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Camp and Clinic Logistics

Camp and Clinic Employment Issues

Nonscholastic Practice or Competition • Men’s Basketball • Women’s Basketball • Football

Understand the application of camp and clinic legislation. Understand the application of the nonscholastic practice and competition in the sports of men’s basketball, women’s basketball and football.

Apply camp and clinic legislation appropriately. Recognize potential issues when advertising a camp or clinic. Apply nonscholastic practice or competition legislation in the sports of men’s basketball, women’s basketball and football.

Advertisements are permissible in a recruiting publication if: a) b) c)

Included in the camp directory section; Under ½ page and identical to other ads; Multiple camps listed on each page. Bylaw

A student-athlete’s (SA’s) name, picture and institutional affiliation may only be used to identify the SA as a staff member.


Institutions can advertise camps with specific labels or towards a specific group, but…… The camp still must be open to any and all entrants.


Our camp brochure includes pictures from last year’s camp. The participants are prospective student-athletes (PSA) who were not signed at the time. Is this permissible?

No. It is not permissible to publicize a PSA’s visit to campus.

Bylaw 13.10.5

Can I advertise my camp on the website of a recruiting publication?

Yes, with restrictions. The website needs to have a camp directory and all advertisements have the same format.

Official Interpretation [Reference: 4/19/00, Item No. 1]

Can I advertise my camp on Facebook?

Yes, if you are just posting information about the camp on your page.

Educational Column [Reference: 10/9/09, Item No. 1]

Can we send out a blast email advertising the camp?

Yes – if you are sending out the brochure only.  Possibly no, if it includes an additional message from the coach.  Make sure it is permissible correspondence to all of the recipients. 

Bylaw 13.4.1

Additional criteria for men’s basketball:  

The PSA has started grade seven;

The PSA’s attendance at any institutional camp or clinic has been solicited by the institution (or a representative of the institution's athletics interests); The institution provided any recruiting materials to the PSA;

Additional criteria for men’s basketball: 

An institutional coaching staff member has had ANY recruiting contact with the PSA (including contact initiated by the PSA); The PSA has received a verbal offer or verbally committed to attend the institution. Bylaw

Can coach hand out business cards directing campers to our Facebook fan page at camp?

Yes, business cards are permissible.


Interactions between PSAs and coaches are not subject to the recruiting calendar restrictions. Not permissible to extend written offers of financial aid to a PSA during a camp or clinic.

Other coaches wishing to attend the camp as observers must comply with appropriate recruiting contact and evaluations periods. Institutional camps and clinics may not be conducted during a dead period. Proposal No. 2011-48 and Bylaw

Your women’s basketball coach has been asked to speak at a coach’s clinic with PSAs present during a quiet period? Can she?

Yes, if it is: • Conducted by educational

institution. • No recruiting presentation. • No contacts with PSAs or parents. • No evaluation activities. Bylaw –(b)-(2)

Your men’s soccer coach has a great opportunity to present at a camp! Wait…… Is that permissible?

Possibly. Consider it a meeting or banquet with PSAs present per Bylaw 13.1.8. Same restrictions as before: • • • •

Conducted by educational institution. No recruiting presentation. No contacts with PSAs or parents. No evaluation activities. Bylaw

 

What about compliance officers? Can we go?

Sure! No recruiting presentations though.


Basketball • Coaches and noncoaching personnel with basketball specific duties may only work at own institution’s camps/clinics. Football • Provided the camp/clinic is operated in accordance with restrictions applicable to an institutional camp/clinic.

Football Bowl Subdivision. • • •

May work at institutional and noninstitutional camps/clinics during specific times. Two periods of 15-consecutive days. Months of June or July.

Football Championship Subdivision. •

May work at institutional and noninstitutional camps/clinics during months of June, July or August or any calendar week including days of those months.

Volleyball • May be employed at a noninstitutional, privately owned camp/clinic provided it operated in accordance with institutional camp legislation. • May not be employed at institutional or noninstitutional camps/clinics that are conducted off the institution’s campus during a quiet period.

