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CPS Virtual Learning Program Quick Facts

Office of Student Support & Engagement The Virtual Learning Program offers online courses for students through the Office of Student Support and Engagement through the Department of Learning Supports.

Jocelyn Basley, Director of Learning Supports Luciana Dickens, Credit Recovery Program Manager

Keisha Kidan, Virtual Learning Program Manager

Virtual Learning Program The Virtual Learning Program offers courses from two vendors: Aventa Learning & Illinois Virtual School Aventa Learning is the provider for all of our credit recovery courses. They are our course provider for ensuring that students have access to CPS graduation requirements and elective options. Illinois Virtual School offers supplemental courses and give us access to Advanced Placement courses and other enrichment and acceleration options.

CPS 2010-2011 Online Vendors Aventa Learning

Illinois Virtual School

Course offerings

Credit recovery and some elective courses

Advanced Placement, acceleration, enrichment courses


10 week term

17 week term


Open enrollment

Monthly enrollment dates


Aventa gives students flexibility with their enrollment. If they need more time to complete a course, they may extend the course end date. If they need less time, they can complete the course quickly. Students can also drop a course, and pick the course back up, picking up where they left off, when they are able to complete it.

IVS has a standard course term without flexibility for start and end dates. They may make accommodations for students who begin courses and have special circumstances. But, IVS students should prepare to begin and complete their online courses and coursework by the end of the course term.

Purpose • The Purpose of the CPS Virtual Learning Program is to ensure that active CPS students have access to any credit recovery courses they may need to graduate that are not available at their school, or that conflict with a student’s schedule or other commitments. • In addition, the program provides courses for enrichment, acceleration and advancement courses through the Virtual Learning program.


Allocation Guideline •

Participating schools cannot exceed the enrollment limits on the program. Each participating school has been allotted 30 credit recovery seats and 10 supplemental seats for the 2010-2011 school year. If you have additional needs please contact Keisha Kidan [email protected] 30 Credit Recovery 40 Seats Total/School 10 Supplem ental Seats

• There is a limited budget for the CPS Virtual School program. Your school will be directly billed for any enrollments that exceed limits.


School Requirements Dedicated computer lab for virtual learners to use for a full period, daily. (Can be before or after school)

Comply with enrollment limits on the program.

Must assign a local school virtual mentor. Virtual mentor must be released to attend professional development opportunities.

Identify and enroll students (to be approved by the district).


Virtual Mentors Attend mentor training

Facilitate the learning environment.

Assist in identifying students to participate in the program.

Provide coaching and support to ensure course completion.

Enroll students in the appropriate course.

Regularly communicate with online teacher and virtual school support personnel.

Oversee the students work on a daily basis.

Receive final grade reports to ensure that the grades are given to the proper person at the local school, and accurately reflected on the student transcript.

Participation Successful Online Students Want Need Benefit

The most successful online students are students who Want to participate, Need to course for graduation, and can Benefit from the online learning environment. You should not simply sign up all of your students who have credit deficiencies without first evaluating their readiness for online learning. Your mentor will receive training to and tools to complete an evaluation.

Get Started In order to enroll students, your virtual school mentor has to be trained and given enrollment credentials through our vendors:

Aventa Learning & Illinois Virtual School You will work closely with the vendors to facilitate the virtual learning courses for your students.

Getting Started With Aventa Learning Credit Recovery & Some Elective Credit Courses • Aventa Learning requires mentors to attend the (free) Online New Mentor Training offered every Tuesday (10am CST) and Thursday (3pm CST). Please sign up for the training at http://aventalearning.com/training. • Once you have signed up for the online training, email Paul Tayaban at [email protected] (with a copy to me [email protected]) to let him know which session you have signed up for. After attending the online training, a follow up meeting must be conducted by Paul before enrollment begins.

Getting Started With Illinois Virtual School Enrichment, Electives & Advanced Placement Courses • Illinois Virtual School (IVS) requires mentors to complete a school partnership packet. The packet can be found in the CPS virtual learning online folder (www.tinyurl.com/cpsvirtual). Or, on the Illinois Virtual website (www.ilvirtual.org). • If you need any assistance programming or enrolling students, please contact Jennifer Kolar-Burden at [email protected] or 309-676-1000 ext. 56. • IVS tidbit: Here are the top 5 most popular IVS courses from last semester: Consumer Education, Psychology, American History, Oceanography and Environmental Science. Visit www.ilvirtual.org to review all of the available courses.

Thank You Thank you for your interest in our Credit Recovery and CPS Virtual Learning Programs. For more information, visit or contact:

http://www.cps.edu/Programs/Path ways_to_success/Pages/Distancele arning.aspx

http://www.cps.edu/Programs/Path ways_to_success/GraduationPathw ays/Pages/EveningHighSchool.aspx

Keisha Kidan Virtual Learning [email protected] (773)553-3473

Luciana Dickens Credit Recovery Manager [email protected] (773)553-1565

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