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Dual Credit and College Prep Parent Night 2012-2013 GLADEWATER HIGH SCHOOL

Dual Credit • Dual Credit means taking a college class and receiving high school and college credit for the class. • Students may take academic and/or career and technology dual credit classes. • Students can take dual credit courses to meet Distinguished Achievement requirements, to get ahead in high school, to get ahead in college or for many different reasons.

Dual Credit • Students must make a 70 or better to receive COLLEGE credit for a dual credit course. • Students will receive high school credit ONLY for a D (60-70) in a dual credit course. • Failure to maintain a C (70 or above) will result in a schedule change into a high school course for the second semester. • A, B or better (80 or above) is required for the Distinguished Achievement Program. Students must have FOUR advanced measures.

Dual Credit Transfer • State supported colleges and universities in the state of TEXAS must accept dual credit courses if the student makes a 70 or above. • However, sometimes the student has taken a dual credit course that is not required for her major. In this case it will count for an elective. • Private colleges should be contacted by the STUDENT to inquire about dual credit transfer.

Eligibility Requirements • To take a course as a senior, students must simply meet the college entrance requirements. • To be eligible as a junior, student must have a GHS GPA of a 90 or above AND meet the college entrance requirements. • In addition, ALL Kilgore College students must have a current (within 5 years) Meningitis vaccine.

Eligibility Requirements • TAKS test: 2200 or better on English and math with a 3 or better on the essay OR • Quick THEA or ACCUPLACER • Seniors not taking dual credit but going to college after high school have the same requirements for attending a Texas college, university or technical college. Even if you are THEA exempt you may have to take a placement exam for math placement. Contact your college for additional information.

Eligibility Requirements • Students taking summer school courses or WEB courses must plan to take the Quick THEA, THEA or Accuplacer at Kilgore College this spring. We will not get TAKS Scores back in time to register students for the courses. Classes will likely be full before TAKS courses come in. • Fall semester courses offered on our campus can wait for TAKS scores.

Courses for Juniors • U.S. History 1301 and 1302 and Music Appreciation and Govt 2306 • These classes are offered in the GEDCO building on alternating days. • It is suggested that students take both classes each semester, but not required. • If students do not take both courses each semester they must pair the class with Reading Applications and Study Skills.

Courses for Seniors • English 1301 and 1302 and Govt 2305 and HGD • English, Government and HGD are at the GEDCO building on alternating days. • Students may pair dual credit and advanced classes. • Students who do not pair two dual credit/advanced courses must pair their one course with Reading Applications and Study Skills.

Other Courses • Statistics is available as a Web course. Students enroll as in a GHS course for the fall semester. They are prepared for the course by a GHS teacher. Students enroll in the KC class second semester and are facilitated by a GHS instructor. Success has been high for this course. Students must meet requirements for KC before school starts in August. KC tuition is required second semester and a textbook is required first semester.

Other Classes • Environmental Science, Environmental Biology, Astronomy, Psychology, Sociology, College Algebra and Trig are also available as Web courses. Students will list Dual Credit Course 1 or 2 as their course for their schedule. We assign them to a GHS teacher for that class period. They have time during the school day to work on the course. It is ultimately up to the student to monitor their progress and complete their work for the course.

Other Courses • Students may, of course, take any courses available at Kilgore College, with approval from the GHS Counseling/ Principal office. • These courses may be taken as web courses or students may go to a Kilgore College campus to take the course(s). This includes summer courses.

Career and Technical Dual Credit Courses • Students may also take Welding and Auto Mechanics. Occasionally Welding is offered at GHS. However, it is usually necessary for our students to travel to KC to take these courses. • Welding is a two hour course and Auto Mechanics is a four hour course. • These courses are a little more expensive than traditional college courses.

COST • Cost for Dual Credit courses for the fall semester for in district students is $115 for regular courses. There is an additional fee for web courses and for lab fees. Kilgore College has the right to raise tuition. • Students are responsible for purchasing their textbooks. • Transportation is the responsibility of the student if the class is not offered at GHS.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION • Students who are planning to take summer dual credit courses and/or web courses in the fall should plan to take the THEA or ACCUPLACER as soon as possible. We will not get their TAKS scores back in time to get them registered for their classes before they fill up. • Students taking courses on the GHS campus in the fall can wait on TAKS scores.

To Register • The first step in registering for dual credit courses is to apply for admission. Students who are currently enrolled in a dual credit course do NOT have to reapply.

The Application • Go to Kilgore.edu • Complete the Apply Texas application • You will have to create an account first. Please make sure that you remember your log in and password. • Step 2 is to complete the application. • Remember that this is a two step process and will take about an hour.

Early Admission Form • You must complete an early admission form for EACH semester, summer 1, summer 2, fall and spring (we will complete spring in November). • Course names and codes are on the Kilgore website (Kilgore.edu). Go to available courses to search. Turn this form in to your counselor. This is what actually gets you registered.

Meningitis Vaccine • You must provide proof of a Meningitis Vaccine within the last 5 years in order to enroll in college in the state of Texas. This will start for dual credit students this summer.

Your Receipt • Once Kilgore College has received your application, your early admission form, has validated that you have met your testing requirements and has proof that you have taken your meningitis vaccine, they will send you a receipt in the mail for your courses. • YOU ARE NOT ENROLLED UNTIL YOU PAY FOR YOUR CLASSES. If you do not pay by the deadline you will be taken out of your classes and will have to re-enroll. You may loose your place in web classes.

Payment • You may go to the Business Office at the Kilgore or Longview campuses to pay. • You may also pay by credit or debit card online at Kilgore.edu. • Go to Campus Connect. Your log in is your social security number and your password is your birth month and date (unless you have changed it). Go to Student Information, Review Account and Pay by FACTS.

Remember • You must make a B or better for Distinguished Achievement. • You must purchase your books. • If you do not pay by the deadline you will be taken out of the class and will have to reenroll.

Remember • These are college classes. They require STUDYING. Students should expect to attend class, do work and study. If they do not do so, they can expect a poor or failing grade. • Dual credit grades, like regular college grades remain on the college transcript forever.

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