All Other Sports •

May work at noninstitutional camps/clinics provided it is operated in accordance with institutional camp legislation.

Recruiting/scouting services’ camps/clinics May not be employed if recruiting/scouting service is involved; or • If it is established, sponsored or conducted by a recruiting/scouting service. •

It is not permissible to employ or give free or reduced admissions to a PSA who is an athletics award winner or is being recruited by the institution.

May an institution employ a four-year college SA that has started the transfer process?

A SA who has received written permission to contact another NCAA institution is considered a senior PSA. • •

May not be employed at an institutional football camp. May not be employed if he or she is being recruited by the institution or if he or she was a athletics award winner (in sports other than football).

Staff Interpretation [Reference: 5/2/11, Item No. a]

SAs may be employed at: • Own institution’s camps/clinics; • Other institution’s camps/clinics; • Noninstitutional camps/clinics; and • Bowl Subdivision Football exception.

Bowl Subdivision Football: • May not be employed at own institution’s football camp; • One SA from any one institution may be employed at a football camp/clinic conducted by another institution; • One SA from institution may work at any diversified sports camp/clinic.

Employment considerations: • Must perform general supervisory duties in addition to any coaching or officiating assignments. • Paid the going rate for like ability. • May not be paid based on skill level. • May not be paid if only lecturing/ demonstrating. • May not conduct own camp/clinic.

An institution may employ a high school, preparatory school or twoyear college coach or any other individual responsible for teaching or directing an activity in which a PSA is involved at its camp or clinic provided:

The individual receives compensation at the going rate for like ability and experience; Not paid on the basis of the value of his or her reputation or contact with PSAs.

October 2009 – Board of Directors provided the enforcement staff with interpretive authority for certain issues in men’s basketball. Educational column [Reference: 10/27/11] April 2012 – Board approved transfer of authority to Academic and Membership Affairs (AMA). Effective June 15.

In order to ensure consistency, AMA will: • Apply rationale supporting Board’s October 2009 actions; • Provide responses based on established precedent; and • Confer with enforcement services on cases of first impression.

Shall not employ a speaker at any institutional basketball camp/clinic who: • •

Is involved in coaching PSAs. Is associated with a PSA as a result of the PSA’s participation in basketball.

Prohibition also includes, but not limited to: • • •

Coaches’ clinics. Camps/clinics involving only non-PSAs. Any athletics activity.

May not employ an individual associated with a recruited SA at the institution’s camp or clinic.

Cannot host, sponsor or conduct a nonscholastic basketball practice or competition on its campus or at an offcampus facility regularly uses by the institution for practice and/or competition by any of the institution’s sports programs. Bylaw

Exceptions: • •

State multisport events. Other events provide one of the following is met: 

Event is open and all participating men’s basketball PSAs reside within a 50-mile radius of the institution’s campus; Event is part of a program consistent with the mission of the institution and conducted in accordance with Bylaw; or Event is an ancillary event that is part of a nonathletics program and is conducted in accordance with Bylaw

Noninstitutional camps/clinics involving PSAs on an institution’s campus are limited to June, July, and August.


Adoption of Proposal No. 2011-45 provides same restriction in men’s basketball to women’s basketball; Evaluations at nonscholastic events and noninstitutional camps or clinics that occur on a Division I campus during evaluation periods are prohibited.

 

Proposal No. 2011-46; Cannot host, sponsor or conduct a nonscholastic football practice or competition on campus or at an off-campus facility regularly used by the institution for practice and/or competition by any of the institution's sport programs; Noninstitutional camps or clinics involving PSAs held on campus are limited to: •

June and July in FBS; and

June, July, and August in FCS.

A nonscholastic event is defined based on the entity or person conducting the event, not by the event participants. An event is not a scholastic event simply because the participating teams are high school teams but rather whether a scholastic entity is operating the event.

  

Who or what organization contacted the institution or contest facility to schedule the event? Who or what organization will be signing the facility rental agreement? Who or what organization will be responsible for insuring the event? Who or what organization will be advertising or promoting the event?

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