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English 10, Week 20 Wrap up of The Tempest and continued MCAS Prep! Holly Fritz 2/2/11-2/5/11

Tuesday 2/2/11 Learning Goals: SWBAT 1. Review the first three acts of The Tempest by participating in group improv./drama activities with their completed character cards.

Do Now: On page _____ • How do you think this play will end? Make a prediction in at least three sentences. Explain why this is how you predict it will end.

Agenda: 1. 2. 3.

Do Now Partner work: Ordering the events from the first three acts in chronological order. Group drama activity/competition: Improvising key moments in the first three acts with the character cards.

Homework: 1. Complete the semester one reflection. 2. Read summary of Act 4 and watch Act 4 and complete the Act 4 summary chart. 3. Complete the MCAS prep passage.

Reviewing Acts 1-3 of The Tempest

Learning Goals: SWBAT 1. Review the first three acts of The Tempest by participating in group improv./drama activities with their completed character cards.

• Time line: Review the list of events in the box below with your partner and put them in chronological order on the timeline.

•Caliban mistakes Trinculo for one of Prospero’s spirits. •Alonso and Gonzalo suddenly fall asleep and Antonio and Sebastian attempt to murder them, but Ariel wakes them up. •The noblemen and the mariners have an argument on the ship in the middle of the tempest. •Prospero tells Miranda about her past and the reason he created the tempest. •Gonzalo tries to comfort Alonso after the storm once they are safe and dry on the island. •Prospero checks in with Ariel about the progress of his plan. Ariel asks Prospero for his freedom. •Antonio and Sebastian make fun of Gonzalo. •Miranda confronts her father about the storm and the sinking ship she just saw from the shores of her island. •Prospero and Miranda go and talk/argue with Caliban. •Trinculo and Stephano are reunited. •Caliban promises to be Stephano’s servant if he will kill Prospero. •Ariel creates a beautiful banquet full of delicious food that appears before the noblemen and then suddenly takes it away from them and appears as a Harpy. •Ariel causes a fight between Stephano, Trinculo and Caliban by making it seem like Trinculo calls Caliban a liar when he is describing Prospero.

Tempest Review of Acts 1-3 Improvisation Game!

Tuesday 2/2/11 Learning Goals: SWBAT 1. Review the first three acts of The Tempest by participating in group improv./drama activities with their completed character cards.

Directions: For this review activity, you will be divided into two teams. You will receive a citizenship grade of 1-4 based on your positivity, participation and focus on the text. • •

• •

Step One: Your team leader reviews the timeline you worked on with your partner– making sure that everyone understands the chronological order of major events in the play so far. Step Two: One member of each team (someone with completed character cards, not necessarily the team leader) will randomly distribute a card for each member of the team. You will assume the identify of the character on your card for the duration of the game. Step Three: Figure out which character will be acting (improvising in character) for each of the events on your timeline. Briefly plan what you think each character should do or say in each of the mini-scenes. Step Four: Each team will alternate their improv. Performances, scene by scene. I will keep score for each team. You will earn points (see rubric) based on how accurate your performance is (how close to the text), how much enthusiasm you show during your performance.

Tempest Improvisation Rubric/Score Sheet

Tuesday 2/2/11 Learning Goals: SWBAT 1. Review the first three acts of The Tempest by participating in group improv./drama activities with their completed character cards.

Accuracy: How much did the performance accurately represent the events, characters and tensions of the play? Enthusiasm: How much energy and enthusiasm did the group put into their performance? Was it fun to watch them act out this scene? Did they use the space and their bodies as part of their performance? Was it easy to hear them and understand what they were talking about? Team Spirit: Group members worked well together and the rest of the group was positive, helpful and encouraging during the performance. Team was always polite and respectful during their competitors performances! Bonus Points: The group used at least one line from the appropriate scene in the play in their performance (from the character card). They incorporated this line from the play in a way that made sense to the audience and showed an understanding of this moment in the play.

