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Medieval Europe The Commercial Revolution AKS 37 Ch. 14.2

EQ: What was the Commercial Revolution, and what was its impact on Medieval Europe?

Three-Field System Before


Farm Farm Farm


Fallow Fallow means left unfarmed

The Three-Field System Could farmers yield more crops using half of their land or two-thirds of their land?

The Guild A group of individuals working together to improve economic and social conditions for its members Blacksmiths Wine makers Bakers Artisans

How to become a Master

Guild Summary What is the purpose of a guild? What is an example of a guild?

The Commercial Revolution • The expansion of trade and business that transformed Europe during the 16th and 17th Centuries • Most trade took place in towns Many serfs left the manor and urban centers (cities) increased in population • Trade routes were re-established with the East and North Africa

The Commercial Revolution

Commercial Revolution Summary? What was the commercial Revolution? Where did most of the trade take place? What trade routes were re-established? What do you think the increase in trade did for towns?

The Revival of Learning Muslim Connection How did Europe re-establish a connection to the East? Universities Greek philosophy and learning

EQ What was the impact of the Commercial Revolution on Medieval Europe?

Changes in Medieval Society ?


Changes in Medieval Society



Announcements Test on Medieval Period Friday Review on Thursday Syllabus signed and returned on Friday!

England and France Develop (14.3 – 14.4); AKS 37 EQ: What were the two major powers of Europe coming out of the Medieval Period? How did they become the major powers?

William the Conqueror The Battle of Hastings (1066) – William, The Duke of Normandy (part of Northern France), invaded England William was a Norman (Northman); a descendent of the Vikings

Review In what battle did William conquer England? What year? William was the Duke of ____________?

Bayeux Tapestry

The Magna Carta The Nobles of England forced King John to sign in 1215 Protected the feudal rights of the Nobles at first Eventually, many argued that the Magna Carta applied to all English Citizens This is one of the influential documents of Western Democratic Government

Review At first, the Magna Carta protected the rights of what group? The Magna Carta became a foundation document of what U.S. documents?

Bubonic Plague

Effects of the Plague Bubonic Plague of 1300’s People thought it was punishment from God; Church prestige suffered Town populations fell along with European population Peasant revolts demanding higher wages

The Plague Started with a headache Then… back ache, nausea, vomiting, back pain, soreness in his arms and legs Within a day or two, the swellings appeared. They were hard, painful, burning lumps on his neck, under his arms, on his inner thighs. Soon they turned black, split open, and began to ooze pus and blood. They may have grown to the size of an orange. Then it really gets ugly… the death within a week.

Warning… next slides are graphic

Bubonic Plaque

Review What did people of Europe think caused the Plague? Where did the Plague originate? What were some of the effects of the Plague?

Write a story… You are a serf in Medieval France. The year is 1372 and the Plague has hit your town. Explain why you think this is happening, and how you think you might be able to protect your family. Include as many factual details as possible including three effects of the Plague. One Paragraph

The Great Schism of 1305 (The Western Schism) Main idea: was based on an argument over who was the real Pope Phillip IV of France persuaded the Cardinals in France to elect a second Pope Where is the original Pope? Second Pope located in Avignon, France

Now there were two Popes! Lasted for 69 years EFFECT: Weakened the Papacy


Review What was the main effect of the Great Schism?

The Hundred Years’ War (1337 – 1453) Between England and France The King of England was a claimant to the French thrown

Effects of the Hundred Years’ War Ended Chivalry England and France emerged as leading powers in Europe Nationalism

Review What caused the Hundred Years’ War? What was the result?

EQ Review What were the two major powers of Europe coming out of the Medieval Period? How did they become the major powers?

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