychological & Medical Exam Upon completion of above, will attend police training academy for 28 weeks and pass all required tests Compensation: $27.89 per hour Automatic Disqualifiers: Marijuana use within last 2 years, hard drug use within last 5 years, DUI within last 7 years, any incident of domestic violence, any felony arrest, theft from employer in last 2 years, shoplifting in excess of $400 within last 5 years, Five or more moving violations in last 7 years.

Job Requirements and Compensation 

Patrol Officer       

21 years of age or older (no maximum age limit) 20/20 corrected vision Height/weight in proportion to age and frame Minimum high school graduate with 60 units or more of college preferred Must be a U.S. Citizen Must have a valid California driver’s License Salary: $34.15 to $45.76 per hour

Job Requirements and Compensation (continued)  

Sergeant/Lieutenant Work involves responsibility for planning, assigning, and supervising the work of personnel engaged in patrol activities, traffic activities, investigation, administrative services, or in police work of a specialized nature. Considerable independent judgment, initiative, intelligence, and understanding must be exercised in interpreting orders, rules, and regulations, and in meeting emergency situations. Reviews the work of subordinates through reports, conferences, and observation of police efficiency.

Job Requirements and Compensation (continued) 

To become a Sergeant, employee must have worked several years as a Senior Police Officer. Salary ranges from $86,592 to $116,000 annually. To become a Lieutenant, employee must have worked a minimum of two years as a Sergeant. Salary ranges from $106,944 to $143,316 annually

Job Requirements and Compensation (continued) 

Police Chief – – – – – – –

Ability to supervise 215 employees with an annual budget of $36,847,429 Minimum of 5 years of police administrative management experience Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice or Public Administration as well as a Master’s degree Proven effective relationships with citizen groups and City Council Highest level of integrity and work ethic Must enjoy working with others to promote teamwork Salary: $154,248-$206,700 (Depending on Qualifications)

A Day in the Life of Officer John Doezie

Interview with Officer Doezie – – –

Officers work 4 ten-hour shifts City of Costa Mesa is divided into two area or “beats”. Minimum staffing is seven officers for 18 square miles Officer Doezie spent 14 years in the military as a Navy Seal and 10 years in the reserves. He felt a calling to be a police officer saying “I have always been a public servant.” One of the most important skills for an officer is being a good listener. He stated, “I am part counselor and part enforcer of the law.” Thinking fast on your feet and staying calm under pressure are also key. He also said, “ Most people are good and have just made a bad choice. I have diffused most dangerous situations by quickly building a rapport with people and being friendly.” Another very important skill is being able to write a coherent and complete police report. He stated that a police office who does so seldom gets called to court as a witness. He said, “If the report is clear, all of the attorney’s questions can be answered by reading it.”

Interview - continued   

His favorite part of the job is meeting people His least favorite is seeing child or spousal abuse During his 11-year employment with CMPD, he has worked undercover and was part of the SWAT detail for several years. Officers have a computer in their car and can read their screen when a dispatch is made as well as listen to it. Cameras are in the care to protect the police officers and record the facts

Ride-A-Long 

On a typical day, officers patrol their beats, looking for any suspicious activity. Officer Doezie ran a check on a number of cars with expired registration stickers. We cruised by the local strip malls and hotels. He stated, “Like any city, we have our share of credit card fraud. It is especially prevalent at South Coast Plaza, one of the largest malls in the U.S. We also have some drug and prostitute issues, particularly when the weather gets warmer. More people are outdoors and we have a lot of tourists during summer.“

Ride-A-Long (continued) 

 

We responded to a shoplifting suspect at the local bookstore. The manager had observed the suspect taking an expensive audio tape as well as several magazines. When he ran out of the store, the manager attempted a Citizens Arrest. When suspect tried to flee, he called the police. I had the opportunity to witness the interview of the suspect and learn about the penalties for shoplifting $950 of merchandise or less is a misdemeanor unless the suspect has a prior. The crime then becomes a felony. Maximum penalty if $1,000 and up to six months in jail!

Ride-A-Long (continued) 

We also responded to a “back-up” call to a local bank. The bank manager was suspicious that a man was “casing” the bank and was afraid he might be planning to rob it. Fortunately, the man had left and it appeared that the manager had overreacted.

Report Writing

A day in the life….continued 

We returned to the police department where Officer Doezie wrote up a two page report and attached a picture of the items the shoplifter took from the store. This will be the evidence the judge looks at when hearing the case. Office Doezie stressed that report writing is part of “Due Process” and that an officer can be fired for not writing up reports in a timely manner. Typically, there is one call every 30 minutes during a 10-hour shift.

Details of Externship   

The externship took place on Saturday, March 26, 2011 Location: Costa Mesa Police Department, 99 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA Industry Professional: Patrol Officer John Doezie (714) 754-5255 I interviewed Officer Doezie and accompanied him on a ride-a-long

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