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College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP ®)

CLEP: What Every Test Administrator Needs to Know

About the CLEP Exams Structure

 33 computer-based exams (not adaptive).  Mostly multiple-choice, essays, and listening sections for foreign languages.  Most are approximately 90 minutes in length; College Composition exam is 120 minutes Scoring  “Rights-only” scoring (no penalty for wrong answers).  Immediate score reports (except College Composition).  American Council on Education (ACE)-recommended credit-granting score for all exams is 50 (equivalent to a “C”); exams are scored on a scale of 20–80  6-month retest policy; appeals process available

CLEP Transcripts • Candidates may select one institution to receive score report at the time of the test. • Student selects the state, then the name of college. • If the college is not listed, student must complete Score Report Request form before leaving testing room. • Students must pay $20 to order an additional transcript (transcripts include all exam scores unless student suppresses). • Service members’ scores are automatically sent to all service branches, DANTES, and CCAF. • Electronic score reporting is available – SIGN UP!

CLEP Fees • Exam fee: $77, payable online with a credit card or check • CLEP exams are free for eligible military service members and spouses: • Military veterans can seek reimbursement for the exam and fees from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs: . • Test center administration fee: Each test center sets its own fee. • Optional essays: $10 per essay • Essays are available for English Lit, American Lit, Analyzing & Interpreting Lit, and College Composition Modular. • Free for eligible service members and spouses.

Test Center Staff Roles There are two administration levels: 1. Master Site Administrator (MSA) • Must be an employee of the college and have a bachelor’s degree. • Must review CLEP Security Checklist and enforce all security requirements. 2. Administrator • Must not be enrolled in an undergraduate course.

Master Site Administrator (MSA) Responsibilities and Functions  Manages the test center.  Hires and trains staff to administer CLEP exams.  Sets volume administration goals.  Ensures that the End of Day procedure is completed after testing and turns off/on TDMS Server to apply exam updates.  Stays abreast of all CLEP policies.  Ensures that current policies are reflected in catalogs, Web site, etc.  Informs CLEP Services of change in staff, address, phone number, email.  Knows where the CLEP software is stored.  Enforces all security requirements; completes security compliance checklist annually.  Assigns access to CLEP software for test center personnel

Test Administrator Functions • Register students up to 30 days ahead – recommend using registration form. • Check in candidates: • Collect exam fees from civilians, if paying by check or money order. • Return checks or money orders for test fees to CLEP, along with attendance reports, in the envelopes provided. • Ensure that candidates sign in and sign out of the test center. • Check two forms of ID before admitting candidates into testing room. • Inform candidates of prohibited items in the test room. • Distribute and collect scratch paper from candidates. • Provide candidates’ score reports before they leave test center. • Perform “End of Day” procedure upon completion of testing. • Observe candidates at all times to ensure students are not copying, recording, or photographing test questions.

Proctoring Requirements • Provide a clear glass viewing window or wall, video surveillance and audio monitor, or seating for a test administrator within the testing room. Whichever surveillance method is used, it must allow a continuous unobstructed view of each candidate within the testing room. • If video and audio monitoring is used, a staff member must periodically walk through the testing room in at least 10 minute intervals, and must be able to respond to enter the room within 10 seconds of a problem.

Accommodating Candidates with Disabilities • Documentation requirements: (must be no more than 5 years old) • Individual Education Plan (IEP) on file where enrolled • Certification from licensed health care professional • Software accommodations include: • Extended time – 1.5x or 2x • ZoomText • Adjustable screen colors • Testing breaks - Press CTRL+SHIFT+? keys simultaneously

Training for New Administrators New administrators should practice using the CLEP software. • Enter the word Test in the First Name and Last Name fields on the Administrative Workstation. • Select Voucher as the payment method and use TS000 as the voucher number. • Select the exam “CLEP Demo” from the alphabetical dropdown menu on the next page.

CLEP Resource Center

• • • • • Username: clepadmin2 Password: CLEPmsa22# Download the latest Administrators’ Handbook and the CLEP Security Compliance Checklist. Update your contact information. Order remittance and postage-paid return envelopes. Take the CLEP Test Center Administrator Training Course. Order Volume and Summary Reports.

CLEP Contacts • CLEP Services (transcripts, retesting, payments) • Phone (800) 257-9558 or (609) 771-7865 • Fax (610) 628-3726 • E-mail [email protected] • Technical Support - Call if you have software-related issues during installation and test administration (8 am – 8 pm EST) • Phone (800) 241-5357 or (609) 406-5620 • Fax (610) 628-3719 • E-mail [email protected]

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