Character-Driven Success

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Business, Management, Sales
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Beverly Chiodo, Ph.D. "The Doctor of Encouragement" National Business Professor for 1997 Department of Management Texas State University San Marcos, TX 78666 512-353-0703 Character-Driven Success

A Character Failure No one is expected to be perfect.

A character “failure “ may take years

• Ask forgiveness when you fail.

or even a _______________________

• Be accountable.

to repair.

In a survey conducted by Motivational Systems, 27% of the workers said they’d quit and move to a company known for giving __________________ and _____________________.

38% of the workers said they rarely or never receive any ________________________ from the boss.

Will James said the deepest craving of the human heart is to be _______________________.

“I’m convinced that 90% of failures in life are character failures, not ability failures.” ~Stephen Covey

What should we praise?

__ Achievement

__ Character

When you praise a person’s character, that person will:

The four steps to praising character are:

1. __________________________

1. ________________________________

2. __________________________

2. ________________________________

3. __________________________

3. ________________________________

4. __________________________

4. ________________________________

H__________ is a

decision we make to place high value, worth, and importance on another person by viewing him or her as a priceless gift and by granting him or her a position in our lives worthy of great respect. -- Gary Smalley and John Trent The Gift of Honor

Go the “Second Mile” When you go the first mile, you _________________________________ ________________________________. When you go the second mile, you _________________________________


1st Paradigm Shift

I want to send my congratulations!

Develop the

Y __ __ Attitude!

Congratulations to you . . . .

Circle each “I.” My dear Mr. Dolan:

Dear Mr. Dolan:

I have just read that you have been promoted to Vice President of your company. It is a great pleasure for me to offer my felicitations.

Your promotion to Vice President of General Construction Company was great news. I was happy to read about you in this week’s Trade Press.

I am sure your attainment unequivocally substantiates the exemplary service you are giving your employer. I believe you can be justifiably proud of your outstanding performance in the industry.

If ever a man deserved the recognition your company has given you, you do. Your courage and hard work in developing new ways to promote the services of your firm have won the admiration of many, including your competitors.

I forward my heartiest congratulations and best wishes for your continued success in your endeavors.

Congratulations to you, Mr. Dolan, and best wishes for your continued success.

Character Qualities • • • • • • • • • •

Alertness Attentiveness Boldness Compassion Creativity Decisiveness Dependability Determination Diligence Discretion

• • • • • • • • • •

Endurance Enthusiasm Flexibility Gentleness Gratefulness Initiative Joyfulness Loyalty Obedience Orderliness

• • • • • • • • • •

Patience Persuasiveness Punctuality Resourcefulness Respectfulness Responsibility Self-Control Thoroughness Tolerance Virtue

Today, employees have more than just a job; they are now representatives of a new way of doing business.

Tom Hill, Kimray Inc.

As a result of an emphasis on character, • Our company had a 25 percent increase in profits in the first two years even though the market we served was depressed. • Worker’s compensation claims decreased 80 percent. • Employee morale rose to an all-time high.

The Certificate of Recognition serves several purposes: • It conveys in written form the essence of what was publicly stated. • It communicates to the employee’s family members the value of the employee to the company. • A copy of the certificate becomes a permanent part of the employee’s work record. • The certificate becomes a character reference in the resume of the employee. • The certificate is the source of continuing encouragement to the employee.

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