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January 14, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Journalism
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Free Call Project Call for free with your mobile phone.

Intro • We are used to see ads where ever we look. Can ads be usefull? Yes! • Our concept is see ads and get calls and internet time: over and over again. • This will start in South Europé, later rest of the world.

Project • We are a early stage project. We search funding for to start a small head office in Gibraltar, EU. We will then start first operation center in Spain. That will later on cover also: Portugal and France. For this we need investors. • We search for one million € in start up capital.

How? • Mobile operators going more and more over to 4G and later to 5G. This will release lots of capasity at the 3G network. The price for a Europé and US operations will be very attractive. • A short commercial video will be showen to users.

How? • Advertisers benefit from interactive & direct marketing to our clients. • Clients benefit from free use of mobile internet and mobile calls. • As a virtual mobile phone operator we will have low cost of operations.

Economy • We need funds to start up office in Gibraltar,EU, and hire 2 persons:1 admin & one project manager. We will need one virtual service center in Spain to begin with. • 1 M € will goto register the companies. Hire totally 4-5 people. Office rent. Computers, servers, programs. Office equip.

Economy Amount will cover the cost of rent of an service office in Gibraltar, a service office in Spain. The start up cost of the project. Company registrations. A few people to work onboard to build up the service platform, system to provide sim cards. Marketing cost that will mainly be used by social media and TV/Press/News.

Marketing We are at the moment getting out with this to around 100 Million people on earth. All these can pre-register their interest. When we start in their country, they will get noticed and can be the first to get their sim cards. We will use lots of low cost marketing like e-mail, social media, free media and press releases.

Finally Contact us by email or social media for interest. Also if you are interest of to be one of our future free clients, or if you are technical professional. We will need all help we can get.. [email protected]

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