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1. The quality of education in Vietnam has not kept up with that of surrounding nations • No Universities met international standards • No Universities in league tables of leading Asia universities. • Vietnam universities do not satisfy the educated workforce that Vietnam’s economy and society demand The word University Ranking, Asia University Ranking 2012-2013 Top 100, The Times higher Thomas J, Ben W (2008), Vietnam education: Crisis and Repose, Harvard Kennedy School

1. The quality of education in Vietnam has not kept up with that of surrounding nations • Most native universities and college are not successfully competing with other countries in the global education trade • Thousands of Vietnamese students study abroad • $7.2 billion of overseas remittance, which makes up 8% of Vietnam's GDP in 2008 Gribble, C. (2011). National policies on skilled labor and the cross-border student market, with a focus on Vietnam

2. Vietnam is suffering from brain drain • 15,572 Vietnamese students studying in US in 2011-2012 • 100,000 Vietnamese students studying in 49 countries and territories in 2011 • How can we appeal to not only professional and skilled Vietnamese workers?

The fast Facts, The US’s Open Door 2011-2012

2. Vietnam is suffering from brain drain • Not good working environment • Salary policies • Lack of motivation • AND BRAIN DRAIN AGAIN from Vietnam?

3. Teaching-learning methods affect education in Vietnam

• Apply old or traditional teaching method: Teacher is primary speaker, and the student is primary listener.

Critical thinking is not as important as listening and understanding lessons in class

Students get knowledge from their teachers passively

How can rise their own ideas and opinions when studying broad?

Vietnamese ability to be intellectually competitive has been low in comparison with other nations all over the world Dropped six places to 65th on 2011 – 2012 periods Table Innovation Index

4. Vietnamese students have problems with studying foreign languages - 7 years studying English - 3-4 years studying English in College and University - Difficulties working with international workplace, and studying abroad

Some suggested solutions

1. Cooperation in training with research centers, and well-respected universities and colleges in other countries

Moving from “brain drain” to “brain gain”

“The quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers”

McKinsey (2007), How the world’s best performing schools come out on top

Consider English as second language

- Establish independent research institutes and groups that do not rely on or report to the Department of Education and Training, which will check and judge educational quality. - Establish education institutions with distinguishable functions in separate fields that will pursue research and also study practical applications

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