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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, European History, Renaissance (1330-1550), Feudalism
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Un Cinquecento inquieto da Cima da Conegliano al rogo di Riccardo Perucolo curated by Giandomenico Romanelli and Giorgio Fossaluzza

da Cima da Conegliano al rogo di Riccardo Perucolo

curated by Giandomenico Romanelli and Giorgio Fossaluzza Conegliano, Palazzo Sarcinelli, 1st March - 8th June 2014

Un Cinquecento inquieto is the first appointment in a cycle of three exhibitions that Palazzo Sarcinelli, with its new partner Civita Tre Venezie, has conceived to communicate the distinct cultural identity of the area. Conegliano went through an exceptional intellectual period in the 16th century, hosting meetings of leading figures in the history of art, from Cima to Pordenone, Lotto and Titian. The presence of the counts of Collalto, an educated feudal family, and their castle at Susegana, attracted people of the calibre of Aretino and monsignor Della Casa, along with Gaspara Stampa and Elisabetta Querini, the very summit of female literary engagement. In the same period Conegliano’s convents and parishes were rocked by Protestant Reformation, which was to take shape in an anxious and breakaway religious iconography, and to tragically culminate in the story of Riccardo Perucolo, burnt in the piazza as a heretic. This fascinating and tormented historical moment is revealed in the captivating story presented in the rooms of the Palazzo Sarcinelli: altarpieces, books, engravings by Albrecht Dürer, documents, manuscripts and products of applied art. Cima da Conegliano, Francesco Beccaruzzi, Giovanni Antonio Pordenone, Titian, Francesco da Milano, Palma il Vecchio, Paris Bordon and Riccardo Perucolo appear among the painters. It is a fascinating journey through the poignant softness of Cima’s landscapes, the vibrant memory of the heretical exploit and the fraught lines of Gaspara Stampa.

Città di Conegliano


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educational activities and guided visits in association with aregolad arte

catalogue Marsilio 1st March - 8th June 2014 Palazzo Sarcinelli via xx Settembre 132 31015 Conegliano (Treviso)

hours Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 9.00 am - 7.00 pm Friday 9.00 am - 9.00 pm Closed Tuesday information www.uncinquecentoinquieto.it www.civitatrevenezie.it reservations 199 75 75 19 www.ticketone.it tickets Full price € 10.00 Concessions € 8.00: students, adults over 65, special agreements, groups from 10 to 25 people School concession € 4.00 Family special € 22.00: families of two adults and one minor (second minor and other family members € 6.00) Free: children up to 6, disabled people with carer, tour guides, two adults accompanying classes, one group leader, accredited journalists

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Cima da Conegliano, Trittico di Navolè

Antonio Solario, Sacra conversazione

Paris Bordon, Madonna con il bambino e i santi Rocco e Sebastiano

Francesco Beccaruzzi, San Francesco riceve le stimmate

Palma il Vecchio, San Pietro in cattedra e santi

Giovanni Antonio Pordenone, Trasfigurazione

da Cima da Conegliano al rogo di Riccardo Perucolo

Conegliano, Palazzo Sarcinelli 1st March - 8th June 2014

Compulsory reservations for schools and groups 199 75 75 19 € 1.00 each for schools € 1.50 each for groups and individuals

cover Francesco da Milano, Arresto di Cristo, Conegliano, Scuola dei Battuti, detail | design polo1116studio, Venezia

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Città di Conegliano

educational activities and guided visits The exhibition, in association with the cultural organisation Aregoladarte and Astarte Servizi culturali, proposes various itineraries for schools, teachers and families, calibrated for all ages and needs, to discover the art and places of the Conegliano area. We suggest various thematic routes according to interests for exploring the city of Conegliano and its immediate surrounds. In addition to the classical routes there are also the drama tours, to discover the spaces, monuments and mysteries of the magical natural places, or urban trekking for the more energetic. compulsory reservations for schools and groups 199 75 75 19 1.00 € each for schools 1.50 € each for groups and individuals

guided visits to the exhibition and the area Contact Astarte Servizi culturali +39 347 64 28 685 [email protected]

