EARTO HR Mentoring Kick off meeting

January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Biology, Neuroscience
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EARTO HR MENTORING Kick off Brussels,October 11nd 2013

EARTO HR network: where it all began • November 20th 2007 – EARTO Brussels VTT – CEA – Sintef– Tudor – Fraunhofer - VITO INSPIRING INTERESTING FASCINATING EYE OPENER SO WE TOOK OVER!


Coming up:

OVER THE YEARS • Meeting 2 times/year to 1 time/year • Exchanging ideas and experiences • Discussing about things coming up • Helping one another • Setting up joint initiatives

JOINT INITIATIVES • Training program: Project management for experienced project managers

• Mentoring program

MENTORING • Goal: Mobility of researchers within the European arena • Bottlenecks: national laws and regulations, local policies, …. • Workaround: MENTORING based on the Fraunhofer format • Mentor and mentee from different organizations • Mentor and mentee on different locations (distance) • PILOT: mentoring within HR

6 Tandems with participants from 5 RTOs Belgium

Finnland Netherlands Norway Germany

How we did the matching … criteria: topics of work, interests, hierarchy, personality

Profiles Profiles Profiles Profiles



Marianne Wens VITO, Belgium HR Manager

Riitta Tolvanen VTT, Finland Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Anita Lacroix TNO, Netherlands HR Business Partner

Susanne Woltering Fraunhofer, Germany Head of HR Development

Anne Larsen SINTEF, Norway Personnel Officer

Antje Kückemanns Fraunhofer, Germany Head of Talent Management

Marja Lindgren VTT, Finland HR Manager

Rolf Erik Fiskvik SINTEF, Norway Manager of organisational development

Katja Roesslein Fraunhofer-Institut IGB, Germany Head of HR

Jean Bredius TNO, Netherlands HR Manager

Heike Koos Fraunhofer, Germany Talent Manager

Agnes Bosmans VITO, Belgium Head of HR & General Services

Round of introduction in combination with the presentation of the tandems • Who you are? Where you're working? • What's your current position and the topics you are working on? • What is your motivation to be a participant in this MentoringProgram? • What do you expect about the HR-mentoring program?

Basic rules for a successful mentoring relationship • Responsibility Both mentees and mentors are responsible for shaping the mentoring relationship and for its success.

• Courtesy Honoring all agreements and appointments for meetings or discussions enables both parties to plan more effectively. • Confidentiality Both sides treat the content of all discussions as confidential.

What do the mentors have to offer? experience time personality pick my brain contact honest feedback multiple perspectives good questions

What can the mentors expect from it? success of the program what is HR in your RTO another point of view on a topic inspiration self reflection commitment experience on international relations learning experience on different issues feedback on the way of mentoring

Engagement of the mentors time openess sharing confidentiality pre and post overcome cultural barriers

Possible issues? (mentor’s point of vue) - getting delicate information: agree with mentee on how to handle. - mentee gets not enough time from manager to be in the program: mediator role for mentor. - profound lack of chemistry, change of function or company, ...: STOP and contact Petra.

What do the mentees like to discuss? • Personal growth and reflection with an external person • role of HR and involvement in the strategy • change management • culture in different countries and organizations • structure of the other organization • career paths • mobility – how to approach? as a common mentee project which should be an return of invest for the RTOs

What should have changed after the year? have European network!! knowing more HR-words in english

What do mentees expect from the mentors? • time • deep interest in needs and ideas • quality of discussion • challenging/opening the eyes • sharing knowledge and experiences for example: - dealing with mistakes and problems - own professional growth • contact with other experts • introducing in networks

Mentees feel responsible for… • sharing knowledge and experiences • time • preparing and documentation of the talks • topics and questions If there are any problems in the relationship with the mentor: contact Anne-Mie van de Wiele

Contact - once a month: contact (mail, phone, skype, …) -> initiative mentee - after 3 months: “live” meeting: visiting each other. Mentor invites. - after 9 months: mentee invites mentor. - April 9 and 10 2014 at Munich: meeting with all mentors and mentees - mentee project: feedback at the end of the program

Next steps • tandem talks and meetings! • half-time meeting 9th-10th of April 2014 at Fraunhofer in Munich • common mentee project „mobility“ Petra and Anita will prepare the beginning of the project with a sugesstion of topics to work on • evaluation of the first half mentoring year at the EARTO-HR meeting in Helsinki, june 2014 • discussion about the HR strategy, policies and projects in RTO´s under the umbrella of EARTO; Muriel Attané will install a discussion group and invite HR-colleagues of the RTO´s in janurary 2014

mentoring tandems Riita Tolvanen, VTT Marianne Wens, VITO

Agnes Bosmann, VITO Heike Koos, Fraunhofer

Rolf Eric Fiskvik, SINTEF Maria Lindgren, VTT

Susanne Woltering, Fraunhofer Anita Lecriox, TNO

Antje Kückemanns, Fraunhofer Anne Larsen, SINTEF

Jean Bredius, TNO Katja Rösslein, Fraunhofer Anne Larsen, SINTEF

EARTO HR mentoring group 2013

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