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January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, World History, Middle Ages
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How might the study of medieval Europe affect our thinking about the world today? In other words, why do we study medieval Europe? Why does it even matter?

A New Western Empire Refer to Pages 185-192

Guiding Questions: 

What post-Roman Empire political conditions led to the rise of the Carolingian Empire? What factors led to its disintegration, setting the stage for the feudal system?

Clovis I   

“King of the Franks” Conversion to Christianity Supported by the Roman Church - alliance

Merovingian House 

“Do-Nothing Kings” 

Descendents of Clovis I

Mayors of the palace 

Pepin II Defeated the others  Reunited Frankish territory 

Separate ruling “lineage”  Grandson, Pepin the Short took over rule as “king” 

Carolingian House

Donation of Pepin   

Lombard threat Papal states Pope becomes ruler in European politics

Empire of Charlemagne  

Carloman and Charles Charles = Greatest Carolingian king 


Charlemagne 

   

Strong Tall Stately Dignified Abhorred drunkenness

Beheaded his prisoners in cold blood Divorced and remarried many times

Charlemagne’s Conquests    

United much of Europe Rescued Rome (again) Defeated Avars Drove back the Spanish Muslims Created administrative districts Foundation of modern Germany, France, and Italy

Pope crowns Charlemagne and proclaims him as Roman Emperor!  

Revived the idea of another Roman Empire Raises a serious question: Whose authority is supreme—the state’s or the church’s?  This struggle will continue throughout the Middle Ages 

Carolingian Renaissance 

Charlemagne loved to learn; royal court at Aixla-Chapelle became leading center of learning Became concerned with better-educated clergy Emphasis on education renewed interest in the Bible and in classical literature Monasteries as libraries, universities

Disintegration of Charlemagne’s Empire 

Domestic Problems: Civil war after Louis the Pious  Treaty of Verdun 

Charles the Bald = West Frankland  Louis the German = East Frankland  Lothair = Central Kingdom 

Disintegration of Charlemagne’s Empire 

International Problems: Saracens (Muslims)  Magyars  Vikings 

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