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OBJECTIVES Design Bulldozer is a unique project that aims to increase companies' economic performance and competitiveness both in domestic and foreign markets. It gives businesses an excellent opportunity to: - learn to develop innovative solutions - apply the tools of design thinking - implement developments under the guidance of experienced and trained design managers. Design Bulldozer is a pilot project launched by the Estonian Design Centre, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, and Enterprise Estonia.

OBJECTIVES Design Bulldozer will - help companies to offer new services and products based on user centered design thinking - train design managers - create pratical desing thinking tools for businesses and designers

KEY FIGURES 10 design managers 10 companies 20 months of implementing strategic design thinking in a company (August 2012 – April 2014)

Design Bulldozer project budget 400 000 € Company´s self-financing 3000€


Estonia – heading towards innovation driven economy. Goverment programme: “They key for Estonian economic growth lies in the progress on the global value chain. Products and services made and created in Estonia must become much more valuable and competitive.” Design Bulldozer – the most important action of the National Action Plan for Design 2012-2013 (a part of Estonian Enterprise Policy 2007-2013).

Positsioon indeksis

Eesti positsioon rahvusvahelistes ärikeskkonna indeksites, võrdlus Ida-Euroopa riikide ja Põhjamaadega (2010-2011)

100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 -

Keskmine CEE EL

Aver. liikmedOf CEE EU Aver of Scandinav Keskmine Põhjamaad Estonia Eesti

* Välja arvatud Eesti, Bulgaaria ja Rumeenia Allikas: (1) The World Bank; (2) The World Economic Forum; (3) The Heritage Foundation; (4) IFC, PwC; (5) The United Nations; (6) Transparency International


2012 August

õppevisiit Helsinkisse


vahekokkuvõtted ja kogemuste vahetus

2013 November


I Seminars and Workshops

I Visit Fiskars and Marimekko (Helsinki, Finland) II Design Audits III Public Presentation of the Design Projects IV Development of the Design Projects VI End of the Program, Public Review and Press Conference Concept, Strategy and Mentoring Richard Eisermann, Prospect, UK


NATURE OF THE INTERVENTION Know-how Practical design tools Design Audit Strategic design thinking Mentoring and coaching Managing the design processes Long term intervention: Changing corporate culture


Feedback from the workshops and seminars Feedback from the Design Audits Presentations on developments after every 6 months Producing a booklet on the case studies Questionnaire the end of the programme

RESULTS AND IMPACT Companies •Shift in mindset and corporate culture •Understanding that design can be used to create extra value •More effective product and service development •New target markets •Long term increased profit, gross marginal and market share Design Managers: •Experience and practical tools •Design demand - understanding of strategic design management increases General Public (businesses, universities, government institutions, policy makers, designers) •Increased understanding of the importance and opportunities of design •Available knowledge and experience

LESSONS LEARNT The process of finding companies and design managers is complicated and time consuming. Need to come up with objective choosing criterias and include broader spectrum of deciders (i.e. Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications , Enterprise Estonia, representative of the companies, representatives of designers)

In order to keep up the motivation of participants: -

keep the interest of the minister of Economic Affairs and Communications


get constant media coverage


encourage constant communication and arrange open presentations

We are also producing a 15 minute documentary on 4 of the participating companies


Thank you!

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