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January 13, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Engineering & Technology, Electrical Engineering
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General Electrical Safety BGSU Environmental Health and Safety

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Electrical Injuries Classification of Exposure Electrical Hazards Electrical Hazard Control

Electrical Injuries Electrocutions:  1970s: 600-700 per year  1990s: 300-400 per year (NIOSH, 1998) 5th leading cause of occupational fatalities.  

7% of total deaths, ranked after motor vehicle crashes, homicide, falls, and mechanical trauma. Each year, electrical accidents cause as many as 165,380 electrical fires and 7,000 injuries.

Classification of Exposure High Voltage  >600 volts: typically associated with “outdoor” electrical transmission. Accounts for 60% of electrocutions (OSHA). Note: some people classify >480 volts as high voltage. Low Voltage: 
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