English Homework: Due Wednesday 2/3/11 Semester One Reflection

Directions: Please answer these questions thoughtfully, thoroughly, honestly and in complete sentences. Write your answers on a separate sheet of loose-leaf paper. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

What was your favorite semester one text and why? What was your least favorite and why? What new reading skills did you learn, or what reading skills did you improve this semester? What did you learn about essay writing? What was your favorite assignment/project/class activity from semester one? Why was this your favorite? What was your least favorite assignment/project/class activity from semester one? Why? What do you hope we do more of in semester two? Explain. What are your own personal goals for semester two of English class? Why are these your goals? What do you think you need to do in order to achieve these goals?

English Homework Due Thursday 2/4/11 Directions: Read Act 4 and complete the following chart. Who? What characters are in this scene/Act?

What ? What happens? Summarize the events. Why? Why is this an important scene/act?

Questions? What level one questions do you have about this scene?

Thursday 2/3/11 Learning Goals: SWBAT 1. Summarize key moments in Act 4. 2. Review the purpose of margin summary notes and Lord Byron’s use of metaphor in the excerpt from “Don Juan”.

Do Now: • Review the MCAS prep poem you read for HW: Excerpt from “Don Juan” by Lord Byron. • In at least three complete sentences, describe the marriage of Don Jose and Donna Inez.

Agenda: 1.


3. 4.

Do Now and HW check (collect semester one reflection, check Act 4 summary chart, check MCAS prep) Review poem and strategies for tackling poetry passages (margin summary notes and multiple choice strategies) on the MCAS exam. Review Act 4 chart. Partner work– digging deeper into Act 4

HW: finish Act 4 partner work worksheet.

Friday 2/4/11 Learning Goals: SWBAT 1. Summarize Act 4 by reviewing the Act 4 chart and the homework from last night. 2. Review Acts 2-4 by continuing our improv. Competition.

Do Now: • Respond in at least four complete sentences. Write a summary of Act 4. 4=A




Student is seated and on time at the beginning of class. He/she is focused and gets right to work without needing to be reminded. Student completes Do Now in NB. Student refrains from talking to others and wandering. Student uses the time when he/she finishes wisely (organizing NB, reviewing HW).

Student is seated and on time at the beginning of class and completes the Do Now in the NB, but needs a reminder to get started.

Student needs several reminders to get started on the Do Now, or student is not prepared or on time for class and does not complete the Do Now.

Student is late for class, unprepared and does not complete the Do Now. Student wanders the room and causes a distraction to others. Student needs to be asked several times to change his/her behavior and focus on the Do Now.

Student refrains from wandering and chatting during the Do Now.

Student is chatty, but stops talking after teacher asks him/her to focus and work silently.

Agenda: 1. Do Now/HW check– Act four response 2. Review Act 4 Summary chart 3. Finish watching Act 4 (part 2) watch?v=QgSRBKnkU_c 4. Partner Talk: share HW 5. Improv! Homework: Read Act 5 and complete the guided reading activities.

The Tempest Act 5 Guided Reading HW Directions: In Act 5, several of the conflicts in the plot get resolved. Characters gain new knowledge and earlier mysteries are explained. As you read, use the chart below to take notes on how these conflicts and earlier mysteries/confusions are resolved in the final act of the play.



1. Prospero’s enemies are scattered about the island and are completely in his power.

They all come together in the end and he decides to forgive them.

2. Prospero uses his magic to accomplish his goals. 3. Antonio and Sebastian try to kill Alonso and Gonzalo 4. Alonso is depressed because he believes Ferdinand is dead. 5. Alonso wonders if the girls with Ferdinand is a goddess. 6. The noblemen believe the ship sank during the Tempest 7. Caliban, Trinculo and Stephano plan to kill Prospero and take over the island 8. Ariel longs for his freedom.

The Tempest Act 5 Post-Reading HW Directions: Answer the following questions in complete sentences after you finish reading Act 5 and after you complete your guided reading chart. Use loose leaf paper. 1. What did you think of the ending of the play?

2. If you had written this play, would you have ended it differently? Why or why not?

3. What significant gesture does Antonio not make at the end of the play? IN other words, what does he not do that you might expect him to do?

4. At the end of the play, Prospero forgives all of the men who have wronged him, even those who have not repented (asked for forgiveness). Was he right or wrong to forgive them all? Explain your answer.

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