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STAR SPANGLED BANNER TEST Get out a piece of paper and number 1-25. Clear off your desk. After the test we will have chapter 11 test review. Please make sure you study for the test over the weekend!! The test is on Monday. The test review has been posted on both Wikki and Skyward. Please look over it again during the weekend. Your Chapter 11 Cornell Notes and a ½ page learning Log will also be due Monday.

TEST REVIEW ~Get out your Cornell Notes and your book to help you answer the review questions.~

Game/Review rules: 1. Teacher will read question. 2. Students will look up answers in book, workbook and/or notes. 3. Teacher will take the majority answer. 4. Class with the most correct point wins and each student receives a 5 pt. ticket.

a. Along rivers and streams b. Near other large towns c. Near oceans and bays d. Along mountain ranges

a. Along rivers and streams

a. Steam generator b. Factory system c. Cotton mill d. cotton gin

d. Cotton gin

Samuel Slater Lucy Larcom Francis Cabot Lowell Eli Whitney

d. Eli Whitney

a. Wealthy merchant association b. Factory system c. Economic factors d. Development of mills

b. Factory system

a. The steam generator b. Farms, rivers, and streams c. New machines and new technology d. The cotton gin

c. New machines and new technology

a. Along state borders b. Along toll roads c. Along great rivers d. Along canals

c. Along great rivers

a. Steamboats b. New roads c. Conestoga wagons d. canals

a. steamboats


West of the Appalachian Mountains b. In the Cumberland Gap c. Between the Appalachian Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean d. Along the National Road from Maryland to Illinois

c. Between the Appalachian Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean

a. Respecting ancient cultures b. Hard work c. Perfection d. National pride

d. National pride

a. Waterpower b. Ports c. Farm equipment d. cloth

a. Waterpower

a. Industrial growth b. Free enterprise c. Corporations d. Business

b. Free enterprise

a. The National Road b. The Wilderness Road c. A canal d. A steamboat

c. A canal

a. It made farming less profitable b. It made it possible to produce items in large numbers c. It increased the demand for slave labor d. It undermined the factory system

b. It made it possible to produce items in large numbers

a. Factory system b. Patent system c. Capital system d. Corporation system

a. Factory system


Rivers provided easy escape routes in the event of Native American attack. b. It was easier for them to travel east along the rivers c. Rivers provided opportunities for recreation. d. They could ship their crops to market more easily.

d. They could ship their crops to market more easily

a. The Adams-Onis Treaty b. The Monroe Doctrine c. The Missouri Compromise d. A high tariff

b. The Monroe Doctrine

a. Era of the Federalists b. Era of the Republicans c. Era of Good Feelings d. Era of Political Relief

c. Era of Good Feelings

a. Regional differences b. Political parties c. Arguments over war d. Arguments over the flag

a. Regional differences

a. North-South Compromise b. Missouri Compromise c. Ohio Compromise d. Maine Compromise

b. Missouri Compromise

Nothing Chapter 11 lesson 1-3 Cornell Notes Chapter 11 ½ page Learning Log Both b & c

d. Both b & c

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