Cosi Characters Roy and Lewis

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Lewis and Roy

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Central character Straight out of university Lives with his girlfriend Lucy Nervous and passive at the start of the play, becomes more confident as the play goes on. “This an unusual position for me....I directed some plays at University....and well...this is my first year out –” (p7)

When Lewis comes to the play initially he displays a lack of confidence. He is reluctant and hesitant when giving instructions to the patients.  ‘don’t know’ (p1)  Stage directions – apprehension, uncomfortably

(p4), uncertainly (p5), hesitantly (p7). 

He allows Roy to dominate proceedings. Why do you think this is?

As Lewis gets to know the patients he starts to see them differently. At the start of the play this is just a job – “I need the money Lucy.” p1

By the end of the play he feels something for the patients. “I’m not going to let them down.” (p70)

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In black comedies characters traditionally do not change. However......... Lewis’ views change, as well as his confidence  Patients – Tries to help Ruth, Roy, even lies for

them to protect them. Supports Henry.  Moratorium – “I’m not going to let them down.” (p70)  Love – “Without live the world wouldn’t mean much.” (p70)

Do you think Lewis has really grown/changed by the end of the play?

Roy’s character is punctuated by wild mood swings. He can go from enthusiastic: - “Not in the old days. Enthusiasm, natural talent.” to deeply depressed and insecure: - p75 “can’t go on and make a fool of myself>.” We can view this as bipolar depression but Roy is never labelled (as with the other characters).

Roy wants his vision of Cosi Fan Tutte to come alive and is very disappointed when his visions don’t appear in reality. He has created a fantasy of his past and has trouble dealing with the realities that confront him “I aim for the Stars Jerry, is that such a bad thing?” p15 “I had a dream Jerry,” p63 

Fantasy Cosi Fan Tutte Can be mounted as a full scale opera The importance of Cosi Fan Tutte, p13 Idealised Childhood p63 Has friends in the ward Thinks Ruth can sing Congratulations from D ward 

 

Reality They are patients in an Asylum, not professional actors The cast members are actors and cannot sing opera! It is in Italian Roy grew up in orphanages p76

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Is excited when Lewis first arrives. (p3) “We’ll be Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin.” “Couldn’t direct a poofter.” – p10 “Couldn’t direct traffic” – p28 We’ll get a new director,” p22 “what you’ve done up till now,” p40 “stag night” p36

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There is a sense of desperation to Roy, he clings to anything, Nick (p43-45) He needs to see his vision come alive and becomes morose when things don’t conform to his expectations. On the eve of the production Roy has doubts, he wants it to be perfect but needs to be reassured. Roy is elated at the successful performance.

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Explain the difference between Roy’s Fantasies and the realities. How deeply do you think Roy believes his own fantasies? Why do you think he behaves in this way?

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