1. conegliano Palazzo Sarcinelli: Riccardo Perucolo, Friezes Monte di Pietà: Ludovico Fiumicelli, Frescoes on the facade Cathedral: Marco Basaiti, The four patriarchs Scuola dei Battuti: Francesco da Milano, Frescoes Sottoportico di Casa Sbarra: Francesco Beccaruzzi, Frescoes Church of the Madonna della Neve: Francesco Beccaruzzi, Frescoes in the oratory Porta Monticano: Pomponio Amalteo, Lion of St Mark and coats of arms of the podestà 2. campolongo di conegliano Church of the Annunciazione: Ludovico Fiumicelli, Christ Crucified and The Annunciation Francesco Beccaruzzi, The Resurrection 3. susegana Church of the Visitazione della Beata Vergine Maria: Pordenone, Susegana altarpiece 4. san salvatore castle of the Counts of Collalto 5. nervesa della battaglia Remains of the abbey of Sant’Eustachio 6. moriago della battaglia Church of San Leonardo: Pordenone, Virgin and Child with Saints Antony Abbot, Leonard, Catherine of Alexandria and John the Baptist 7. valdobbiadene Church of Santa Maria Assunta: Francesco Beccaruzzi, The Assumption 8. lago di revine Church of San Giorgio: Francesco da Milano, Virgin and Child Enthroned with Saints George, Catherine of Alexandria, Mary Magdalene, Biagio and the Donor 9. vittorio veneto (formerly Serravalle and Cèneda) Cathedral of Santa Maria Nova di Serravalle: Titian, Virgin and Child in Glory with Saints Andrew and Peter the Apostles Francesco da Milano, Annunciation

Francesco da Milano, Saints Andrew, Peter, Agatha, Augusta and Zita Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and Titian: Girolamo Denti, Virgin and Child Enthroned with Saints Roch and Sebastian Town hall: Pomponio Amalteo, Frescoes in the loggia

CONEGLIANO AND ITS SURROUNDS Conegliano, about which the first certain reference is from the 10th century when it came into the ownership of the powerful bishop of Belluno, was the hub of a series of fortifications of which some evidence still remains. The main historical street in the city, home to Cima da Conegliano, is the via xx Settembre (formerly the Strada Granda), which is of considerable interest with the cathedral, the Scuola dei Battuti and the grand frescoed palazzi. The Castle is the symbol of Conegliano, from which the view of the extensive foothill panorama can be admired. It is reached by a charming footpath following the ancient Carrara stone wall. The soft landscape is the background to this area, a favoured strip of the blissful, attractive Marca, with the fragrance of wine and ancient aromas, enhanced by the centuries-old wine culture that has profoundly marked the landscape and the spirit of one of the most enchanting lands in Italy, and the starting point of the Prosecco Road.




10. meschio Church of Santa Maria Annunziata in Meschio: Andrea Previtali, Annunciation 11. castello roganzuolo Church of San Pietro: Francesco da Milano, Cycle of frescoes


12. san fior Church of San Giovanni Battista: Cima da Conegliano, San Fior Polyptych


1 7 2


The Consorzio di Promozione Turistica Marca Treviso offers all the services required by the tourist: from hotel bookings to guided visits and from restaurants to wine tastings. special offer un cinquecento inquieto Starting from 99.00 euros per person (two days/one night). The package includes: double room in a three star hotel with breakfast, a typical evening meal, entrance to the exhibition, visit to the Conegliano Castle and tasting of Prosecco Docg wine in a winery.

3 4 5

original drawing © Michele Potocˇnik, 2014

THE EXHIBITION ROUTE Twenty-five works in the exhibition that cannot be moved for reasons of conservation may be admired on a new route through Conegliano and its surrounds. Twelve locally indicated stops allow visitors to rediscover the history and art of that time, on an ideal journey that starts symbolically from the old city of Conegliano. It is a fascinating itinerary, meandering from the friezes of Palazzo Sarcinelli to the splendid facade of the Monte di Pietà by Ludovico Fiumicelli, from the masterpieces of the cathedral to Francesco da Milano’s thrilling Scuola dei Battuti, along the Strada Granda where, accompanied by the frescoes in the porticoes and palazzi, it ascends to the castle by way of the church of the Madonna della Neve. Leaving Conegliano and heading towards Campolongo, Susegana, the San Salvatore castle, Moriago della Battaglia and Valdobbiadene, through the beautiful Follina valley, the visitor continues towards Vittorio Veneto, dense with history and masterpieces, to discover Titian, then returning to Conegliano by way of Castello Roganzuolo and San Fior.

info and reservations [email protected] the thread of history A four kilometre, circular walking itinerary in Conegliano, visually signposted by a coloured strip and illustrated by 25 panels, will take the visitor on a charming route around the attractions of the old city centre. The thread of history is conceived and organised by the Conegliano Lions Club.

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