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Power Presentations CHAPTER 13


Image The year is 1844, and you live on a small rocky farm is Massachusetts. Your family had decided to move to Oregon to gain cheap, fertile land. Your father says this move will make your family better off—and give you a brighter future.

What might you gain and lose by going west?

• What do you think daily life on the trail west might be like?

• What might be the greatest obstacles that you face?

1821 Stephen Austin settles in Texas. 1824 Jedediah Smith finds South Pass. 1836 Texas declares independence. Battle of the Alamo fought. Republic of Texas established. 1844 James Polk is elected president.

1846 War with Mexico begins. 1847 Mormons migrate to Utah. 1848 War with Mexico ends. 1849 California gold rush begins. To World

1853 United States makes Gadsden Purchase.

1815 Napoleon defeated at Waterloo. 1821 Mexico gains independence from Spain. 1839 Opium War fought in China.

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1847 Liberia, established by a former American slave, proclaimed an independent nation.


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Main Idea Thousands of settlers followed trails through the West to gain land and a chance to make a fortune. Why It Matters Now This migration brought Americans to the territories that became New Mexico, Oregon, and Utah.


What were characteristics of each trail west? TRAILS WEST Mormon Trail: followed Oregon Trail to Utah; taken by Mormons

Oregon Trail: from Missouri to Oregon Territory; people went for land

Santa Fe Trail: from Missouri to Santa Fe, New Mexico; attracted many traders

• How did the mountain men open up the West for later settlement? • What are two examples of pioneer groups who used cooperation to overcome hardship? • What were the different motives that drew people west?

Drawing Conclusions Of all the hardships faced by the people who went west, what do you think was the worst? Explain. Think About • the mountain men • William Becknell • the Sagers • the Mormons

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Main Idea American and Tejano citizens led Texas to independence from Mexico.

Why It Matters Now The diverse culture of Texas has developed from the contributions of many different groups.

What events led to Texas’s independence? In what order did they occur? Changes in Mexican policy toward Americans

Imprisonment of Austin

Battle at Gonzales, Battle of the Alamo, or Battle of San Jacinto



• Why did Americans want to move to Texas? • How did the Mexican government respond to the Texas rebellion? • Why did Congress refuse to annex Texas?

Recognizing Effects How did losing the Battle of the Alamo help the Texans win their independence? Think About • the Texans’ and Americans’ shock over the loss of the battle to the Mexicans • the need to recruit more forces to fight with the Texas army Back to Home

Main Idea The United States expanded its territory westward to stretch from the Atlantic to Pacific coast. Why It Matters Now Today, one-third of all Americans live in the areas added to the United States in 1848.


What key events occurred between 1846 and 1848 in the War with Mexico? Attack at the Rio Grande

Bear Flag Revolt

Battle of Veracruz


1848 Fall of New Mexico

Battle of Buena Vista

Battle of Chapultepec

• How did the acquisitions of Oregon and the Mexican Cession relate to the idea of manifest destiny? • Why were some people opposed to the War with Mexico? • What does the phrase “sea to shining sea” mean?

Comparing Compare the different ways land was acquired by the United States in the period of manifest destiny from 1844 to 1853. Think About • the acquisition of the Oregon territory • lands in the Southwest

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Main Idea Gold was found in California, and thousands rushed to that territory. California quickly became a state. Why It Matters Now The gold rush made California grow rapidly and helped bring about California’s cultural diversity.

What hardships did the forty-niners face both in the camps and while mining?




• poor food • disease • swindlers and crooks

• cold streams • accidents • exhaustion


• How did the California gold rush get started? • Why didn’t many forty-niners become rich? • How did California’s statehood affect the nation?

Recognizing Effects What were some of the effects of the California gold rush? Think About • changes in San Francisco • California’s bid for statehood

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1 What were three reasons why people moved west? 2 What were the three main trails that led to the West? 3 How did the Mormons make the land in Utah productive? 4 Why were Texans unhappy with Mexican rule? 5 Why were the battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto important to the Texas Revolution?

6 What areas did the United States gain as a result of Americans’ belief in manifest destiny? 7 How is the Bear Flag Revolt related to the War with Mexico? 8 What lands did the United States acquire as a result of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?

9 Who were four groups of people who became forty-niners? 10 What were three ways California changed because of the gold rush?


Types of people who traveled there

Why they went there

Key events that brought the territory into the United States


farmers and traders

land or profit

War with Mexico



religious freedom

War with Mexico


farmers and traders

land or profit

agreement with Britain


farmers and ranchers


Texas Revolution


miners and traders

land or profit

War with Mexico

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