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January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Obstetrics
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CARMMA Working group PHC 16 July 2012

Good practices - support CARRMA strategy 1. Saturation training on ESMOE (NB Family physician) – Ekuruleni 2. Pregnancy testing for all sexually active women patients (early registration) – Nkangala 3. Dashboard indicators for PMTCT at facility level for monitoring of trends and services 4. Breast milk bank and Kangaroo mother care in NC 5. Post natal care in EC

Key areas of focus to address gaps and challenges

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Early booking Post Natal Care Strengthen EPI Family Planning IMCI (includes nutrition) and peads ART

– All MCH services need to be integrated into one stop services – Needs easy data collection tool like in PMTCT

Quick wins for rapid scale up and what is needed

1. mHealth – use of cell phone technology 2. Contraception – training and implementation 3. Use of data (quality and use)

Priorities for next 3 years to strengthen MCH 1. Make services available to working mothers with extended hours e.g. use existing staff to work shifts 2. Standardize of approaches 3. Supportive supervision

Strategies for sharing good practices/lessons learned 1. Support CARMMA week (in November) to share good practices – in and outside the country 2. Annual MCH forum similar to AIDS & TB conference 3. Take dedicated time per week to share a local level the work done, to cascaded up through the levels (facility/district/province/national) – –

Give feedback on performance and identify good practice at a local level – benchmarking with counter parts Journal clubs to share best practices within M&M meetings

Transport in PHC • From community to facility – Birth preparation package – to plan for the delivery – Can make arrangements in the communities with taxi’s by PHC facility committees e.g. in KZN – Use SOP in Saving Mothers Report – order appropriate ambulance

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