Chapter 10 Section 5

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Chapter 10 Section 5 A Nation Divided Against Itself

Border States • Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri • Held moderate views on slavery

Lower South • Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina • Voted for John C Breckinridge for President in 1860 – Favored aggressively expanding slavery

Why did the Democratic Party Split in 1860? • Over the issue of slavery

• This split allowed a Republican, Abraham Lincoln, to win the Presidency without a majority

Secessionist • Those who wanted the south to secede • They argued that since they voluntarily entered the union, they could also choose to leave it

• South was outraged that a President (Lincoln) could be elected without winning a single Southern state

Confederate States of America • South Carolina leave the U.S. on 12/20/1860 • Rest of Lower South follows over the next few weeks • Created the Confederate States of America • Elected Jefferson Davis as President

How did President Buchanan react to the secession of the southern states? • He said it was illegal, but refused to take any action

Fort Sumter • Federal fort off the coast of South Carolina • Running out of supplies • Confederates would not allow supplies to be delivered • Lincoln said he would send in supplies, but no troops

Fort Sumter • Confederates said the Fort should be handed over, or they would be forced to take it • Lincoln refused to hand it over • 4/12/1861 Confederates bombard the Fort and seize it • Civil War begins

Upper South - Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas

How did the Lower South respond to Lincoln’s election and the attack on Fort Sumter? • The Lower South seceded when Lincoln was elected without any southern votes. • Senator Crittenden from Kentucky attempted unsuccessfully to mediate

How did the Upper South respond to Lincoln’s election and the attack on Fort Sumter? • After the Confederate attack on Fort Sumter, Southerners saw Lincoln’s call for volunteers as an act of war against them • This caused the Upper South to secede and join the Lower South in the Confederacy

How did the Border States respond to Lincoln’s election and the attack on Fort Sumter? • The Border States remained temporarily uncommitted to either side

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